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Dolphins lead the Jets, 7-0 going to the second quarter

We figured turnovers would play a factor in today's game. So far, so good.

Mark Sanchez threw an interception in the first quarter.

And the Dolphins converted the turnover into a touchdown drive culminated by a Daniel Thomas 2 yard touchdown drive.

Dolphins lead in the turnover and points departments.

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Man I'm so sick of hearing about an over paid backup qb

Can't cover the TE. That's going on fir years now! Backup players!! No blitzing our defense coach is to conservative! Don't like today's. Defense scheme!

We must be in really bad shape to have Nolan Carroll and Chris Clemons as starters in our secondary...God they're awful...

I hope they bring a blitz here on 3rd and 3.


Let us know if Sparano fistpumps a fg ok?

"Don't worry, this is a Sparano FG drive."

LOL@Mando. Looks familiar....

Ray, it's a good thing they've allowed 0 points or else u'd really hate the defensive scheme.

I'm afraid of Tebow.

Will we see THE fist pump?

Nice draft pick!!!

Sean smith just got lucky...

We have to get smarter, more inventive in the Red Zone, and not put it all on Tannehill.
That said, the QB draw has been used so many times against us, but now we have a weapon in Tannehill to return the favor.
The long developing roll-out never seems to work, as our receivers can't seem to separate.

Dodged a bullet on the pass to Hill.

Let's run the clock out when we get the ball back. We have the momentum and the ball first in the second half. Also, we only have 1 time out.

Fist Pump Time Tony!!!! LOL!!!

Jests are still pathetic

Dang!!! To think we'd stopped them on their first 3 plays of this drive!!!!

You have a 16 play drive. You get a fourth-down fake punt conversion. And you only get a FG?

That's not a big lift for NYJ.

TYPICAL, ....Elemental Watson

I must give credit to Jeff Ireland for one thing, Mike Pouncey is the real deal.

FG by Jets. Sparano threw out his shoulder celebrating!


How did Hill drop that???? However, that was the book on him in college. Great size, great speed, suspect hands....

Let us score now.

Bengals 24-7...OVER the skins....

Don't let Tebow beat you like last-year-more passes deeper in 2nd half-more variety on offense-keep running the ball + involve TE more


Did Sparano fistpump the fg?

Get a pic up on that fist pump

To conservative no blitz packages by Coyle dude! Really. If we have blitz earlier. We probably scored again. Sanchez is a big time treat on burning us on the blitz.

Is Tony Sporano still trying to figure out who should be our offensive line starters ?

I have the same questions as YG!!!! was there a fist pump?

Dolphins major assignment this series is not scoring points. It is to avoid turnover. Hold the ball long enough to take it into the locker room.

WTh you mean let the clock run out!

Sanchez is not a threat on burning us if we blitz more IMO that's all LET'S GO PHINS KILL THOSE JETSSS

OK, Dashi gave them a FG.

We need to do a better job on 3rd down. We let teams complete to many passes on 3rd down.

Hartline has turned back into Hartline...

I'll take a 10-3 lead into the half, don't give em points please!

Hartline very quite today

We have to come up with more than Tannehill rollouts on 3rd and goal. Our receivers can't get separation.
QB draw against us for years, we now have a weapon, why not use it.

Every receiving team get's a block in the back on a kick off because the defender's are turning to get the penalty.

Bad call on that pass to Hartline as it stopped the clock. We should have run the football. The Jets are going to have time on the clock and all 2 timeouts.

Somebody is getting kicked. Bart Scott threw a punch.

WOW, hey refs, how much money you have on the Jests in this game?

"Jests are still pathetic"


Of course they are BUT I don't even want to give them a glimmer of hope that they can win today.

Too many penalties today. Philbin is going to lose it on these guys @ halftime.

These refs definitely don't like Us.

No matter what pro sport, when you play NY, you have to beat NY and you have to beat the refs...Always has, always will...

Welcome to the NFL, Jonathan!
He's a REAL man now, but bad timing.

ah, Sparano's bad time-outs have infected the Jets!

Do these refs only call penalties on the Dolphins?!

what do we got....


Alright! We are alive!


These ref's need to get thrown out the game.

The pushing is fine. U can't throw a punch. U know a closed fist. Watch Bart Scott get fined next week! That was a easy call.

Timing is everything! Ha!

I don't think Smith even touched Fields. LOL!

Oh no WHRBs, I want to make the Jests suck their words. I live in NJ and I want to gloat to every pathetic fan I can

Awesome roughing the kicker. Please take a knee Dolphins.

That was a bad call by the way. Thanks refs

Run it out.

Payback for the blown call

But Bess was wide open in the other side of the End zone. Tannehill needs to survey the field better and stop staring down WR, if someone recording the game go back and see what I'm talking about! He is a rookie but I just hope it is just growing pain and not a bad habit on starring down WR

He did....Armando.....

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