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Dolphins lead Jets, 10-3 at start of third quarter

This game has slowed down significantly since the Dolphins got a Richard Marshall interception and converted it into a touchdown.

The teams have swapped field goals since that time. The game is 10-3 Dolphins right now.

Reggie Bush gave the crowd here a scare when he went down only seconds before halftime with what seemed like a left knee injury. I'll get you an update as soon as possible in the comments section. Bush has 61 yards on 10 attempts.

Will say this: Daniel Thomas got a concussion in the final minute at Houston when Miami could have taken a knee and gotten to halftime. Bush got cracked on the knee today when Miami could have taken a knee and get to halftime.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Good run by Thomas.....looked like he should have stayed outside tho....

Revis is done for the day.

i agree thill looks horrible but u have to throw at some point to win a game. why not do it on first or second down

The Humidity here it's taking its toll.

Thomas made a super move, maybe the best he's made since being here.

These receivers are so bad and limiting, we could be a great team with something to throw to besides rb and te

Revis is gone that's a tear

D Thomas shows flashes of his potential, just needs to lean up the stupid crap!!!

Calvin Pace injured cause of a Thomas juke....love it!

Yes. Clap on that one you sorry jet fans!!! Revis. Gone see ya!!!

redemption? Thomas looks better catching it...

Thing about Thomas is just when youre getting ready to write him off he comes back wioth a big play. That I do like about him.

Don't wish bad but hope He is out till next week

Their dropping like flies and sucking wind!

We got to rip the jugular out right now!

He did, but doesn't change how disappointing that second round pick is. I don't like to see anyone hurt. But revis out? Idk.

Now that Revis blew out his knee can we take a shot down field

Karma is a B when they tried hurting Bush!!

Good run by Thomas.....looked like he should have stayed outside tho....


Is your last name Johnson??? You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

rg3 just tied it up, kid is awesome

Another one.

They are Done but a fork in them.

The Cramps!!!

Dashi called the one on REVIS!!! he was going to be out of shape for the Fast Paced offense

Miller close to taking it to the house...Darn!!

Sprained knee most likely. He will be ready next week. Best circumstance.

"Thing about Thomas is just when youre getting ready to write him off he comes back wioth a big play. That I do like about him."


Speak for yourself.

I'm impressed with Miller!!!! Gr8 4th rd get!!

Revis* not Pace, still love it

Lets see if you we're right mando

Bad play by the Miller

Explendid job by the OL, allow running the ball in any direction

These pathetic receivers need to take

At this point it looks like at this point Tanne can only throw to his first option. That is why he threw that last pass to Hartline; he had made up his mind at the line of scrimmage. The last pass to thomas worked because it was open from the beggining and he made some great moves (good call by Sherman).


hey idiot sherman look what happens when u finally throw, u move the ball

Dashi sees a tired JET Defense!!!

They are Gassed!!!

That Tackle is a BS*** play by the F*** Jets

That's why we drafted him @ 8. Right there.

That's a big 3rd down conversion by Tannehill...Good stuff...

Nice drive going here...

Not to state the obvious but we need 7 here

finally a devone bess sightning. unfortunately he got hurt on the play. but we did get an extra 15 yrd tho

Awwww, is Revis still hurt cause he got jukes?? Hehe

On the way to another TD!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a catch !

Great catch


What a catch by fasano!!!!

Fasano is HUGE today...Awesome...

I think its a catch....

Miller has shed the "can't take contact" rumor.

JETS are like their coach, DIRTY. The NFL needs to see that hit.
I hope Rex gets his fat ass fired...and sparano is made HC.
FASANO! Whoops, they'll take it away, though Fasano was already on the ground.

Anthony Phat-sano today!

Should have rushes the snap.....c'mon Miami just run up the middle!

Don't look like a catch now

It's throws like that make me see we drafted the right kid.

damn he didnt maintain possession. just our luck

oh damn

Fasano is a great backup te. Not a knock, he is the only one to catch balls, but our wide receivers are just hard to watch.

Let's not take any chances. Let's make Sparano proud and play for the field goal. Then let's continue to play great defense and wait for Sanchez to make the big mistake.

Jets r DIRTY!!!!! Comes back 2 bite them with Revis!!!!!!

That's not a catch...

That's a Catch.

The Ref's will overturn it.

But his Butt was Down!!!!!

Yeah it came out after his 2 feet and his butt touched the Ground

If that was a running play, they'd say the ground caused the fumble,

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