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Dolphins lead Cards 13-7 to start fourth quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are holding on to a 13-7 lead but the third quarter was a heart-wrencher not for the faint of heart.

Ryan Tannehill threw one interception and only a instant replay challenge saved him from a second.

Dan Carpenter missed another field goal attempt -- this one from 51 yards.

And the defense yielded its first TD of the day on Larry Fitzgerald TD catch.

The live blog takes you to the game's deciding moment in the comments section. Join me there.


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IS THIS OFFESNE purposly trying to lose this game????

great way to start the 4th quarter. How many drives can the D hold them off? :(

Sherman needs to be told this is not a collage game. sheeesh!

better a sack than an int...
lets play smart at this point.

D E F E N S E! D E F E N S E!

Orange, what do you see as Sherman's mistake?

HE can't run, block or catch, what exactly CAN Thomas do?

The dumb trick run call, just run it up the middle for an easy 1st down

You know.

I wanted to give Tannehill at least half a season before I posted this.

But he sucks. He stares down WRs. He cant make intermediate throws to the sideline.

he either throws it deep or checks it down. All intermediate routes are interceptions waiting to happen.



Our d is going to have to create a turnover to win this gm... It's too bad it has to be like this. If only carpenter could make a friggen fg!

yikes. did not need that to happen. so Thomas is still a better pass blocker than miller?

Thomas again.
We haven't had a back who can block since Ronnie Brown.

Dolphins could still win this game even if Cards score another TD. Drive it down and let Carpenter...oh wait!

If a rb(Thomas) cant pass protect against a safety, he has no business in the nfl.

well, for one armando...why the hell would you picth it 5 yrds back on a 2nd and two???

Dolphins lose to Cardinals 14-13 to finish 4th. quarter
Dolphins lead Cards 13-7 to start fourth quarter
Dolphins lead Cardinals 13-0 going to third quarter

The Dolphins need trust the J-Train in short yardage situations, like the 2nd and 2 that we gave it to Bush for a big loss...

Karlos Dansby with the dirty bird sack and dance.

Defense keeps coming up HUGE today. Its refreshing to see.

Carpenters body language is not real good right now.
Thank God Tanny's still is.
Love to see rashad Jones on a safety blitz.

Cameron Wake with his fourth sack of the day. That is his career high.

4 sacks already!!!

4 sacks for Wake?

Whoever called 4 sacks for Wake is right on today! LOL

wow. a GREAT way for the D to start off the 4th Quarter. Just need to get some points now on O. No mistakes.

Atta boy dansby n wake. Get sum!! Leaders at work



Yes, It didn't work. But if the Flip would've been right and Bush more than likely breaks the Guy thats a 20-30 yd Gain!

Just say U hate Sherman. The Run game hasn't been working today. Look how many passing Yards we Have. T-hill might have 300 yds!!!

Yeah, thats bad playcalling!!!



best game our LB's have played all year.


Devonne Bess=fair catch

Wow, our guys are rally using their hands, arms!

wake strikes again!!!!!!! #4 baby!!!!!

the stragedy is for the cards to play not to win it but for miami to lose it!!!

Give it to theJ-Train!

Let's get Fasano down the seam.

can anyone answer my Q??
when tanny handed the ball to bush could bush have thrown it away and not get a flag????

the D has kept us in this game so far, offence needs at least 3pts to take the pressure off the D today

A TD on this drive could seal the game for the PHINS.

Another 3 and out.


that spot is not right

Ugh, we NEED to get the 3rd and shorts converted! just not good enough today.

dashi, it was a crappy call. You know it.
Can you quit insulting people when you disagree?

Bad bad spot by the refs.

Idiot refs didnt give forward progress

That is a horrible spot. Bring back the replacements.

Again, Adrain Wilson is A Physical FReak. Safety's aren't 6'4" 240. and have 50 inch verticals. Remember this is the guy that jumps out of a pool!!

D.Thomas needs to get better that was a Man he was trying to block!!

A little too conservative, eh?

3rd an short. use the j-train!!!!

Bad spot again.

Fasano-you can't drag Twiggy 1 yard-wow

this is where miami misses polite so much....

that was a horrible spot!!!!

These refs second bad spot.

Javorskie is perfect on 4th down but 0-fer on 3rd down. Need to get that corrected or give to other RB or let Tanny keep it. :(

Tannehill 21-33 299yds. Only 1 yard shy of 1st 300yd passing game. That sack Thomas gave up hurt, or Tannehill would now be over 300yds passing.

The Lane-Train was robbed on that spot. Loving our D today!

D.Thomas needs to get better on his play or will be out next year....bad blocker, running 3 yds. every single time his number is called

Tannehill sucks.

miami has absolutly zero trust in thomas to pick up 1 yard...that just tells u something about his play ability...

Ash lane had the yardage just crappy spot.

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