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Dolphins lead Cards 13-7 to start fourth quarter

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Dolphins are holding on to a 13-7 lead but the third quarter was a heart-wrencher not for the faint of heart.

Ryan Tannehill threw one interception and only a instant replay challenge saved him from a second.

Dan Carpenter missed another field goal attempt -- this one from 51 yards.

And the defense yielded its first TD of the day on Larry Fitzgerald TD catch.

The live blog takes you to the game's deciding moment in the comments section. Join me there.


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We deserve to lose this game because the coaches failed us

I bet they gonna try to win this straight up. No one wants carpenter to try and win this thing.

That's just horrible coverage.

We mismanaged the last 4 minutes.

This reminds me of the 1981 playoff game with San Diego. Blow by blow, sluggin it out, only to come up short. WE ARE DUE TO WIN THIS ONE!

Carpenter will be sent packing in the morning

this coaching staff every week finds ways to absolutly mind boggle the way that football should be played in NFL games....

Andrew Must be a Angry JET FAN!!!

a Rookie QB throws for over 400 yds and fire the OC?


Go to the overtime post for the live blog continuing.



I want to blame Ireland for losing the coin toss so bad...!

Sherm's call to pass cost us and the field goal. Damn play calling. I could call it better than that. Run till they stop it, damn it is that simple.

Can't win the toss either...geez!

You're a Dolphin you should always take Tails......sheesh

live blog continues in the overtime post. go there now.

Oh sure now we get conservative and take a knee. Where was that with a 7 point lead and the ball Sherman, you freaking idiot.

God I hate this team, I hate the new coaches, I hate the owner, I hate the GM. I hate myself most of all for caring about a bunch of losers.

I dont like AZ getting the ball first, our defense is gassed after the last series. The local media's going to have a field day against Philbin on the decision to take the knee with a redhot qb and totally gassed defense.

Why do I feel like this will be a 3 score OT?

This is the best coaching this team has had since Jimmy Johnson. The team is getting better ever week we are competitive and will be great after next offseason.

We go on the road to play a team that's 3-0 and beat NE on the road and it's NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE....it's all we ever hear. Hell of a game guys, win or lose...

Wait a minute. So last week. If carpenter made that kick, then Jets still get a chance to tie right?

This team has most of what it needs to be a winning team. I question the coaching.

alright time for the ST to start sucking!!!

A loss would suck here BUT I think it's fairly obvious that we FINALLY found a starting QB.

Arz. Bout to end this. I don't give a damn if you throw fot 700 yards, hemnehill still sucks!

can't run on the fish.... but you can pass with ease on them

3 - 13 NP

Lets go Fair Catch!!!!

On that play that Tannehill fumbled they either needed to run the ball to run the clock down or throw the ball under max protection. You cannot turn the ball over in that situation. That was awful! Sparano was too conservative but Sherman sometimes is too risky.

All that being said, I like what we saw in this game. I think that some of this mistakes will stop as Tannehill gets experience. I think we have a bright future.

Great football


Run screens with Reggie!!!!!

OMG!!!! Unbelievable!!!

Will he ice the kicker?

I'm proud of the fins...great game

repeat after me
bad teams find ways to lose - blowfish SUCK!!!
bad teams find ways to lose - blowfish SUCK!!!
bad teams find ways to lose - blowfish SUCK!!!

Good game find!


What a heartbreak

The offense, defense, and coaching always fails when the game is on the line for this team.


coach FAILbin is the best....

CUT Carpenter this game would not have went to overtime if Carpenter makes the FG ... CUT him tomorrow

didn't we cut feeley a few years back???

I will be rootin for cincy next week. Fins are my fav, but bengals are second and they have a chance at playoffs. Tannehill, and I'm a fan, but u can throw for 600 yards an it not matter if u end the game on a fumble and interception. Defense deserves better.

NOW we can please fire Mike Sherman? Every single one of his previous bosses fired this bum in disgrace, and we have to also. Why why why why why why why call a pass with 2:50 to go in the game?
Why is Sherman still employed?
Fire that clueless Joey P. while we're at it too.

Crappy tannehill sucks and blows another oke

Simply sucks!!! Nothing more to say!!!!!

Sucks fish we cut him after making all kicks but one the year before because we drafted carpenter.


Its all I can think of. We loose again in OT. Last week a heartbraker, to be followed by an even larger heartbraker. Not good enough! Sad, pissed, letdown, furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Putting us in shotgun in overtime may be the biggest mistake of the game. Makes no sense. Not running makes no sense.

Everyone did their job today except Carpenter it is time to replace him that's 2 games we would have won and we would be 3-1 instead of 1-3 if we even had a mediocre kicker!

The worst part is I can guarantee in the last ten years nobody has had more game lost like this than we have to be up more than two quarters and lose in the fourth or ot. It's absolutely heartbreaking. WE deserve better. They converted two fourth downs on the last drive.

The Dullfins are cursed HAHA

It's not the losing in OT that frustrates me, it's being out coached with the lead in the 4th Qt that kills me

Wheres all the hennehill losers now? What your excuse now?

I'll say it again, fan of tannehill, but u cannot end a game on a fumble and an int

Mike Sherman you LOST this game! Mike Sherman you LOST the Jets game! Pass play with 2:50 to play and you have the lead and field position at the 50?? WTF? Are you mentally challenged?? Seriously all kidding aside what were you thinking? You're a balloon headed idiot!

Anyone who blames THILL for this loss is a complete moron. This kid played a really great game today. Identified the blitz and set protection all day.

The fumble and interception in the end were horrible but he was hit so fast most QB's would have turned it over as well.

This loss, comes down to our secondary being pathetic. Each and every week they leave players wide open in key situations. I have to tip my hat to Sean Smith, he had two great interceptions. But the tying TD was totally his fault. Wilson is horrible.

The secondary can't blame the pass rush. We hit Kolb all day. The secondary has to be able to hold up and stop big plays.

This team will blow all year with this secondary.

Is this loss harder than having the ball 45 minutes against Indy and the lead 3 plus quarters? Is this loss harder than losing to texans in the home opener when fiedler was qb? I saw both. I could name others, but it's severely depressing.

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