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Dolphins lead the Jets 17-10 to start 4th quarter

This game is getting serious.

Reggie Bush went out with a knee injury at halftime. Darrelle Revis went out in the third with a knee injury and will not return.

Both quarterbacks are throwing more interceptions than TDs.

It's crazy!!!

And the live blog continues in comments section as the Dolphins hold a touchdown lead. See you there


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Dial up the Greg Schiano D....


So, we are tied. Good job by RT.

Worst coached game so far by philbin and his staff

Why throw to the corner when you have 3 timeouts?
Strange play calling.
lets go FINS!

Go to the OVERTIME blog post now.

wtf...go to overtime u morons!!!

You guys screaming bad playcalling, all are bad plays with poor execution.

You say its bad playcalling when we run for no gain. Then the same when we pass for no completion. At some points its just bad player execution.

Go to the OVERTIME post now.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal
Totally agree. We need these kinds of wins for now and in the future. Confidence.


Tannehill's accuracy wasn't great, but he found a way to bring them in FG range and tie the game...That's all you can ask for...He's making some progress...He's facing a Rex Ryan defense, one of the best defensive minded coaches in the NFL...He's responded...Was it perfect? No. But it was positive imo...

Luck, RG3, & Weeden all lost today. I don't know what some of you people are expecting from a rookie QB. It's a learning process & he's going to get better.

tannehill missed to many wide open plays in this entire game. DAVID GARRARD where are you

Tebow talked to God on that one.

"It's great Tanny is gaining this experience now instead of next yr!! That Gerrard injury is a blessing in disguise!"


No doubt about it.

We have RBs, expectations r irrational in Miami!! Even P manning sucked it up with 4 INTs!!! Just watch the kid improve!!! Watch his poise!!! He'll only get better!!

I hope that our Defense is not to worn out. They have been run ragged in this game.

We can't even stop the run anymore. Those guys are tired.

Yes they run the same plays. Never ran never call time outs to draw a play that can a least get closer for another play! Regroup that's what the times out for. Philbin coached today poorly didn't take advantage of the opportunity's. Hey he is also a rookie head coach!!! So no one us perfect they all learning on the job. It ain't like we are contenders. For a SB. Or playoffs. They called a very conservative game today period!!

To me the turning point in this game was the IT for a TD thrown by Tannehill. That deflated the team.

LB covering a WR. Coyle poor defense calling. C mon man. Just look at it. Today unfortunately. The coaching staff was not good today. Sorry but true!

Turning point for me was when we were up 17-14 with 10:30 left and we went 3 and out with 3 straight incompletions after already having rushed for over 150 yards on the day

Today the coach and O coordinator. Didn't help Tannehill!

We need to get a few first downs to change field of position.

Ray they can't trust Tannehill yet. Did you see how inaccurate he was in this game and that awful interception for a TD. He just does not make the right reads at this point. He basically locks on one player. They have to play conservative with him right now. Let's hope that this is all worth it but right now it does look ugly.

Tanne does show flashes. Great catch by Hartline. That is the hope for next year.

Is Sherman insane????

Alright miami

Great job from Tanny. Even though he was had cuff in the first three quarters.

This team is a heartbreajer

I told you guys poor coaching on both side of the ball!! Just rookie mistake by everyone involved!!

Orlando are u for real? Wanna take a look at wheeden's day? And even he shows flashes, and HE has receivers.
Everyone needs to back of tannehill. If crisp routes aren't run, we had no chance


I rest my case!! Poor coaching. By philbin Sherman Coyle. Good night fellas!!

Never ever call the timeout

Ultimately, Carpenter lost this game for us.

Whole game cost by the coaches and no receiver. Unbelievable. Heartbreaking. Next week can't come quicker.

That 2 and 7 call from the Jets 35 in OT is by far the worst call I've ever seen. A field goal wins the game why throw deep on a low percentage play? Our coaching staff blows!

All in all, this is far better football than the crap Sparno served up the past two years. Offense is still new.

Angry Elf.... NEWS FLASH! Sporano's crap offense just beat us!

Carpenter should be shanked just like he shanks the ball!

@ sick of this why is it a bad call? it was a PI not called by the official. Jets are playing run and we may get 2 or 3 yds through the ground. Before anyone starts questioning the calls understand that Carpenter lost this game. And before saying anything about the last timeout call, Philbin called it before the snap. It's a non-issue. It worked for Rex and not for us, because our kicker blows

Here are your last place miami dolphins. Just like everyone said!

Sick of This-- shut up you Jets loving troll. Your team, particularly your QB, is ATROCIOUS. Dolphins gave his one away. Every pinhead up you can see that.

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