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Dolphins lead the Jets, 7-0 going to the second quarter

We figured turnovers would play a factor in today's game. So far, so good.

Mark Sanchez threw an interception in the first quarter.

And the Dolphins converted the turnover into a touchdown drive culminated by a Daniel Thomas 2 yard touchdown drive.

Dolphins lead in the turnover and points departments.

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Bush injured...Great...For a stupid insignificant play before halftime...

Why is bush even in there give it to Thomas????


Kneel downs!
Shoot, just what you DON'T want to see.....a stupid injury on a STUPID Call


Knee blown out on #22. There goes the season!

I hope it's just a bruise.

Reggie down not good. Why play him with little time left in the quarter. Let's put in miller Thomas poor decision by Philbin

i saw that too ray

That's nothing, Run it out.

Oh no. We cannot lose Reggie.

Week 1 Thomas fumbles.. Week 3 Bush gets injured... I hope from now on they take a knee in those situations.. Maybe next yr, it'll work with a more mature T-hill!!

Cincinnati is going to cost me some $$$ today...Stupid Redskins...

lets hope reggie's not hurt too bad

Why not just down the damn ball and avoid risking an injury!!!

Thats the biggest concern for miami to extend reggie.....healthyness and durability

I saw Bart Scott knee Bush in the knee while he was down. Did anyone else notice it?

Knee blown out on #22. There goes the season!


Shut the f#ck up. I'm so sick of you doom & gloom morons on here. He banged his knee on someone's helmet so f#cking relax!!!

Bart Scott is a dirty player. He intentionally plowed his knee into Bush's knee while he was down!

I noticed Landry was clapping when he saw Reggie hurt! What a POS

Great game by Fins, but several coaching screw-ups.
BAD ones. The Tebow scramble fake punt, and having Bush in there at the end of the quarter...and why not kneel down with 32 seconds left?

This is just inexcusable for a guy with 15+ years in the NFL.

He's fine

NFL.com gamecenter lists Bush's return as "probable"

Bush is OK.

That fat NT fell on him

Good job WHRB'S

I couldn't tell from this angle....

not ruling it out YG...

justComment not sure yet....

The jets had 2 timeouts that's why u don't kneel down

Bush is ok, Bart Scott plowed his knee into Reggie's. Its more like a stinger than a blown knee. He should be fine to continue playing.

Seemed to me like a pretty good half overall. Just need to put a more sustained pressure on Sanchez.

I did see that. Between landry and scott, these guys are exceptionally shady. Also, dirty sanchez is a lollipop

looked like someones helmet hit his knee

Agree on all your comments. Now I hope the PHINS adjust on offense and defense! Blitz the crap out of Sanchez. He is not that good against the blitz and Sherman needs to get Armstrong more involved!

Momentum slowly turning around...That first Miami possession will be an important one...

Dashi, ALL NT's are fat. LOL

That's why it's a huge bonus to have smart men among our coaches. Adjustments.

Kris I distinctively saw Bart Scott's knee make contact with Reggie's knee. Scott was trying to take Bush out.

Also screw that if we can drop in another Td because a defense fell asleep before the half! Do it!

What about those times we are down at the half.

Phins get the ball. Gotta run and run and run.

Relax on Bush. He's fine.

BTW--We didn't draft Thomas & Miller so Reggie could be the focal point of the office. He's a band aid until the rest of the offense develops.

If Bush is a bandaid, every team should be so lucky. LOL

We have Reggie. Who's the single most dynamic player on our team. Dynamic athletes don't develop, they're born.

Brian Hartline coming back down to earth in a hurry...He can be a good #2 or #3, but not a #1. We can see that today, it's quite obvious...

Agreed they are all fat

Dashi even with the 2 timeouts. Theire was not enough time eft on the clock. They should have taken a knee.

The jets at some point are going to stack the line and force tannehill to make a play...and not a conservative one at that...

"Good job WHRB's"


I don't like to get into it with people BUT I can only take so much from some of these doomsayers. What kind of fans are these??? We FINALLY drafted a QB in the first round that looks like a starting QB & people still complain about every single mistake.

Reggie Bush is NOT a band-aid. I love you fellow phin fan.........but dumb comment

Can't they kneel on it. FFFFFFFFFFF!!!

Looks good so far, let's hope they are the second half team they were last week!

Hartline back to earth because of Revis. Next week we'll see...

I have seen a QB since Brady to get this lucky on avoiding sacks!!!

We have Reggie. Who's the single most dynamic player on our team. Dynamic athletes don't develop, they're born.


Look at the contract Bush signed & look at the contracts Forte, AP, CJ, & McCoy signed okay??? Bush just developed into a legitimate NFL RB last year.

BTW--Wasn't Wake (our most dynamic defensive player) playing in the CFL before we signed him???

Adjustments!!!!!!!!! Let's go Fins!!!!!!!!

Second half. PHINS need to get the ball to Armstrong, Hartline is be double,why not get Bess more involved I don't know! But I just don't see down field pass attempts. Sherman needs to spread the field and let Tannehill pass the f ing ball down field. Look is not like we are going to the playoffs or wining a SB anytime soon. Just let Tannehill pass the ball that's the only way to get him to throw more accurately the long ball!!

Reggie is a BALLER! Ride the Reggie train until the wheels fall off!

What the hell was that


Bad start

This rook needs to stop staring the receiver down.

I calked it Coyle needs to blitz but someone here called me a idiot!! Sanchez can't handle the blitz

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