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Dolphins lead the Jets 17-10 to start 4th quarter

This game is getting serious.

Reggie Bush went out with a knee injury at halftime. Darrelle Revis went out in the third with a knee injury and will not return.

Both quarterbacks are throwing more interceptions than TDs.

It's crazy!!!

And the live blog continues in comments section as the Dolphins hold a touchdown lead. See you there


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Another wide open man...God Sanchez is horrible...

How many times is smith gonna get beat before it hurts us

that is 3x SEan Smith has been beaten on a double move!!!


Feels like something bad's getting ready to happen. Seen this movie before. I dont think the defense will hold.

Jets 20 Fins 13 coming up.

Smith beat BADLY on that. We've been lucky.

Smith has been burn 3 times today

at least joe FAILbin won one game so we don't book end the 72 season with a winless season

We should have traded Sean smith. That's the second or third time he has been smoked and got lucky

Seems as if nobody wants to win this game.

Pure luck

We are so lucky to be playing against Sanchez. He has missed a couple of wide open touchdowns.

This game is causing my aging to accelerate and the playcalling is killing me. Holmes wide open.

Jets really miss Keller.

Sean Smith is garbage..

Does sean smith ever get tired of getting burnt sixteen games a year?!?!??

what's up with our pass rush, or lack thereof?

Holmes is KILLING this secondary...What a joke...

Nolan Carroll is not a good player.

Where is the pass rush from the Phins D???


Tanne gonna have to make a late drive for the win

Nice tackle by Clemons. This has turned into a nail biter now.

Need to watch the clock

Too much time. Where is our pass rush, and Carroll?
Crap, I was so high yesterday cause of my Canes, now this.
C'mon D!!

Going to have to go on a game winning drive with a rookie qb. Thats going to be scarty!

Our poor defense is worn out. If we lose it will not be their fault. The loss of Buch killed us in this game. The Jets did what some of us thought they would, they stacked up the line of scrimmage and dared Tannehill to throw it.

and there it is

We are toast without receivers


Damn the dolphins were playing a bit too conservative in the 4th quarter. That's what happens when you have a rookie QB. Happens.


Armstrong lost the game

Unreal. Secondary is awful. Thill can prove something here

That Carpenter miss is killing us, no wonder why he's never made a pro bowl. If we lose this game it'll be our game to lose not the Jests game to win

And now the Dolphins must try to win a game they've been trying not to lose.

Yep, this is just like the Dolphins-Jets games of old.

How is our conservative second half playcalling working out? Just curious philbin and Sherman. Damn.

Need a big runback

3rd and 1. Defense has to get up on receivers not give them a 3 yard cushion. They have let the Jets stay in this game all day.

F#ck the Jets. They're going nowhere this year & their QB is 17 for 38 with 2 INT's.

This game is over. Tannehill stinks! Stinks! No more football for me.

It's not over...The Dolphins still have plenty of time...

Why did the abandon the run????????????? Bad coaching!!!!!!!!

Every body beat Jimmy Wilson and S. Smith...What a Secundary we have...

Radio guys said Philbin was trying to call TO but officials didn't see.

SHERMAN and PHILBIN put us in this position by their CRAPPY play-calling.....

Now they need to DIG US out......

Did some fool ask for Jimmy Wilson there u go he sucks

This loss is on the coaches, our receivers, and to some extent Tannehill. That pick 6 is the difference.

Let's see what the rookie is made of. It is up to Tannehill now.

As bad as they've looked the jerks got their game going. This game is on the O

What did I tell you guys. Seen this movie before. Offense stops scoring, defense cant get a stop during most critical part of game.

Now we gotta try and win this with a rookie qb. Dont wanna say it, but a Tannehill pick's coming next.

Trying not to lose should be the 21st century dolphins slogan. Hard to watch. Wish they had half the heart the canes showed yesterday.

can fins tie it up at least?


Get ready for a pick by the great hennehill!

We'll see RYAN T. can take us to the promise land... I long for the good old Marino comebacks...

Gadabout, please keep ur word!!! I look forward to not reading 1 more of your posts!! Best of luck to u!!!

carpenter has made a probowl lol

That's assuming we lose.
Hope I am SO wrong.

Carpenter has made a pro bowl. His first year I believe

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