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Dolphins much healthier than Jets

The Dolphins are relatively healthy. The Jets? Much less so.

Marlon Moore (hamstring) did not practice Friday and is listed as doubtful for Sunday's game between Miami and New York. He's not playing, folks.

The rest of the Miami injury report shows a bunch of dings and dents but nothing that will keep anyone out of the game. All these players are probable:

Kevin Burnett (foot), Anthony Armstrong (hamstring), Richard Marshall (back), Jimmy Wilson (back), Jared Odrick (thumb), Lamar Miller (ankle), Koa Misi (foot), Daniel Thomas (concussion), Jonathan Freeny (thumb).

The Jets have bigger problems.

Tight end Dustin Keller (hamstring) did not practice and is listed as questionable. I doubt he plays. Fourth CB Ellis Lankster (lower back) also missed practice and will be re-evaluated Saturday.

Significantly, linebacker Bryan Thomas (hamstring) and fullback John Conner (knee) are doubtful. For a team bent on running the football and stopping the run, the likelihood neither of these players will be available is a blow.


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Certainly about Sparano knowing us. And this Game coming up will be our most interesting one this Year. Great Guns!


why don't you tell me in an intelligent lucid manner why you think Ireland is not the right GM for the team and give me facts, also tell me what he has done wrong in the last two years and two years only.

I threw out this question a little while ago and no one has posted anything, I'm still waiting Ireland haters.

no name calling guys, just give me the facts..

if sparano is as bad a oc as a hc, no worries.

Sanchez is basura!


Dashi will bite. U know Dashi likes Ireland, but he isn't perfect. I know u know that. Ur just trying to say he is doing his job better than most.

Dashi says the best in the division the last 4 years. And he is definitely the best the Last 2.

But Dashi will bite for entertainment purpose.

Let's start at the top. The team supposedly has no talent.


Boy, do I love to compete!

Fins 14 Yets 9 (Again, who ever said three fist-pumps for sporono hit it on the nail).

Just Passin By,
Stop Lying!
You've been in here more than anyone else.

As long as we beat these weak a ss Jets I don't care about anything else.

2010. Odrick Rashard John Jerry Nolan Koa misi 2011. Pouncey. Thomas Charles Wilson.... 9 guys made the team Pouncey the only impact player IMO facts speak for the self! The Rest are average players. No play makers so far. 2012. Players so far can't grade yet because they haven't played that much. Potential they have to develop just like the rest of the players he picked And next year they might make the team or get traded. That's not including the rookie free agents. The veterans free agents that he didn't hit on, I don't see much play makers. To be fair to FIRELAND. He hit on three impact players that I see so far! Maybe they will develop maybe not, and remember 2008 2009 JI had his hands in the draft picks too.
You just don't want to accept it, but it's funny he took full responsibility of that, he admitted it on the Joe Rose show in 2009 believe it or not. I'm out GO PHINS!!! Kick some ass!

The Qb situation. Let's hear the Screams We could've had Matt Ryan. Which Dashi thinks is wrong. The Thing is we could've had Flacco With Jake Long.

But Still mistake #1 Mr.Henne. We should've played out with the Veterans we had. Beck and McCown, With Penny when he becomes available. Henne didn't play his rookie season.

Then the Next Year the Fins Go out and Pick Pat White in the 2nd rd. Ahead of even Sean Smith. Because of the WildCat. This with already wasting a 2 the year before.

Yes, that was Parcell but Ireland was a Part of that.

The following 2 years. he did a little better.

Matt Moore Sucks but that was the Best we could get Because Sporano was going to ride and Die with Henne. As Soon as henne took the Drop. Ireland had him on IR. Forcing Little Hands to Play.

This OffSeason He hired a Coach who Knows Offense Not Just O-Line and the Guy has influenced him greatly in the Personnel Decisions. Telling Ireland What he wants in a Football Player.

Philbin hired his Long time Friend and Fellow Offensive Genius M-Shizzle. The Real QB Dashi. Sherman was brought in to consult with Philbin and Ireland on the QB decision. They knew Sherm knew T-Hill but Sherm promised them he will objective.

We did want Peyton, but the Reports were true. Philbin and Sherman weren't gong to switch their Offense for Peyton and Dan never called Peyton. So Peyton went to the highest bidder.

Then came the Flynn decision. They brought him in and Sherman just laughed and told Ireland If u Sign him I will cut him in training Camp. My son in law throws harder than that. Z.Taylor Agreed.

They brought Smith in and Garrard To and Decided talent wise. Not much difference. And San Fran Gave smith his money as soon he got back.

