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Dolphins lead the Jets 17-10 to start 4th quarter

This game is getting serious.

Reggie Bush went out with a knee injury at halftime. Darrelle Revis went out in the third with a knee injury and will not return.

Both quarterbacks are throwing more interceptions than TDs.

It's crazy!!!

And the live blog continues in comments section as the Dolphins hold a touchdown lead. See you there


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The collapse is on.

Obama 2012

Marc sacked even faked me with that play action lol i thought green had it

Sanchez* not sacked, damn auto correct

I love this D!

pump ur fist idiot sparano!

Nothing doing..sancheeze.

Great goal line stance by the defense. That D Line is definately our strength.

3 better than 7, my friend Julito says.

Twice the Jets offense struggled in the end zone only to come up with field goals. Sounds familiar? Thanks Sparano!

Last years def would have never held in the 4th on 1st and goal from the one, nice stand

I already like this coaching staff more!! THEY PREPARED FOR A QB DRAW!!!

Posted by: robbyhernz | September 23, 2012 at 03:38 PM

Good point....

GREAT Defensive stand!

I called a 17-13 Dolphins win today. We're right there right now. If we can just milk the clock and play great D, 17-13 will stand!

BTW- Miller and Lane are Ireland finds. Let's give him some credit for finding them. We are always complaining about all of his busts. These were great pick ups.

The defense is also pretty good. Right now having a rookie QB is what is hurting us. I don't think that we are that far away. If Tannehill develops and we find him a couple of receivers next year, we will be a certain playoff team.


Jets are beyon pathetic.. Just want to see a lil more from Tannehill. Henne would always fold in the 4th Q. Let's see what Tannehill does?

great calls sherman idiot

We have 155yds on the ground right now! LOL


What a catch by Bess...F*** me...

u da man bess!

Man I am so happy to be on the other side of a Sparano offense. Our defense looks good doesn't it?

Nice pass by Tanne.

Orlando, Lane was brought in by Sherman's urging - not Ireland. Lane won a roster spot.

"The defense is also pretty good. Right now having a rookie QB is what is killing us."

Yes, the QB thing is true, but seriously take a look at the lack of separation our WRs EVERY play. Seriously, they're not helping Tanne AT ALL.

Awwwww is Cromartie the scum hurt? Hehe, scumbag

nice hard count by Tanne and then he was able to get the pass interference penalty on Cromartie, who got hurt on the play!!!!

If Cromartie's out for the game, this baby is a wrap fellas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not a shot @ you...

but I don't think you/we....should EVER cheer an injury....

BIG HIT...yes...


Cromartie can't afford to get hurt...He pays more in child support than his own salary...LOL!!!

1st & 25, what do u call in this situation?

Let's get 20 yeards and kick a field goal.

Kris, 03:46PM, exactly...Couldn't agree more...Immaturity sometimes...

We need a FG FIST PUMP to put this game away...c'mon....

awful poss

The Dolphins taking some shots...I like that....

Ah Kris, when an opposing player is a scumbag you can't help but feel karma got back to him. Do I wish injury on anyone? No, but the guy is injured without any contact to him. If karma decided to get back at Cromartie than good. He won't be able to run his mouth due to a cramp or whatever it is

oo he jus missed armstrong!!!!

ok carpenter make your money here

Special teams not helping the Dolphins today.

That could be HUGE...

holy balls carpenter u pos

come on carpenter!!! u cant miss that!!! how do u hook it like that?!?!?

With this offense we have to hit these field goals.

Seriouas question: Is Carpenter lately getting bad or just my idea?

I thought we got rid of Stoyanovich

Do we get a fist pump for missed field goal sporano?

just plain awful game, neither team deserves a win


that penalty hurt....

Laces out!

Man FOCK Carpenter

fist pump gone awry

Play caliber D back on display...

Wide open!!! Thank God Sanchez threw it!

I actually love this type of defense besides that 60 yrd catch from kerley they've dominated

How is it that people in New York think Mark Sanchez is even an OK QB?

Great drive hennehill! GARBAGE!

Sanchez really threw it well to the ballboy 5 yards out of bounds

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