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Dolphins lead Jets, 10-3 at start of third quarter

This game has slowed down significantly since the Dolphins got a Richard Marshall interception and converted it into a touchdown.

The teams have swapped field goals since that time. The game is 10-3 Dolphins right now.

Reggie Bush gave the crowd here a scare when he went down only seconds before halftime with what seemed like a left knee injury. I'll get you an update as soon as possible in the comments section. Bush has 61 yards on 10 attempts.

Will say this: Daniel Thomas got a concussion in the final minute at Houston when Miami could have taken a knee and gotten to halftime. Bush got cracked on the knee today when Miami could have taken a knee and get to halftime.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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They have only 1 decent WR (Holmes) and wouldn't you know it our crappy secondary can't cover him...What a joke...

This game is over. I guess I have to spend time with the family now.

Dolphins are awesome! I love them!

Dolphins Suck, I hate them!!!!!

The average blogger from on quarter to the next, lol

wake is really improved against then run...filled that hole quickly

Ok. We dont score on our next possession we all know its a wrap. We have all see this movie befoe

So, the Wild Cat!

effe Tebow

If the Jets score a TD, the Dolphins will have to put the ball in Tanne's hands. Scary!

Guess every team in the nfl knows we'll fold like a cheap suit when things start going bad.

Never underestimate Mark Sanchez's ability to keep the opponent in the game.

What're you saying now about Miami?

Clemons finally!!!

LOL. Jets redzone offense vintage Sparano

Defense saves us


Yessir! YesSSir!!

Bailed out by the d

What do the Jets fans have to say now?

Easy to talk when things look gloomy, oh baby Miami INT. There's the turnovers we've been missing for years!

That was Predictable!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All you cissy fans should be ashamed of yourselves!!!! Watch the game & stop whining like little girls.

Keep your sob stories. They ain't lighting it up on offense. This is a GAME! Til the end. Miami, ride or die.

I am glad Sanchez sucks. Nice play defense. I hope Reggie can come back so that we can get back to running the football.

Poor Sparano...He's had Henne...And now Sanchez...Talk about bad luck...LOL!!

What do the Jets fans have to say now?

Wow. If this is not Sparano u tell me what it is...

great intercept. Sanchez, even with all the time he's getting, still makes rookie mistakes.


J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sanchize = Miamis heel

Defense is definitely PLAYOFF CALIBER...

SHERMAN and PHILBIN NEED to due a better job of taking care of the ROOKIE QB...

Now, we are very few points ahead, we have to score more. You know, Sons.

Bloody defense. They're messing up Tanne's 4th qtr comeback!

YG it doesn't matter how Cheap the Suit, if the man wearing it has Integrity!!

such cry babies in here. a Tie game and people say its over already.

please just shut off your turn and dont post anymore, you are not fans

Thomas better not see the ball again

"Easy to talk when things look gloomy, oh baby Miami INT. There's the turnovers we've been missing for years!"


You said it. Now how do we get rid of all these fair weather fans???

Miller time!


Sorry man, just we've seen the movie so many times. It never usually ends in a Chris Clemmons pick. LOL

Philbin adjustment!!!!

L.Miller in the GAME!!

Good miller time



R.Bush 2.0= L.Miller

Maybe we should crucify Ireland for Miller too right???

Can we see the difference in running style between miller and thomas?

I been saying it all game blitz blitz. And some one called me a idiot!! Coyle needs to blitz Sanchez! He can't handle the blitz trust me!!

Dolphins excuse we have a rookie QB.

Sanchez is miami's mvp

Can our RB's learn how to tie their shoes?

Miller Time!

Why is Thomas in the game?

By the way, I stick by my opinions regardless of what one play dictates, so yes Kris I'm still sticking by Thomas. Why the f**k would you cut him, he's a 2nd season back let's see what he can do this season if he stays fully healthy.

UM connection!
I had a feeling Reggie's injury is worse than first thought.
lets hope for the best. The Lamar pick may be all we hoped it would be.


Sorry man, just we've seen the movie so many times. It never usually ends in a Chris Clemmons pick. LOL"


New coaching staff brings new life. It's time to turn the page.

Nothing worst than a team that is scared...predictable

I guess we need our d to score

here we go with the conservative play. if you cant trust your qb, you shoulda kept d. garrard

What a boring game

Dolphins had two turnovers on two offensive plays this half before running five straight times.

They simply wanted to flip the field and let things settle down a bit.

Can't give up on Tannehill that quickly, can't just run it and hope to drive, didn't we learn from the Sparano era? Let the kid throw that for a first down (or run it up the middle, our OLine is pushing their DLine back)

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