Ireland showed his Patience in not getting desperate and trade up. How everyone had the Fins doing PreDraft!!!! Specially ESPN and NFL network.

We were Able to get T-hill and Not Waste No BIG $$$ on a FA. Shows improvement, but he blew it early.

The RB's. Ireland really screwed it here.

He got rid of Ricky and Ronnie when they got old. And Replaced them with Reggie and Co.

Jeff got rid of the FB we had and signed Polite for nothing the last 4 years. Clay can play FB from time to time. And Now he replaced Sporano's Polite with Sherman's LAne. Horrible Decision.

On the RB's don't give me this we traded 3 picks for D.Thomas. We moved up for Nothing. Use the Infamous Pick Point system by JJ. Ireland did OK. And then on top of that he got the 2nd best RB in that Draft. D.Murray being the Other.

The Pat's wasted 2-2nd rd picks and got alot less in return. Mark Ingram was a 1st rd Pick people said we should've picked. Yet, Thomas Out performed him.

Then this Year, he hits his stride and finds Thighpen and Draft's Miller in the 4th. Miller was rated the 2nd best RB for a While PreDraft.

U can say this is the 1 position where he has earned his keep.

Black, White, Yellow, Red, everybody in the future will be Brown with slanted eyes. You can't stop it.

Posters that havent had....Well, Relations with the oppersite sex in years,

Dashi........................10 Years
Odinseye....................14 years
Phin4Life....................3 YEARS
Aloco......................Still Looking for 32 years
Oscar.......................Score Last Night
DC DUHFAN...................7 Months
Guys feel free to contact us at
(In Capital letters)

I wish. Nahh, the #1 position that Ireland has scored with is RT.

The Wr's.

Ireland And Parcells Got rid of Ginn for Nothing! And Overpaid for Wilford.

Then they trade away 2-2nd rd picks for a Head Case. And give him a Huge Contract.

He missed on a Couple Wr's and TE's. His best Pick as a Wr is Hartline and Bess is his best ACorn. He hasn't hit on 1 FA WR either.

Plus he just Traded away said Headcase. For less than what he got him for. Still got good value for him. But maybe he could've got a 2nd and a 3rd for Marsha. The Bears were Desperate.

On the TE's.

Fasano is only Average. Ireland has drafted Several TE's and None of them seem to Work!!!

U add that with Guys like Graham and Hernandez being good players. Ireland can't tell a TE from a DE.

Clay is a H-Back. So to me he doesn't Count as a TE. He's more of a FB.

If RB was Ireland's Best Job. The Wr's and Te's are his biggest disaster!

Thank you for reminding me of the historey of the team I had forgotten it.

Oscar, Long was picked by Percells.

oscar canosa,
When that happens there will be no more white people. How will we survive?

All of the food in the world is grown by white people. Who will grow the food when there are no more white people?

I don't know, Dumper, I don't know.

Why I hate the Jets and want nothing more than to see a Phins victory this Sunday.

OK, I get it, the #1 position that Ireland has scored with is not RT, but rather, Ryan Tannehill.

to be or not to be .......

The O-Line.

Ireland has done a Good Job here Also. But it took a While.

Jake Long is the Anchor to a Great Line. Great Pick. The only thing Sporano couldn't mess up.

Pouncey is another solid Pick. And Martin seems to be another Worthy investment.

Jerry was a Suspect Pick but Philbin is making it Work. And Incognito was a Solid FA pickup.

That still doesn't take away from the Blowup of the 1st Year. We Get rid of Our Only good Linemen. The Center at the Time. Spend Big on a LG and a Center. They both happen to be injury prone and Garbage.

Then the Next Year he overSpends on a Center Again.

Add that he wasted Multiple Picks on O-Linemen who never panned out. The Trio sucked at picking Linemen. Even Jerry was a Borderline Bust.

Then we Wasted years and Money with Carey and Columbo at RT.

Philbin has come in and fixed the line. But it was looking for a bit like we still had Turmoil with the Line.

By the way Sanchez dating that little minx means he'll be even worse now. Witness the effect of nasty women on high performing men:

1. Abe Lincoln (his crazy wife almost ruined him)
2. Tiger Woods
3. Michael Jordan
4. Dwayne Wade
5. Tony Romo (that fat white trash Jessica Simpson)
6. many others.

Posted by: DANNY WHUERFEL!!! | September 19, 2012 at 03:44 PM

I came across this post, Very funny.
Dashi, Contact us, We can help.


..Since long became a fin player,we lived in the cellar until today,,,,,,,,,

Ok thats the Offensive Side of the Ball.

