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Dolphins lead Jets, 10-3 at start of third quarter

This game has slowed down significantly since the Dolphins got a Richard Marshall interception and converted it into a touchdown.

The teams have swapped field goals since that time. The game is 10-3 Dolphins right now.

Reggie Bush gave the crowd here a scare when he went down only seconds before halftime with what seemed like a left knee injury. I'll get you an update as soon as possible in the comments section. Bush has 61 yards on 10 attempts.

Will say this: Daniel Thomas got a concussion in the final minute at Houston when Miami could have taken a knee and gotten to halftime. Bush got cracked on the knee today when Miami could have taken a knee and get to halftime.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues.


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Conservative junk.

Smart play by the kid

Saved by bess and tanny. No more run run

offsides AND interference.
I know which one I'll accept! LOL

Dropping like flies baby!

No gadgets. Just plain football.

Yes, bio...TRUE home-field...finally.

Was that pass int? Or did hartline just fall? I'll take it, but I'm not sure.

These refs suck

If the Fins win, it won't appear on ESPN's front page. If we lose, it will be the headline.

Where's the middle screen to Miller or Bess?

Armando these Refs are bad ...really Bad

47 Yard FG here.

Need this kick.
I'll fist pump it

He doesn't miss those very often.

That miss hurt

I bet if we has Sporano we would have made that fist pump fg

Good thing we're playing against the Tony Field Goal offernse.

Can't miss that fg.

No fist pump.
Feed keeps freezing now. Always happens from mid 3rd quarter.
Clean cache on the Mac doesn't help.

Can't call a bomb on 2nd and 25. Third down call should've been the second down call. Make it manageable

And that's the Jets franchise QB!!! LMFAO!!!!

I'll take Tannehill.


Sherman conservative play calling may just cost the PHINS the game!

Tannehill way better than Sanchez. Tannehill don't have any receivers. And Sherman didn't help out his QB today poor game planing. We only ran ran ran. Never threw to the RB. Never threw deep ball, totally hand cuffed!!

I said 20-17 Miami. Not the f u c k I n g. Jets. But I'm blaming Philbin Sheman didn't play deep ball today.

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