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Dolphins much healthier than Jets

The Dolphins are relatively healthy. The Jets? Much less so.

Marlon Moore (hamstring) did not practice Friday and is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game between Miami and New York. He's not playing, folks.

The rest of the Miami injury report shows a bunch of dings and dents but nothing that will keep anyone out of the game. All these players are probable:

Kevin Burnett (foot), Anthony Armstrong (hamstring), Richard Marshall (back), Jimmy Wilson (back), Jared Odrick (thumb), Lamar Miller (ankle), Koa Misi (foot), Daniel Thomas (concussion), Jonathan Freeny (thumb).

The Jets have bigger problems.

Tight end Dustin Keller (hamstring) did not practice and is listed as questionable. I doubt he plays. Fourth CB Ellis Lankster (lower back) also missed practice and will be re-evaluated Saturday.

Significantly, linebacker Bryan Thomas (hamstring) and fullback John Conner (knee) are doubtful. For a team bent on running the football and stopping the run, the likelihood neither of these players will be available is a blow.


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Useless fact of the day, John Conner's former main girl works down the street from here at the local jack Astor's bar and grill. She's a smoke show ...

That's where Moore is (injured). Bad news.

Good news is Conner won't play (probably) and neither will the bane of our existence, Dustin Keller. Very good news indeed.

Mark, does Conner have jungle fever?

And he was great in the Terminator movies too, Mark.

Craig, care to revise your prediction now that you see the injury report? That's huge (Conner, Keller). Almost as big as Revis. Really puts us in the driver's seat. I might revise my "close game, 3 points" prediction now.


After seeing and hearing from Philbin thus far. Im beginning to think the difference between ha and Tony Sparano is separating like day and night.

So if this Tannehill thing works out and this team actually begins to turn around. I'll be one of the first to congratulate Ireland. Ive been one of his biggest bashers. All of my venom has just come from being a frustrated fan and tired of seeing my team lose.

I dont bash Ireland just for the sake of bashing. Thje team truns around and just as quickly my feelings towards Ireland will turn around too.

YG, I feel the same. Philbin is a breath of fresh air. A guy with a up-to-date understanding of how to win in the NFL. So refreshing.

Kris from last blog about the Ryan Tannehill offense only meeting: I can only assume it's true. The guy reporting it is hired by the Dolphins themselves on the dolphins.com website to do their show with Sam Madison. He got his info from Rich Gannon who I'm sure has connections as a former player and wouldn't lie about that I can only assume. If that's right and all of this is true I am ecstatic!

Tannehill has balls and already has the leadership mentality to get HIS team together to discuss something that doesn't involve the coaches. I'm sure it's nothing bad about Philbin but it's Tannehill taking charge. GREAT little tidbit to hear.

Heck, in the future I would love to be able to speak of Jeff Ireland in the same light as a Joe Thomas or Bobby Beathard. I dont care who's gm as long as this wretched franchise begins to win and become relevant again.

Im out, you guys have a good day. You to CraigM and Mark In Toronto.


I'll stick with my predicition. I'd be happy to be wrong. Let's see who's right.

My girlfriend is dragging me out to some Turkish family function thing (don't ask) Sunday afternoon, so highly doubtful I'll be able to watch the game. Not sure why I agree to these things but that's the kind of guy I am. I'm sure my kids will enjoy it....and no, neither her nor I are Turkish. No clue what to expect, to be honest.

And just in case she happens to come on here to see what's going on....REALLY looking forward to it, love you hon...xoxo. LOL.

Armando you have 1 too many i's in your title, is your dyslexia kicking in again?

DC, I thought Conner was African American. She's white. If so, I guess so.


I have $500 saying the Jets lose than 8.5 games this year, so I hope this another one of their losses. I fear however they have the edge and will be better prepared.

If you consider that we are usually 2 games out of first place by now, this is already the best season we've had since 2008.


