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Dolphins lead Jets, 10-3 at start of third quarter

This game has slowed down significantly since the Dolphins got a Richard Marshall interception and converted it into a touchdown.

The teams have swapped field goals since that time. The game is 10-3 Dolphins right now.

Reggie Bush gave the crowd here a scare when he went down only seconds before halftime with what seemed like a left knee injury. I'll get you an update as soon as possible in the comments section. Bush has 61 yards on 10 attempts.

Will say this: Daniel Thomas got a concussion in the final minute at Houston when Miami could have taken a knee and gotten to halftime. Bush got cracked on the knee today when Miami could have taken a knee and get to halftime.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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let tannehill throw the football.

Sherman calling a conservative game. We nit wining the SB anytime soon we not going to the playoffs. Poor game plan and no adjustment at the half!! Let Tannehill throw down field. They wanted Tanny to start let him throw it!! We Lose if Philbin doesn't allow Tannehill to throw the ball. We don't have nothing to loose!

Really we can't just not throw the ball. Are they holding out Reggie as a precaution? He seemed like he was ok.

Miamis putting it all on defense...they're basically admitting as much with their playcalling....

"By the way, I stick by my opinions regardless of what one play dictates, so yes Kris I'm still sticking by Thomas. Why the f**k would you cut him, he's a 2nd season back let's see what he can do this season if he stays fully healthy."


Don't you know that RB's never get hurt & never fumble??? LOL!!!

The problem is not Thomas, the problem are some of our fans.

At least the jets sick. We have a chance



I have never once spoke to you in such a way.....

Don't worry...I thought you could intellectually carry on a debate....

my bad...I was wrong....won't be addressing you again....

Can we just launch 1 ball deep down the field jeez just one. Throw a deep ball for Christ sake

We need that drive, even for 3. Someone earlier mentioned getting Armstrong involved, even just to loosen up the Jets D a bit. They are doin g to us what everyone did during the Ronnie years...crowding the box, no fear of the deep ball.
Who knows, we actually connect on one, or these penalty happy officials would give us an interference call. One can hope.
Our D is working hard, but now they're on the field too much.

Run the ball right where the Jets move a player! What the ? Run over Long and Richie


Not boring, with tie score, it turned back into a battle of field position game. You dont want get all stupid with a rookie qb. We gotta pick our battles now.

It is inaccurate to say the Dolphins have offense.

Where are the people who said Clemons sucks???

cant keep being so scared to let him throw the ball, we cant win by just running it

Here we go hennehill about to screw this game up!

Please you frickin genius fair weather fans tell me who the hell does Tannehill have to throw to????? Hartline and Bess covered by Hartline and Cromartie, 2 of the best corners in the game, Not even sure if Nanee is playing again and Fasano is inconsistent to poor. The rook has no passing options!!!!!

Hilarious... Tebow gets donked in the head with a throw..

The Dolphins are scared of Tanne. They are going to continue to run and hope that the Defense can win it for them. The previous comment is correct that this a playoff caliber defense. I just wonder if an experienced journeyman QB could have taken us to the playoffs this year. Perhaps Matt Moore could have held the fort for this year and handed the reins to Tanne next year.

Clemons making plays. Wow

It's 10-10!!!!

Jets special teams are having the upper hand today...Westhoff again hurting the Dolphins...

We have to manage Tanne...

This game is winnable.....

No need to worry, Fins O takes a qtr off every game... They'll come back with a vengeance!! Besides, Jets have SancheZ!

Ah Kris you said Miami D, why wouldn't i think you were dictating that comment at me there isn't another Miami D on this blog. All I'm saying is everyone flips their opinion based on one play/game. And those people know who they are on this blog....like i said in that post i don't make opinions based on 1 play, I base them on the big picture

We got a hand on that ball to Tebow.
Love that we are "spying" on Tebow...as we should.

Surprising how lackluster Tebow is when not possessing the ball from the beginning.

I haven't seen anything from Tannehill that looks like a future all pro. Luck yes, RG3 yes. Tannehill nope!

We need Tannehill to put a drive together here...Forget what happened...Focus on winning...

Got to ride it out with Tannehill. He's gonna make mistakes but got to see if he becomes the real deal. Playing Moore instead only prolongs the evaluation process of Tannehill. Moore is what he is. A streaky backup QB.

I agree we need to go deep to keep defends honest

Husketeer: they are not even trying. Screens? Bootlegs? Fasano for a short pass? Bess against de LBs? Reverse? They are just running the bal

many of you "fans" make me sick.

wait to hate them until they lose.........if not, go to the Jets website

The defense would be pitching a shutout right now if not for offensive turnovers.

Tannehill has to throw the ball...no way they can just sit back and run..

Youhave to hold your breath every time Tannehill throws the ball.


At halftime RG3 was 5-10 for 36yds passing.

Hartline gave up on that play

hartline took off on that last play an it almost ended into a INT

Mando, I respectfully disagree. With Bush out, it restricts us, due to the respect the opponents give him.
With peterson in, the Vikings now look like world beaters, as Ponder can be who he was in college...a double threat.

"It is inaccurate to say the Dolphins have offense."


It's Tannehill's 3rd game in the NFL!!! What is the Jets excuse???

If Bush is hurt; miller should start next week

Hartline locked down...A third WR at best

Miller is clearly a better RB than Thomas...Thomas is garbage...

Hey Clue, get a clue, Luck and RG 3 have weapons a plenty, Tannehill has less experience and hardly any weapons

Anyone with eyes can see Lamar Miller is a much better back than Daniel Thomas. I told you guys a month ago Thomas doesn't have it.

Any questions?

The Cramps have Started.


"many of you "fans" make me sick.

wait to hate them until they lose.........if not, go to the Jets website"


I'm with you man. It's 10-10 in the middle of the 3rd quarter!!!

Oh Miller looks like the real deal, bust? Where are my "lamar is a bust" bloggers at. He's shown he can hit the hole and he has the speed and quickness, between the Raiders game and that run he's shown he can play here, great hole by Long and Incognito too

Mando, u make 1 post per qtr on ur blog and u give us "it's inaccurate to say we have an offense"! C'mon man!!!!!!!

same old dolphins, playing not to lose

No offense Armando, but the Dolphins are sort of offense-ish

Clue, Luck has MUCH better receivers.

The run by Miller has given us the upper hand in the field position battle.

unreal. throw the ball, damn

The way both of are playing next. 3 pts wins the game

YG I said RG3 has shown flashes of looking like an all pro what have you seen in 2 and a half games from Tannehill?

Impressive we can run when the D knows we are going to run, that is a good sign

Ha!!! I love it. Thomas made something out of nothing.

OOOOOH, bad break for the #Jets

Thomas looked pretty good on that screen. Now Rewvis is down. Any fins clapping??

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