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Dolphins lead Cards 13-7 to start fourth quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are holding on to a 13-7 lead but the third quarter was a heart-wrencher not for the faint of heart.

Ryan Tannehill threw one interception and only a instant replay challenge saved him from a second.

Dan Carpenter missed another field goal attempt -- this one from 51 yards.

And the defense yielded its first TD of the day on Larry Fitzgerald TD catch.

The live blog takes you to the game's deciding moment in the comments section. Join me there.


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You all can cry and sob over your phins loyalty now but if you can't put up with the poor season than don't come back and cheer when we're a good team again. Thats called being a frontrunner and boy do I hate frontrunners

bess is so clutch on 3rd down

nanee needs to be cut!! enough already!

Nanee-cut him now!! Bring in some receivers-enough is enough

We always discover a way to lose the F*** game

This team is cursed.

cut nannee NOW!!!!

Jesus. Hartline, Bess, big drop off, Fasano, then what? Who else can catch the ball?

Hey. At least Naanee has a catch this year now!



4 time Super Biwl loser Steve Tasker says its a fumble. Must be right.

once again why is nanaee on this team?

Naanee has now done this sort of thing 3 times, either causing an INT or this.

Cut Naanee when this game ends. He is terrible. He is the worst free agent pick up in the Ireland era. Just terrible!

Ireland's free agent nanee

Lol, we always find the most pathetic ways to lose a game. Shut this damn franchise down already.

incomplete pass!

nanee needs to be cut he hasn't caught anything this season!!!

Never had control

I don't blame Nanae for sucking. I blame Ireland for getting Nanae!

Jeff Ireland

When was the last time this franchise was a front runner?
"the Miami Dolphins are on the clock."

How the FOCK did he just fumble the ball like that

Whatever happened to Anthony Armstrong?

I have eyes like a 90 year old and it looks like no catch

A touchdown here may seal it. Remember we only have 1 timeout left.

its gonna be ok...

20-17 fins ...believe

he needs to get cut. let's hope he didnt have possession

pathetic...why is nannee even out there...he is a zero

Why is that worthless WR on the field anyway? Jeff Ireland

Bad teams find a way to lose. And bad GMs put together bad teams...

never turned up field, just turned.


Holy SMITH!!!

SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sean Smith??????!,!,!

i didn't think he had possession

Haha. Sean Smith makes a few plays all game. I'm glad, but he still stinks

Sean Smith does it again. Let's hope that they don't over turn it.

Bad call but Nanee shouldn't have even been on the field.

Doesnt look like it can be reversed. Smith didnt bobble the ball a bit.

Gatorade for all my friends, bartender!

wow! INT

hosed by the replay official
uh oh, they will reverse this.

If Nanee had possesion of his fumble, then Smith has to have possesion of this!

S.Smith Should've stayed being a WR!!

Yep!! His Price is going up as we speak!

smith bailed out nanee, nanee shouldnt see the field again.

heck of a play by smith

Edging Fins drive me to drink!!

Sean Smith??!!?!?!?!?

do not throw the ball to nannee!!!!

We need smith to go ironman

Smith for president

holy crap, smith just gave us a second chance. if nannee gets on the field i hope a sniper gets him or he gets a catch and runs to the house!!

Hosed on the naanee non catch. Knowing Naanee's history, why would the officials even think Naanee would actually catch a pass?

I must have missed it. Doesn't the HC decide who plays and doesn't play? Isn't he the one who cuts players? He had no problem cutting Ireland's other players. So he plays Naannee (who you claim only Ireland wanted) but doesn't play the guy Ireland drafted. Yeah, OK. That makes sense.

Once both feet are inbounds an the ball isnt being bobbled. Its has to be ruled a catch inbounds.

Oh, how that missed FG weights now...are we going to trust Carpenter at the end of the game?

Naanee is redeemed! LOL>

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