Ireland has upgraded the talent while he has been here but it's not without a Few Bumps on the Road.

Areed with U FZB. IReland is doing a Good Job, let's just not say he is PErfect.


Also, Fool Coaliton and Dashi are 2 different PEople. Stop contradicting Urself.

Notably enough, there has been a lot of buzz about getting some of the old traditions of the glory days gone by, back into the hearts of old Dolphins fans, like me.

So, why have the end zone’s changed from the Dolphins trademark insignia to just the word MIAMI now? Are you serious? Who’s bright idea was that to change this from what was always in my mind, a true tradition of the cursive style of the team name at both end zone's and now it only show's the city name in all caps now?

It looks ridicules if you ask me. I do realize that the Miami Hurricanes play there also, but this is after all the home of the Miami Dolphins, and after last week's game, when only 300 Hurricanes fans showed up for the game… change it back please.

Phins78 - I agree with your comments about Tannehill, he is not elite now and I don't expect him to be until 2014. He is playing "above average" and that is good enough for me, for now.

Elite is a very high bar that you can only put 5 current NFL QB's in today, Brady, Rodgers, Eli, Big Ben and Brees - although Brees may not even be in that category this year without Sean Peyton. So maybe Flacco replaces Brees in the Top 5 elite category. Maybe Matt Ryan if he wins a couple playoff games this post-season.

I'll take above average for Tannehill or any rookie QB for a year or two.

Hey Direct all ur Ireland HAte and Personnel Matter to FZB.

We have Been in the Cellar because the WHOLE TEAM SUCKS. Not Just the LT.

Also, Really. Dashi is at the Top of Ur List Now. YAWN!!

Actually, my old friend William was up to the task and understood that question thoroughly.

David, In one side of the endzozone it say's Miami, In the other endzone it says Dolphins.
Hope this helps you out.

A Super Bowl win would help... thanks for the info! lol

The Dolphins’ 111-game regular-season streak of avoiding TV blackouts will survive another week.

Granted a 24-hour extension by the NFL, the Dolphins sold the 51,000 tickets required to lift the blackout for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets.

Under a new NFL rule, the Dolphins must sell only 85 percent of non-premium seats for the game to be televised. The team said “good tickets” remain for the game.

Could only sell 51 thousand tickets,OUCH.Against the hated JETS.
I Do hope the fins win., Id hate to not see a game do to not selleng out.
Yes David, A super bowl win would be nice.

OK now,

Let me start with BOYCOTT IS ON...First I'm still waiting for your lucid explanation because all you do is scream at the top of your lungs (TYPING IN CAPS) and you still haven't giving me your reason why you think Ireland is not the right GM for the team.

Ray, Ireland is only responsible for the last two years, Parcells made the decision to pick Odrick, Smith, Misi etc, his first draft produced Pouncey,Thomas ,Clay and Wilson, he didn't have many draft picks, believe it or not it really takes 2-3 years for a draft pick to pan out.

This years draft is an incomplete, Tannehill,Martin look like studs, everybody else gets an incomplete, the point that I've been trying to make is a simple one, yes Ireland was Parcells right hand man but Parcells made all final decisions,you guys act like Parcells was never here, don't even mention the guy.

There is no denying the guy is doing a good job since he took full control of the team.

Dashi man, good breakdown buddy...

Gotta go kids, Play nice tonight.

NFL network reports Jets linebacker Bart Scott had to be seperated from a reporter in the locker room.

Kris you are still a fckin pooosy, thanks for stopping by

I think Armando said it best. Even if the Dolphins fire Ireland there are no proven replacements out there. The older guys like Polian aren't interested in the pressure any more and the proven guys who are good aren't leaving their teams.

So basically you're rolling the dice. Jeffs drafts have graded out near the middle of the pack starting last season. And the jury is still out on this season. And actually his rookies from last year have only played 18 games and can still get better. So it seems that Jeff is better than at least 14 other gms on paper.

My point is as we all would like for it to get better we have no superstar gm in waiting and it could actually get worse. I'm no Ireland apologist but I don't see a better option out there right now. I said the same thing when fans were crushing Huzienga and telling him to sell the team, "be careful what you wish for".

It seems like just about every women sticks her boobs out now.
It didn't used to be like that.
I'm enjoying it.

I don't care who's hurt or not, its the JETS and we're going to stomp a mudhole in their backsides, regardless. I have hated them since O'brien and Gastineau, so screw them! War Reggie catching a ton of passes.

Dr Eiske,
You want to talk about the Jets of the past?
Talk about Greg Buttle. Talk about his club Buttle's on Hempstead Turnpike. I was there. I've lived East Meadow. My children were born there.

