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Dolphins lead the Jets, 7-0 going to the second quarter

We figured turnovers would play a factor in today's game. So far, so good.

Mark Sanchez threw an interception in the first quarter.

And the Dolphins converted the turnover into a touchdown drive culminated by a Daniel Thomas 2 yard touchdown drive.

Dolphins lead in the turnover and points departments.

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LMAO, that is the ugliest dance !

Yeah Odrick, that's what we like to see!

wonderful for dolphins

Pick 6 right now. Come on Chez!

Jared Odrick needs to wait a bit before celebrating his sacks so that the pee-wee herman music catches up with his dance.

Is O.k. for Now LOL

I wanna see more that PeeWee dance!

That Pee-Wee is value!

Hopefully we see that a bit more frequently Mando, ugly dance but it's always a beauty to see!

Richard Marshall mugged the Jet reciever on press coverage. Guy couldnt get off of the line. LOL


What's up with the Thigpen/Bess rotation at PR's???

Don't see Thigpen injured along the sideline so I do not understand why Bess returned that last punt.

Odricks sac dance is enforcing the white guy stereo type

Miami OLine > Jests DLine

Never thought I'd say that, they're pushing em backwards

Nice to see a Miami db mug a wr at the line. Thats been rare over the years.

Pouncey in this play was in the 3rd. level what a player this guy is

I tell you, if the Jets persist in that D formation, we are going to eat them alive.

We need to be at least a little more creative with our play calling.

Is it me or are there more fans in the stadium this week?

Pattern on returns looks to be Bess back when we attempt to pressure the kicker. Thigpen in when we have return setup.

The Hands, Armando, the Hands.(my friend Julio asked me the same thing last week).

Bart Scott!!! Love it!!!!

Don't see Thigpen injured along the sideline so I do not understand why Bess returned that last punt.


They did it last week too. I don't get it.

Nice to see refs on our side too

These Ref. are a happy triger with the flag

They need to stop burning time outs. Those are like gold at the end of half. Nice to see a flag against the Jests. That hurts.

Bush REALLY is a workhorse back. Unbelievable!!!

Bart Scott on Bush: Advantage Miami!

You see?

it seems whenever its likely to be a fair catch deep in own territory they use Bess for PR then use Thigpen when a return is likely

IF what you guys are saying about Thigpen-Bess then the Dolphins are showing their tendencies on special teams too easily.

All Bush on that run!

I f#cking LOVE it!!!

That's more like it!

Just imagine if we had a #1 receiver...


Way to lower ur shoulder Fasano!!! Who's more physical?

Tannehill in his 3rd game looks better than Sanchez in his 4th season.

Dolphins score a TD here, this game may be out of reach.

I like Fat-Sano better than Fasano!!!!!!!!


This is to the Thomas haters--You're a bunch of retards. It's only his 2nd season so give the kid a chance.

It looks like the Jets are keying on the run. Keep rolling Tannehill out and he has to keep completing some passes to keep the defense honest. We need the defense to carry us early in the year until Tanne catches up to the speed of the game. We have to be patient with the rookie.

Dolphins controlling both lines

Jets blitz, didnt see the run coming! Love this oc!

D Thomas is playing great nice change of pace

You see??? Thomas is going to be legit.

A TD here is HUGE.....

right BILL CONNERS....

Let go 2-2 in the redzone!

Good point by Gannon, setting the edge is not one of the Jets' strengths. Alternating rb's saving Bush for the second half?

Damn damn damn, woulda loved a 14-0 lead

Armando noticed it last week. It's definitely a pattern with the PR.

Bootleg with T-hill.

Jets are getting BEAT up.


Dolphins are playing a smart game so far. Kudos to the coaching staff.

That pass looked good in real time. Id did not see a replay. Did Hartline drop it?

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