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Dolphins lead Cards 13-7 to start fourth quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are holding on to a 13-7 lead but the third quarter was a heart-wrencher not for the faint of heart.

Ryan Tannehill threw one interception and only a instant replay challenge saved him from a second.

Dan Carpenter missed another field goal attempt -- this one from 51 yards.

And the defense yielded its first TD of the day on Larry Fitzgerald TD catch.

The live blog takes you to the game's deciding moment in the comments section. Join me there.


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Hartline > Jordi Nelson & Brabdon Stokely

great play by odrick!!!!!


418 thru the AIR

T-SIZZLE HAS ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HArtline has had a better Game than Marsha ever had!!!

Sparrow, NE had the 31st worst pass defense that year.

Is Hartline the AFC player of the week? Fourth round pick. What a find by Ireland.

Run Anybody run

And coming into the game I thought Fitzgerald would be the guy with 200yds recieving. Wow that Tanne-Hartline connection's been unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not hearing too much from the 'can't believe we traded Marshall' clan tonight. They must not be watching the game.


Win or lose, a lot to be happy with!!!

This DEF is really coming together!!!

Tanny looks better than I could of ever hoped for at this point in his short career!!!

Ok I take back the negative Shiite.
Let's go DAAAFINS.

Defense has played GREAT except for those two big passing plays...

Hell, Tanne and Hartline will be co-players of the week this week. LOL

And some idiot during the week said Tannehill would not even see a 300 yard passing game this year!

Again 418!!!!

In his 4th game T-hill became T-Sizzle!!!



Back online. Found my defibrillator paddles.

Two more first downs and this thing is over.

now we need to control the clock, and mix up the run and pass

I don;t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a lot of heart on this team. Let's pound the ball miami!!!

oh no

couple of passes to bess will seal it IMO

the fact that they've been resting reggie all game can really help us out now. arizona's D migth be gettin tired

Or maybe not....


Should have kept running the ball!

WTF???? Close this game already.

I don't f#cking believe it....


Misi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W#ake 4.5 sacks!!!!!!!!!!

Too many people flip flopping in one game, have faith you b*stards!

Abut to cry here as well.
So Happy for these players and coach.Win or lose today, this team will win a couple of games they shouldn't.
Prolly lose a couple it shouldn't, but so be it.
All you locals, i KNow our economy sucks, but they need the support.
Maybe Ross will get smart and understand that a full stadium + concessions and gear sales with a little price cut for unsold seats is better than a 2/3 full stadium.
OH crap. Fumble.
We have to learn to win when our offense is on the field.

Wow we should have run the football. You have to make them use their timeouts. Even if we don't get a first down, we would have pinned them deep.

this is a heart attack game

just our freakin luck


Misi again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How 'bout that defensive front?


are we trying to do this the very very very hard way???

Wow... Misi???

Please send me the result of the game to the Jackson Emergeny Room --Cardiology--

Right on Miamid20.

Defense has come alive to end the game.




What happen to the WHOLE CARDINAL HOOPLA!!!



Edging Fins drive me to drink!! Great play by Smith! Holy s#it!!! Hartline! TD!!!'

back to back sacks!!! lets go defense!!!!

LOL Tony

Where was this pass rush last week in the 4th quarter????

Best Game I've watched since MARINO!

Wow we should have run the football. You have to make them use their timeouts. Even if we don't get a first down, we would have pinned them deep.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | September 30, 2012 at 07:05 PM
ANOTHER of those odd, and to me dumb calls by Sherman. I swear, the man giveth, then taketh away.

This defense hasnt played this great all across the board in a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time. Thier making crucial defensive plays in crucial moments.

Everything Im seeing from this team is ubelievable today!

FIGHT FINS FIGHT!!! Drink Redsky, drink!!!

Ambulance has been standing by here for the last half hour, already have the defibrillator hooked to my chest

I agree Clipboard. The Dolphins looked great on Offense and Defense today. This is an undefeated team that beat the Patriots in NE and we have out played them on the road.

Where are all the Misi haters, 2 sacks for him. How many sacks do we have.

Everyone on this blog is having a heart attack!

Last week we were not going against rookie tackles

Still is a statement game like no other!!

On the road, across the country, against a very DEF!

This team is showing a lot of heart!!!

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