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Dolphins lead Cardinals 13-0 going to third quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are getting great performances from a handful of individuals and the result is they are outplaying the favored Cardinals.

It starts with the quarterback and Ryan Tannehill is throwing the football more accurately than I've seen all season. He has completed 15 of 21 passes for 219 yards and led a shiny 95-yard TD drive just before halftime that put the Dolphins first TD on the board.

Brian Hartline has already had a great game and it's only halftime. He has six catches for 110 yards, including a 57-yard catch on that TD drive.

Davone Bess is also having a fine day with five catches for 86 yards.

Defensively, Cameron Wake has also awoken. He had no sacks the first three games of the season. He has three in the first half today.

Sean Smith also picked off his first pass of the year and has done a good job marking Larry Fitzgerald.

So far so good for the Dolphins. Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Big third down

Double cover him on the line and hit him, hard.

3rd and 15--the real test.

Let's go D.

need to double LF and let the rest of the d step up and do their jobs

Without Fitzgeral,d Kolb is a 50% passer. he is really inaccurate.

2 gut checks by the defense now successful. O has to get a td drive now.

Good no-call.

need this 3rd down stop

Long drive full of miller and lane


Fair Catch Bess is back.

That was a good hold.



That was pass interference. Dolphins got lucky

Tasker is against the Phins for sure.

We dodged a bullet, we need to control the game. Where is the running game today?


reverted back from hoping for TD from the qb to just hoping for not ints

Big time run there.

nice defensive hold. need some points on this drive

Reggie is a perfect zone block rusher

what a stupid comment from tasker. he didn't HAVE to play the football, as the throw was short of a first down.

Kolb 17-24 139yds passing. I guess that means the pass defense is doing a pretty good job, although at times it doesnt seem like it.

Hartline is for sure Tanne's favorite receiver.

What was that?

Now THAT was ugly....

Dolphin 77 just stop it. We have rbs you sound like a little BI$%H!

Awful playcall on 2nd down kills us; why get fancy right before the quarter is up? just retarded. Now we either will turn it over or have to punt. Atrocious

Please get Steve tasked out of the press box

This isn't high school football

That was just awful

IS THIS OFFESNE purposly trying to lose this game????

3nd & 2, WRF was that?


my bad 2nd*

that was almost a disaster

wow gone from ints to pitching a fumble.... 1 step fwd 5 steps back.... he is only a rookie so I should not expct much form the qb and a 2-14 season

Where is the tight end for the fins today?
TE has to be one of the priorities in the draft

Put that play in the trash

that was a terrible play call
why get cute-sy at this point?
keep putting on the pressure

Fitzgerald 7 catches 55yds. Guess Smith isnt doing a terrible job.

Horrible play!. WHY?

Especially on your own side of the field.
Dashi, this is the kind of crap from Sherman I'm speaking of.
Out of nowhere.

Armando - can you please tell Sherman this is not a college game. Make better play calls


I have a feeling of impending doom!


We don't get third and longs. It just doesn't happen. So we are punting. Again. This is like 2008 without the wins. I HATED that year. And it was the best this decade. Every game was decided in fourth quarter, atrocious 3rd down numbers, and two leading receivers were the damn running backs.
Why does the Oakland game have to be the exception and not the rule? Good thing my bengals like scoring, but I'd prefer it was the fins.

really poor call there, don't try outsmart yourselves when you don't need to. for me lane should have took the ball and rammed it up their throats to end the 3rd Q.
we are making life hard for ourselves and all it will take is for them to score to put the presure on our O to move the ball 70+yards

Anyone have a link to the game?

Bench Daniel Thomas. He's atrocious.

Fasano was BIG early. Where has he gone?

Sherm is overthinking this f'in game and is going to F it up. Damn it!!! Just run the plays that are working till they stop it and then maybe try something tricky of different. It's that simple. Stop overthinking the damn game already!!!!! This is what is happened last week.

Thomas sucks on pass protection, which means he just sucks period.

Can't take that sack. Sacks change momentum.

Great blitz design by Cardinals.

D Thomas, every week some type of critical issue. Armando, Im going to have to appologize to you, D Thomas is becoming garbage.

Daniel Thomas
Another Ireland bust

How many times are the cardinals gonna recover then own fumbles

Two receivers have over 100 yards and we have 13 points. Does this happen to anyone else?

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