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Dolphins lead Cardinals 13-0 going to third quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are getting great performances from a handful of individuals and the result is they are outplaying the favored Cardinals.

It starts with the quarterback and Ryan Tannehill is throwing the football more accurately than I've seen all season. He has completed 15 of 21 passes for 219 yards and led a shiny 95-yard TD drive just before halftime that put the Dolphins first TD on the board.

Brian Hartline has already had a great game and it's only halftime. He has six catches for 110 yards, including a 57-yard catch on that TD drive.

Davone Bess is also having a fine day with five catches for 86 yards.

Defensively, Cameron Wake has also awoken. He had no sacks the first three games of the season. He has three in the first half today.

Sean Smith also picked off his first pass of the year and has done a good job marking Larry Fitzgerald.

So far so good for the Dolphins. Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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We can score on these guys again if we know how to go about it.

IF Thomas suck at pass protection, why keep MIller out ??

how does thomas get beat like that by a safety. peterson got lucky with the return. can anyone answer my Q??

when tanny handed the ball to bush could bush have thrown it away and not get a flag????

Yesterday, Thomas has always been garbage. Not only a second round pick, we traded up to get him.

Where is the tight end for the fins today?
TE has to be one of the priorities in the draft

It was for the last two plus seasons. Ireland took in Clay in 2011 & then Egnew this year.

Yes reg, but they are taught not to do that.

I would love to see the I with Bush and Miller/

Huge play by Dansby.

That's 4 for Wake.

D bailed O out again

Now, the winning drive is about to start

Glad we took Martin instead of drafting Massie....

Wake trying to make up for last three games in one game.

Now whatch the birth of Tannehill

Gobble, Gobble; yummy Wake is officially awakened.

I'd run Lane right here,

The slant is working all day...WHY run!!!

These refs def siding with cards this game.

horrible spot!!!!..... I thought the scap refs were gone?????

That missed FG hurts right now....

Philbin should of challenge that spot! Bad ball placement!

Up to the D? Maybe.

nope just the blowfish under the loser coaches since 99!!

Hard to believe we'd be looking at going 3-1 if Carpenter came through....

Was just a matter of time with all the help from our offense!

Go Dolphins secondary

turn out the lights 1-15 comig up from Joe FAILbin

No, really, GO

Marshall garbage

And now what?

Good thing we picked up Marshall as our free agency gem. Sweet.

But Marshall is sooo much better than vante.... Ireland sucks at personnel!!!

Dansby beat badly by TE & not sure what Marshall was doing on the TD. Two horrible breakdowns in pass defense.

If we lose, this will be two games our pos kicker has cost us.

Yep DolFans that's our Secondary! Marshall and Clemons burned!!!

How about Dansby in coverage?

How about 3rd and one and we can't get a first down?

How about Hartline falling down and causing an interception on a timing route?

People will be screaming about THill but.....Come on....Man?????

You are going to see what garbage hennehill really is!

Now we can see what this team is made of, I hate to say it, but the more come from behind wins we have, the more confident they'll be.

Wow...Naanee was some FA signing.

Tannehill threw another perfect pass. Cut Naanee & move on....

Taxi for Ireland.

what a great FA pick up by FIREland


Dolphin 77. You are a f'in idiot D head.

That's some funny sh%t right there. Nice catch gaygay!

so was that fumble on Ireland, Philbin and Thill?

You have got to be kidding me.....Only the Dolphins!!!

1-15 from Jeff FIRELand and coack FAILbin... can we please keep FIREland next year?????

I didn't think it was possible to hate this receiving core more. And I hate all of them. Bess and hartline can have a million yards but what's the point if they don't score tds

And this is EXACTLY why this has to be Ireland's last season. The WR's outside of Bess & Hartline are a f#cking joke. And the only TE who can catch a pass is Fasano??? I've seen enough already.

I knew it and eveybody else did so.

scap refs will give it back to the cards.... when you suck the calls don't go your way.... just like a crappy pitcher who can't find the zone.... just like last week.... bad teams find ways to lose adn the finz SUCK!!!

Sean freakin' Smith!!!!


I don't ever....ever want to hear anyone on this board yell about this kid again!!!!!

I didn't think it was possible to hate this receiving core more. And I hate all of them. Bess and hartline can have a million yards but what's the point if they don't score tds


We have BY FAR the worst WR core & pass catching TE's in the NFL.

Fuc- you, Wilson, fuc- you!

Frick yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't believe it!!! Hartline was wide open!!!!!!!!!

Lane going on someones fantasy team, lol

How about it, D?

All you A holes ripping Hartline and Tanny can eat Sht.


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