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Dolphins lead the Jets 17-10 to start 4th quarter

This game is getting serious.

Reggie Bush went out with a knee injury at halftime. Darrelle Revis went out in the third with a knee injury and will not return.

Both quarterbacks are throwing more interceptions than TDs.

It's crazy!!!

And the live blog continues in comments section as the Dolphins hold a touchdown lead. See you there


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Self destructing.

Never should have had to try a long field goal!

Hill is 4 yards past his man...And Sanchez overthrows him by 10...LOL!!!

Sanchez looks like rookie. It looks like the Jets are going to be looking for a QB soon.Sparano probably feels the way he felt when he had Henne here.

We can be the throw the jets...and the entire Organization INTO fan base into chaos...with a win....

Thankyou Mr. Sanchez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanchez is a BUST.

Thankyou Mr. Sanchez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sanchez will NEVER be elite...His accuracy is awful...You can't teach that...The best QBs are the ones who can hit an open WR...Sanchez can`t...He's garbage...

7 minuteTD drive, let's go!!!!!!!!

Drive down and make a fist pump
Chew up some clock sparano style
A couple of screen plays and we are golden

Sanchez was our best defender on that series!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

gr83 & out by the defense. now lets move the ball and run some clock!!!! Go Phins!!!!

If I was Rex Ryan I'll put Tebow in ASAP. At least he shows heart

"Never should have had to try a long field goal!"

Come on! Kickers are making 50+yd FGs all over the NFL. You just have to make that kick.

Not only does Sanchez suck, but they moved way up to draft him!!!!

The jests...what a lousy team. Are they rebuilding? They are an awful dog and pony show.

Sanchez looks like rookie. It looks like the Jets are going to be looking for a QB soon.Sparano probably feels the way he felt when he had Henne here.

Maybe Sparano is 'the cooler.' LOL!!!


I agree Lebrons headband. No need to take any chances. Let's not give the game aways.

Time for a td to close the deal offense!

This D is winded!! I'd ram Thomas down their throats!!!

I guess Sherman has abandoned the run


We've come so far. Don't blow it now Tanny

Is the Call or the Execution by Tannehill, looks horrible

Armstrong catch the ball you stiff!!!!

We don't use the screen apparently, at least not much.
Lets get Lane involved.
Hate these roll outs to the left/

FOC you Armstrong!

Armstrong SUX!!!!!!!! that would have gone!!!!!

Armstrong HAS to catch that f#cking ball.

Sparano will talk Rex into trading for Chad Henne.

What a waste of a set of downs....

You gotta catch that armstrong!!! right in the numbers!!

awful awful by Armstrong!

Guess there is a reason Armstrong was available via waivers.

Best pass of the day for T-hill dropped!!!!!!! Dang!!!

Keep calling for armstrong you guys
That was right in his hands
Need to draft 2 wr next year
Ireland you failed to field a wr core

3 passes way to chew up 24 seconds!!!

that possession was probably 30 seconds...

Nice play Marshall...

Armstrong, that's your great wr. Sucks!

nice play marshall

Great play by Marshall.

AA HAS to catch that.

Armstrong has a history of drops.
We have to find a way to get our running game back without Bush.

I meann, you have to catch those balls.

I hate our effin receivers!!! SHOULDNT be called WR.

So many decent WR on free agency and Ireland picks Armstrong.

Fackwe have no WRa

Well Sanchez is still playing. Theres hope for a win still left. LOL

We need a turnover badly

Sheesh, where is our inside pass rush?

That was a great pass by Tannehill to Armstrong.

My hope is that Tannehill keeps developing and that we can get some wins along the way as a result of our defense. Unfortunately our D has to be perfect for us to win and we have to hit our field goals.

Tony Field Goals.

The Saints have their hands full with the Chiefs...Unreal...

Love those te-bag plays

Playoff caliber D.....

Misi playing well today.

Gr8 GREAT play by Misi

they ran the option? great contaiment

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