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Dolphins lead the Jets, 7-0 going to the second quarter

We figured turnovers would play a factor in today's game. So far, so good.

Mark Sanchez threw an interception in the first quarter.

And the Dolphins converted the turnover into a touchdown drive culminated by a Daniel Thomas 2 yard touchdown drive.

Dolphins lead in the turnover and points departments.

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Aw, are the Jests getting hurt left and right....GO F YOURSELVES JESTS! LETS GO PHINS!

Got points and that D was on the field over 5 min!!!!!!! Need a quick stop here....

Got to admit it.. I just did a quarter fist pump on that FG.

Knocking the heck of the Jests. They seem discouraged. Where is Reggie?

Dolfan from St. Louis. Thanks everyone for posting updates of what is going on. I have the NFL network redzone and they just do not give enough information about Dolphin games.

Good play by Tannehill. Take a chance but throw it where only the receiver can catch it. 10-0.

This is the best we've looked on both sides of the football since the 2008 season.

We're dominating right now, just wished we had the other td on the board to show for it. Just a matter of time before a Sanchez pic 6. He plays worse under pressure.

Wonder if Moore would have been able to lead these drives...hmmm

Hopefully we can count on a Tony Sporano non half time adjustment

Orlando Dolphan,

Tough catch but it could have been made.

Do you think Tony had a flash back and did a fist pump after that field goal accidentally? :)

Good start fins. Would love another turnover before the half.

Can we now end the Cam-Philbin none sense?

dont forget we got arookie stud rb miller that will give the jets a fit with thomas and bush

Hopefully we can count on a Tony Sporano non half time adjustment
Posted by: SoiledBottom | September 23, 2012 at 02:02 PM

LUVVVVVVVVVIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

TANNE looking @ the tape....love...IT...

Sanchez sucks. How long before the Tebow chants start up in NY?

I smell another sancheeze int coming. I just don't think he's a good qb. He's all hype.

Miller is going to provide fresh legs ala Reggie Bush esque in the second half BRING IT!

I love S Holmes' body language!!!!!!

Welcome back Karlos. That's why you get paid the big bucks.

Armando without of passion Mark Sanchez looks very bad as QB

Time for a sack fumble td!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holmes looks ready to quit any minute now.

You see?

Fake Punt 1st down Jets..

Oh please...Really???

Saw that coming!!! Come on!!

Chalk one up for Mike Westhoff.

DAM...got caught napping...

A d-stop yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uh oh Jest fans are pumped for a Tebow 3 yard game whoa! Watch out! Lol stupid Jest fans

Sanchez is brutal....LMFAO!!! Keep it up.

Fuc-! That's Tebow.

Trickery's a sign of weakness!!!!!!!!!


just gotta make the tackle...

Jests are playing dink an dunk, our defense has em dominated.

Too much time for Sanchez.

Blame Philbin for that special team goof up
A blind man could see that coming

Dolphins defense is getting tired.

Carroll's a weak link today!


Wake has to contain on that

That was Wake.

Third down and ten they drop back instead of blitzing Poor defense play call on that one

Tebow always finds a way to make a play...Unreal...

Cameron Wake is ... Cameron Wake

Dolphins can't cover tight ends...What else is new...

That hurt!

Sanchez is the LUCKIEST SOB I've ever seen.

wake just a MILIsecind late....

Come on D we need a stop here!

There is what they know about our LB's can't take care of the TE

Wow Jests are simply getting lucky they arent playing good at all

Where was the hold on Wake come on refs

Where's the pressure? Miami's Defense is getting tired!

Turnover!!!!!!!! Make a play D!!!!!!!!!

Gadabout, the pressure is there, it's a half second late

Don't worry, this is a Sparano FG drive.

No f#cking TD's defense!!!!

I hope we stop them here so that we can see a Sparano fist pump. Hope the camera's pick it up.

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