This is not a prediction but I knew if they won last week someone would start with the playoff and superbowl musings and it happened.1-1 is .500 1-2 is a losing team and 2-1 is a winning team.To me this is a gage of where Tannehill is after 3 starts,he won the last but to be elite he first has to dominate the division he plays in I would think.I dont know if I remember an elite QB that didnt play well in his OWN division,but there are ALWAYS exceptions to rules and beliefs.

sounds funny to say but we need to stop Sanchez... i think we will handle the run and tebow.

We beat down dirty and co. without long and bush on jan. 1.

Lets see how they stop someone who knows how to juke a safety with a bad hip.

A NEW BEGINNING.....an OLIVE BRANCH if you will.....

I extend this to ALL the fellow bloggers...even OSCAR.....

In the spirit of FANDOMSHIP.....because of our LOVE for the FINS.....and our UNDYING HATE OF EVERYTHING jets related....

I extend this Olive Branch.....

If your a "MANY ME"....your post are equally as welcomed as any "regular" football poster....in my book.....

Let's ALL talk football....or anything else you desire.....without the heated attacks.....

The biggest one to me is Keller. If he can't go that's huge because he has been a Dolphins killer as of late. Good news indeed.

Yes I would like to have enough confidence in my team to say 'who cares if anyone is injured, we will beat them with everyone they got', but we're not there yet. A little help is good right now. Same thing happened in the 11-5 season. Every team we faced seemed to have some key injury.


I never doubted you.....that's not what I meant....

I am equally as excited as you are about Tanne being a leader......

Does anyone else feel the way that I do, that I have never been more excited to hear a player is out than I am dustin Keller. I hate the jets, and he (the tight end position in general) KILLS us every time we play them. Sanchez and Keller eat us up and cost us games, and because he's out I feel like we have a real chance to go in 3-1 to cincy....
One game at a time, for sure, but I feel hopefull that if we can start the game decent we can finish even better...

And that also I'm lookin for agreement on, that not for years have we had a coach that made good second half adjustments, I can only remember one game in the henne era that we outplayed the second half, and sparano was always beat at halftime at adjustments, which is why I can remember almost every game having leads that we lost in the latter half because of being outcoached...
Any thoughts?

So in addition to the Jet fans there will be a LOT of Gator fans rooting for Tebow and the Jets at the game.

I also extend a " olive branch " let's all real DOLFAN support our team LET'S KICK SOME JETS SUCK SUCK SUCK ASS!!

As far as getting the W's Sanchez is a good QB. He's at his best in the big games and in the 4th quarter.

Kris that's going to last right up until the next loss so possibly Sunday at 4pm. But I'll hope for the best. We are all Dolphins fans and there is no reason to fight among ourselves, save the venom for those stinking Jets fans!

Also 'our opinion is just that', I think it's already safe to say Tannehill isn't elite. Beating the Jets isn't going to change that imo. Just like if he loses I don't believe anyone will be saying he's just mediocre. He's at the start of his career, not too many rookie qbs are elite at this early stage.

As a matter of fact look at all the elite qbs in the league and how they started. Brees, Manning, Brady (they called him a great game manager in that first season!) Favre, Montana, etc. All had mediocre to slow starts but turned out great. Just my worthless two cents :) Hope I didn't misread your post.


Good points on Keller.....

Ray.....i'm with you....

Have a good weekend Phins 79....

Ireland should know better then to call a customer(fan) an A-Hole. Dissapointing how classless he is as well as incompetent.


Didn't mean to make it sound like you doubted me, I didn't think you were either when you mentioned it. Maybe the meeting is nothing because I haven't heard anything else on the subject yet

inimounts you won't get any argument from me, I was just saying the same thing about Keller.

And Philbin is a freaking genius compared to the coaches we have had here recently. His ability to recognize his teams strengths and play to them is awesome. His in game adjustments are , well, new to the Dolphins to tell you the truth. The last coach to make necessary adjustments in game was Shula, maybe Johnson a bit. The rest seemed to come up with one game plan and then look dazed when it didn't work.

