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Dolphins lead Cards 13-7 to start fourth quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are holding on to a 13-7 lead but the third quarter was a heart-wrencher not for the faint of heart.

Ryan Tannehill threw one interception and only a instant replay challenge saved him from a second.

Dan Carpenter missed another field goal attempt -- this one from 51 yards.

And the defense yielded its first TD of the day on Larry Fitzgerald TD catch.

The live blog takes you to the game's deciding moment in the comments section. Join me there.


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Superphin. the line had no push.
Interesting that we are now going right, instead of to Long's side.
Something to ponder.

If Philbin has 3 timeouts then he can maybe challenge the spot on the 3rd down run. Just not good job today by coaches

hey armando do you think polite would have got that 3 and 1?
Lane is not a patch on polite. he's decent put polite was a beast in those situations and with a O line that was worse than what we have today!!!

You guys do realize we're winning 13-7 on the road against a team that beat New England and badly beat Philly last week. And all I read is neagative comment after negative comment after negative comment.

Reg ur right!

And it almost looks like that was what reggie was going to do. He was out the Pocket. Just as long as it passes the Line of Scrimage!

IMAW, If being Hilarious is an Insult then U People are Boring! is that any better. U know when dashi is going hard.

We are having a Good day today! Let's keep it UP!!

My bad, Buddy!!!

who cares about 300 yrds....1 TD and 5 picks now on the season...thats not good any way u slice it...

ADH, i know we've burned at least one TO.

Big time holding to get that pass off

If yougottaay from behind this is the time to do it


Well, now the offense is going to have to win this game instead of simply not lose it.

If we aint sacking, we're hacking . . . In the secondary.

horrible job by misi and burnett

I hate being a phins fan



Yup it's over

Sh-t , they found out we can't cover the TE

Have faith, T-hill will answer.

That was horrible coverage by marshall


Thanks for coming out, bud.

Two weeks in a row Marshall has gotten beaten big time

Here we go again

and thats why our O needed to score points, cuz the d can't hold out forever.

marshall blown out AGAIN!!!

Now we'll see what T-hill is made of if he can counter with a TD or lead change.

Sure don't help Jeff Ireland with defending that Vontae trade week after week. Marshall sucks every week!

So is the game gonna fall on Carpenter's foot again?

well you could kind of feel that coming
two bad plays in a row. bad tackling on the 1st and just a blown coverage on the 2nd. yikes.

another example of how miami has no playmakers and the other team does.....

It was bound to happen that Marshall would give up a big play, sigh, it's just repeating history over and over again

It doesn't do any good to have good running d if your pass d always gets exposed when you have to pass...

the defense blitzing scheme is always the same, and the safety was defending the run not help for the corner

You knew that it was going to happen. Marshall got toasted.

Let's see what the rookie has now. He is going to have to win it. And remember the missed field goal by Carpenter.

Don't know who is worse, between Marshall and Carrol

To be fair, the Dolphins D is gassed. They've been asked to do a lot in the second half.

It's time for the RB from Miami to tear it up!

how did marshall get burned so badly

where's Vontae and his grandma when you need them?


What you fail to realize is only 1 of the 5 picks was a "bad decision" by the rookie qb. We all just watched Hartline slip down on the most recent T'hill pick.

You cant blame picks like that on your qb.

Good god, they better pray carpenter doesnt have to win this game on a kick....

if we can move the chains enough, i have faith that carpenter can come up with the goods this week

3 against 4 and they beat us.
We can win this game, but we have to play to win.

the D has played well all game. if you give up 14 points you have to feel good if that is all they give up. We aren't going to beat many teams if we can't score more than 13 points.

I still blame carpenter

Carpenter is done ... ol' fist pump used him up. We cannot count on Carpenter.

we have no answers. we can't adjust. we can't keep momentum. we can't win (against most teams)

Where's the holding flag?

So, if you run L. Miller instead of D. Thomas, and he gets just one yard more per carry, we're not in this position. If you don't kill bush in the first half last week on a meaningless play, we don't lose that game. The coaches are leaving the players bare to the elements here.

Play calling yet again sux and is killing us.

Miller time!!!

YG....I didnt say it was all tannehills fualt on his picks...but the bottom line is he hasnt done much to justify anything either in producing scoring drives..him or the offense as a WHOLE unit...their just not good enough

I know who's better than Marshall and Carroll...VONTAE



We only need a fg to regain the lead. Relax.


Guess we blame Tannehill for that too.




Why is he ever on the field? Ever?

Too bad we can't suck for Luck this year.
3-13 here we come.
Dear baby Jeebus,
Please let Jeffy get fired by morn.

Time to just cut Naanee! Im serious!!!!!!!!!!!

I said last week to give Matthews a chance over Armstrong or Nenee. Just awful. I hope we suck it up so that Ross will wise up and fire people that need to be fired.

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