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Dolphins lead Texans 3-0 to start second quarter

HOUSTON -- Well, lookie, lookie.

The Dolphins are playing well on defense. The Dolphins are moving the ball on offense. Reggie Bush has 34 rushing yards. Ryan Tannehill has completed 5 of 6 passes for 36 yards.

And the Dolphins lead 3-0.

Vegas is freaking!!!

The live blog continues in the comments section ... See you there.


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Go Philbinns

Lonely being at the top

Well, the shot deep obviously has some kinks in it.

Enoughs enough... Time for some J-Train!!

Guess we know why redskins cut him

Missed a wide open AA

Dolphins are definitely winning the field position battle. Texans have started at their 10, their 5 and now on their 13 yard line.

Love Tannehill but that pass to Armstrong was not accurate enough.

armstrong has to make that catch...not a bad ball..led him with good velocity

Lot of people not happy here at the casino lol. They're not real happy with me and my Jake Long jersey. Must be my very loud shouting. :)

Can't win missing those kind of pass and catches.

Wow whens the last time we saw a cornerback do somthing like that!!


No qb's perfect all the time. Wr's have to help thier qb's with those kind of plays. The pass, though it could have been more accurate was still "catchable".

I'd actually like to see Tannehill playing with a WR with size and hands... Marshall would've helped a lot.

Not accurate enough for what?

It hit in his hands!

These rerceivers are making Tanne look like Henne!

id like to see wake make some noise

Safety blitz by Dolphins and Schaub still had time to throw.

What kind of Defense is the actual defense---Sicilian?

I guess we still can't cover tight ends either...

Good game so far.

But Can we please stop somebody on 3rd Down.

if tannehill put that ball catchable it would have been a touchdown by armstrong

Dolphins have picked up this year where they left off last year on covering TEs. Owen Daniels has two catches for 52 yards.

I think we can all lay off the drafting a new QB talk now. They need to build around Tannehill. #1 priority has to be WR

We need a turnover here. That would really swing the mo in our direction.

Gotta put a td up next possession. Not going to win with goose eggs and fistpumps. This defense isnt nearly good enough.

Udinstank, What say you about your Late night postings?

Rather have Texans te's beating than the wr's. We live to fight another down.

Fins 3 Texans ZERO.

Time for the special teams to come up with a big return!

Finally, Dansby on a TE.

we need some safteis baddd. clemons is pure garbage

Why do you think i started Daniel owens on my fantasy team Armando.... Not that im hoping he does good.

Nice stop D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was ugly but we held!

Clemons not looking good on that last play.

This will test Dolphins coaching staff. Do they hand off and play safe with rookie QB? Or do they push the envelope and attack?

This is scary. The Rookie playing the shadows of the goal post.

clemons could have easily intercepted that pass

Push the envelope an attack. That's our style this year.

Dolphins playing like they want to win....didn't see that in preseason

Texans have real problems between Schaub and his receivers.
Fortunately for us.
Protect the ball here.

This game looks like it will be low scoring.

The type Fins were winning last year.

I predict
Fins = 17
Texans = 14

Jets up 21-0. They could be good. But im pretty sure its that the bills are that bad

DB's doing good job on Texans wr's. RG3 throw 2nd td Skins all over Saints 17-7. LOL

CUT THIS A HOLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 CLEMONS should have been INT

Odinstank, What say you about your Late night postings?

Posted by: odins Blotted Liver. | September 09, 2012 at 01:49 PM

Still waiting 4 the answer.

Like the running by Bush so far .

Damn, and I sat RGIII for Cutler!


Bush might lead the league in rushing this year...We have no other weapons


Nice call, 1st down !!!

Dolphins convert their first third down play of the day. 1 of 4 so far.

We have to come up with a nickname for JV.

Armstrong is seeing more playing time than Naanee?

The ball was 50/50. A little less from T-Hill and if Armstrong was a Little bit Taller.

But Armstrong is fast.

Way to go Lane!!


Didn't see THAT comin. Great call to Javorski.

Those throws scare me. We have no deep threat so dbs are going to be all over those comebacks

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