It's early and Joe needs time to build the team the way he envisions it. He's going to go through some trials, just like Tannehill. But the key is that we recognize the talent there and be patient with both. I haven't been this excited about our direction in years. So much so that I have accepted the strong possibility of a losing season and am still excited to watch our team grow through it.

I really hope the fans will embrace Joe and his way, the new Dolphins way. And give him some time to get it right.

I'll extend an olive branch to everyone...but KRIS!

Just kidding dude, you know you're my brotha from anotha motha.

Craig, glad to hear you're back in the circuit. I know you were divorced. Happy you got back up on the bull for another shot at the rodeo. Enjoy the Turkish thing with a non-Turk (huh, I guess it's a Canadian thing).

We'll see if I'm a clairvoyant Sunday. If I am, I claiming myself (again) KING OF THIS BLOG!!!

Good evening to all! Odin, all yours, lol.

Philbin is doomed with Irescum as his GM just like Sparano was.

Kris, you too man. Can't WAIT for Sunday.

Phins, they will (give Philbin time to do his thing), or else they risk getting a strong refutation by me (and I don't think they want any of this). Peace Out!

I don't know about that one, Ross didn't dedicate this game to the Gators. LoL.

Fins 24-3.

Dashi Would like to thank mando for his Live blog. That was some good insight.

Im extending an olive branch to all Ive fought and insulted and insulted me. That means EVERYBODY no exclusions.

Heck, Im even extyending an olive branch to Armando, Jeff Ireland, and Steven Ross. LOL...


Philbin seems like a guy thats easy top follow. Unlike Sparano, the players had to be confuse, I was comfused and even wasnt on the team. I believe good things are coming with Philbin.

I'll extend an olive branch to Tony Sparano. Fins 24 Jets 9. Three fistpumps for Sparano!

The possibility of a blackout was a hot topic on talk radio Friday morning. On 790 The Ticket, procession of callers said they did not plan to attend Sunday’s game, and the most-cited reason was displeasure with Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland.

all right Ireland haters, I'm here and I'm ready..

Oscar,SS,Phinmaski, ray etc...Please tell me Jeff Ireland's bad moves the last two years and two years only that he has made, come at me with facts not any of this nonsense that he sucks or the worst GM, give me facts.

moves made by him in the last two years only please!!!

The key to this game is run to set up the pass the jets secondary as strong as any if that doesnt happen please sherman take the training wheels off and let the kid sling it :)

Hey Mando, missed the live chat...how about some notice next time? Some of us aren't glued to a puter screen all day.

Olive branches being passed out? Let's all sing Give Peace a Chance. Just kidding, would be nice not to wade thru so much BS all the time tho.

Darned! I missed all that stuff, and I wanted to ask Arrmando a couple of tough questions.

Usually, when the opponent has the upper hand, all those olive branches come out.

more importantly FZB being a NFL gm is a game of hit and miss what makes the great ones great is they hit more than they miss seems like ireland drafts pretty good but needs work in free agent market dept

There areNO opponents Oscar...we are ALL FIN FANS here....



It is true , Kris(I guess I'm used to the cyber-guerrila). By opponent I must have meant the FO and the ones hailing the olive branches, the fair weather Fans. Ireland has won.

It is of supreme interest how Internet confronts People with the Truth. Most, those that are not crazy, will oblige to It.

Wow!! You go away for a few hours and Armageddon breaks out. An 'olive branch' all around? Geez, I guess if The Eagles can reunite after 'when Hell freezes over', then perhaps there's room for us too.

Clean slate boys, no agendas. As Kris says we're all 'Phins fans, it's ridiculous we're fighting amongst ourselves.

Have a good evening, guys....


AGree @7:06....

go fins kick some Jets ass

Uff! I knew you are not fuc-ed up, Kris.


pressure sanchez and he will make bad decisions because he is not the answer for the jets. starting in usc is the only reason he was drafted as a 1st round pick. he stares recivers down and that will help our weak secondary. we should be able to get to sanchez because there's no reason to worry about the run or lack there of. if the fins execute and continue to play good d we should be fine.

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