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Dolphins lead the Jets 17-10 to start 4th quarter

This game is getting serious.

Reggie Bush went out with a knee injury at halftime. Darrelle Revis went out in the third with a knee injury and will not return.

Both quarterbacks are throwing more interceptions than TDs.

It's crazy!!!

And the live blog continues in comments section as the Dolphins hold a touchdown lead. See you there


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Just cant give up 7pts D!!!!!!!!!!!

It has always been Hard to stomach that odrick was a first round pick and misi was a high 2

Sparano's fingerprints are all over this Jet's mess. Their offense was a lot better last year..

Hey Tony, that wildcat garbage doesn't work in the NFL...Give it up...It worked at the beginning...And now it's over with... Good God...

I mean good play by him. But not enough tackles and sacks for either

Fumble here


Sparano at his best.


Tannehill has been playing terrible! These are two bad teams who won't go anywhere regardless of who wins.

That's justice for the Armstrong drop

Misi again... I know we coulda had gronk but we got 2 starters on Defense who are part of the reason we are so good against the run... Maybe not playmakers but very valuable

Thanks Tony!!! We still love you.

RUN it then punt it.....

Dansby, don't celebrate too much...You were freaking lucky there...You were beat big time...

We need a drive here real bad.

Damn the jets suck!
Lets no blow this posession

Spiller could be out for the game next week

We need to pick up at least 20 yards here if we are going to play field position, because for some reason Sherman has given up on the run.

Whoa, dodged a bullet.
Had bad field position nearly the entire 2nd half.
This is really where we miss Reggie.

It has always been Hard to stomach that odrick was a first round pick and misi was a high 2
Posted by: inimounts | September 23, 2012 at 04:02 PM

In a game in which the defense only let up 3 points other than the turnovers the offense had? Yes, good point..

Tannehill has been playing terrible! These are two bad teams who won't go anywhere regardless of who wins.

Do you even watch the game??? they barely let him throw it and when he does people drop it or no one is open

rg3 another td

Miller TIME!

Run the ball a little for gods sake. Can we stop playing calling like we are losing. Cheap NFL needs to pay the refs.

lay off the rookie guys - 3rd NFL start remember with zero weapons to work with. Lets ride this D and hope we have bush back for next week

At least a 5-6min drive would be nice here. We cant depend on Sanchez to help forever.

Please run the ball, impose your will. They have not stopped the run all day

The most important possession of the day for the Dolphins coming up...

Beer, they don't get tackles they don't get sacks. They play because they are so high picked. Not good picks, and we're supposed to have a second and then third year blowout. We could've had dez Bryant and ray mauluga too.

Miller break a big one homey

YG what were you saying about RG3? Thanks

I can't see us beating Arizona next week. However, this is the NFL. Minnesota is about to beat San Francisco so anything is possible.

Unreal...Sherman has decided not to run the ball anymore...

Jonathan Martin got away with a blatant holding in the end zone. Lucky.

Come on shermy wtf

wow this offense is so bad

4 points is nothing. You have to score.

Hey Tannesuppotter, save your breath. You are dealing with people who aren't even fans or just idiots. They expect the rookie to be like Marino and even Dan couldn't produce wih this receiving core

Need a great punt here.

Now they run...Not impressed with Sherman there...Not at all...

RG3, another TD? Nfl.com says its his only TD of the game. LOL

Top 5 rushing in the league, lets abandon the run!

Man can Fields boom them...What a leg...

Starting at the 50!!!!

Poor dolphins d
Always against the wall

Dont get how people can say no one deserves to win! IT'S THE JETS!! Even so, we r rebuilding and Jets r supposed to b contenders so HAAAAA!!!

D has to win this game for us.

lets see what happens, heres where our d always chokes

The play calling is starting to pss me off.

This one might be the straw that broke the camel's back....

Why the f*** don't they double team Holmes??

Our D has been asked to do too much.
Teamas constantly run to our LEFT on punt returns. We have to fix that. Thats 12 yards they shouldn't have had.


RG# has 1 TD passing today, whaddaya mean?

How long can our Defense hold on. They are being put in an awful position (short field over and over). Another Tannehill mistake, delay of game. This rookie QB should be on the bench learning. They owe it to the fans to put in the best QB and in my opinion at this point that is Moore. Tannehill may be the future but he is not the present.

Gotta love Wilson for hitting Holmes there, that's how you defend your team

IO dont think Philbin knows the history of our defensive players. LOL

Sparano's holding offense....

Thank GOD.....

Sean. Smith. Got. Lucky.

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