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Dolphins lead Jets, 10-3 at start of third quarter

This game has slowed down significantly since the Dolphins got a Richard Marshall interception and converted it into a touchdown.

The teams have swapped field goals since that time. The game is 10-3 Dolphins right now.

Reggie Bush gave the crowd here a scare when he went down only seconds before halftime with what seemed like a left knee injury. I'll get you an update as soon as possible in the comments section. Bush has 61 yards on 10 attempts.

Will say this: Daniel Thomas got a concussion in the final minute at Houston when Miami could have taken a knee and gotten to halftime. Bush got cracked on the knee today when Miami could have taken a knee and get to halftime.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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without bush, jets offense doesnt have to do anything but hold the ball....thats how bad this team is that has no playmakers other than one man....

Ive seen flashes of brilliance from RG3 and Luck. Tannehill nothing nada just a game manager!

I don't know why were passing out of our ENDZONE with a ROOKIE QB...but whatever....

And why is Reggie running the ball on 1st and 10 with 30 seconds left with one time out from our own twenty? That should get someone fired for sure.

TY Hilton looks really good wish they took him instead of Egnew

Tanny will come back

The refs are winning the game for the Jets. I have never seen so many "clips" on kickoffs, starting Miami at their own 5. The interference calls, clipping, way to go refs!

Typical Miami, Jesus, time to attend the grill and get away from this game for awhile

Another turnover. This is so predictable.


here we go tannehill throws a pick and we go down hill from there. just like week 1

Daniel Thomas...Another Ireland bust...The guy we traded up for...Turnover #2...

Get Reggie back on the field...already.

Falling apart! Just like the Houston game!

OMG, another Thomas fumble.
That decision to run Bush has now manifested itself into possibly 14 points for there Jests.

Miami D...and the other guy...

STILL loving D.Thomas....

Houston? I know Lamar Miller is a bad pass blocker, but he runs better than thomas

D Thomas and Tannehill are both PATHETIC!!


haven't we had enough of Thomas by now?

Thomas knee was down?

So far the only game that Daniel Thomas hasn't fumbled in is last week when he was out with a concussion.

Daniel Thomas stinks!! Bring back Miller!

I like it. This is a Game.
Posted by: oscar canosa | September 23, 2012 at 02:47 PM

Typical troll scum. Get outta here Oscar.

Hopefully the replay booth can save Thomas...

Only miami self destructs like this....*lmao*

he was on his back when the ball came out...these officials are just guessing.

Cut D Thomas already. What a waste.

Seriously just like the Houston game.

How about not giving R. Bush the ball on a meaningless play to close the half?

This comes from penalties, and not letting your QB get in a rhythm passing though an entire half

Everyone is an expert. LOL!!!

I wonder if Bush's injury is more serious than we know, but the team does?

In 3 games I've seen nothing from Tannehill except a game manager. D Thomas is a bust that fumbles way too much another Ireland faild draft pick

Again, ARe the REF's BLOWING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT's that same ref!!! Probably the Same Crew!!!

Wtf why is Thomas even in he just runs straight all the time no matter how the play develops bring in Miller

Really Armando? Perdictable how? Explain please, educate on how the fumble while he was on the ground is perdictable?

Easy Francis. He may have been down. And we're tied. With a rookie QB. Their QB isn't doing much either. Let's just let it play out before we drink the cianide.

I'm pretty sure D. Thomas is a bust. He looks like Sammie Smith. Lamar Miller had 65 and a TD last week... Do they not watch their own game tape?

It is obvious that we need playmakers on D, anywhere , like Revis.

Tannehill pick 6 just like Henne.

So they cant throw the ball and they cant run the ball without fumbling...recipe for disaster...and nobody but miami is to blame for this!!!

Put in Lamar Miller-Thomas can't get it going

Thomas BLOWZ!!

Can't see if he fumbled or not...

Can we FIRE IRELAND now?

It took 2 seconds for the ball to come out. His knee HAD to have been down. Too bad. Bad juju going on here.

Texas game?,was 2 weeks ago righr?

It's a fumble..

Marshall-pay attention

What a complete player Revis is...We haven't had a playmaker like that in Miami since Dan Marino...And the guy is coming back from a concussion...

Bad seems to come in bunches for this team.

Tannehill pick 6 just like Henne.

i forgot no other QB in the history of the NFL has thrown a pick 6. Man how dare a rookie QB throw one!

shut the hell up

Coaches need to remain aggressive if they have a chance of winning.

They are falling apart again. Tannehill gave them all of the momentum with that dumb pass right to the DB. That was awful.

On cue, the defense will implode now.

This game is an uncanny parallel to yesterday's Canes game. Scary.
Hopefully, the end result will be the same, but we don't have the weapons the Canes have, especially with Reggie down.
If we lose this game, it might have to be a coaches loss as much as the players.

Dolphins STINK! Whats new?

Our pass rushers are being held.

Just cant seem to get out of our own way when things are going bad.

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