Ok... I'll let you do that.

Aloco/Dashi/oscar canosa/Kris,
Thank you for going down on me as often as you do!

Wait... Your kids were born at Buttle's? Was just referencing when my hatred of the Jets began.

Dr Eiske,
Have you ever been to Buttles for real?
Describe Eisenhower. What is Eisenhower?

No I have not. Wasn't trying to give that impression.

Yo developmentally disabled,
My children were not born at Buttles.
They were born in East Meadow at NCMC.

Just open your mouth and close your eyes; okay?

I'll let you know if I need a toothpick!

Posted by: FZB | September 21, 2012 at 08:07 PM

In the interest of the "olive branch" I'm taking a pass at your most benevolent, thought offer to "bring it", as concerns JI's job performance.
Dashi did a pretty fine job, though i believe the point could be made that poor salary management the past 3 years crippled the Fins ability to get quality FA's.
This MUST be considered when evaluating JI's performance.
Far as I'm concerned though, if Martin, Tannehill and Jamar Miller blossom into more than just ordinary, I'll consider this draft a HUGE success.

With a ton of picks next year, and some cap room (all teams will have increased cap room, however) Jeff MUST produce, both in the draft, (stud TE, WR) and with a FA corner or strong safety.
That. and his people skills need to improve. he's not exactly a great representative for the organization at times.

For a good while there, this here blog was quite the thing.
Enjoy the game!


Sorry, meant thoughtful offer.

I hope you homers are enjoying your week off.

Raiders are in the bottom 5 worst teams in the league.

Miami is in the bottom 6.

It will be back to normal come Monday morning.


That 3 oclock live blog was one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen here. And I don't have to tell you guys, you all know we've seen some pretty pathetic things here.

The most disturbing thing by Far is Armando and the obviously false statements he made. Once again he tried that weak stuff about, "Define A Troll". He's done that before and any of you regulars that are still here no this. It's his own special little way of letting you guys know that his "Good Thang(on the side)" his "Special Friend" that racks up blog hits is going to continue to have free reign.

He was posting under Danny Whurfel today-BTW. Check out his posts during the live blog. Of all the things he was here for, racking up hits was the most obvious. Just for your info, it's none other than Pricemaster, Lincoln Continental, and many others as of late. ALoco, oscar and all the way back to the Cuban Menace. Before of course he busted himself so many times forgeting his sign in and "talking to self" to the point of no one even buying it any longer.

But thats not even the issue. The **MAIN GIVE AWAY**. The PROOF that Armando and his "Good Thang" on the side will put quanity over quality EVERYTIME when it comes to getting Blog Bragging Rights over Cote, Jackson and Beasley.

Side Note: Ole "Good Thang" ain't going to deliver you bragging rights over Darlington at least-ROTFLMAO!

You guys missed it. Just like "Good Thang" keeps busting himself here, Armando did today - BIG TIME!

He comes on here and insults all of you guys and your intelligence, buy AGAIN insinuating that there Aren't Trolls here and that it's not a Problem. OK, and a "Yeah Right" Armando. Define a Troll My A ss.

Why didn't anyone ask Armando to explain this cute little conundrum: Armando comes on here and tells you YG/DB never uses any aliases. Ok, sure Bud!

But then why in the next breath was Armando and Danny "Good Thang" Whurfel telling us that Armando is way to busy to see all the posts? If he's way too bust to see all the posts, then how can he, with any confidence or good conscience tell us that YG/DB never uses alases.

Which is it Armando? You can't have it both ways. It's obvious that you can't check all the posts. OK, but why then would you state unequivocally that you can vouch for YG? You guys can believe what you want. It's obvious to me that he was just attempting to protect "Good Thang" and another of his aliases.

He's to busy to check enough posts to realize we have a Rodent Troll Problem. But he's not to busy to come on the live blog, Off The Cuff No Less and state as a fact that YG/DB doesn't use aliases?

Come on you guys! You can't see right through that? You can't see the problems this raises and the obvious implications?

I think you need to ask Armando for a slightly better explanation than the one offered at 2:52 PM, Sept. 21.

When Armando was asked about the Troll problem during the Live Blog today, he did the exact same thing he's done in the past. He asked the Blogger(Craig M)to define Troll.

He went on to explain whats "In Bounds and Out of Bounds" and insinuated Craig M(and other long time faithful bloggers)were whinning about basically nothing. And that **THEY** should send **HIM** an E-Mail to report when a Troll(or just another ordinary blogger, according to Armando)crosses the line.

He also explained that he's way to busy to follow what all goes on here. He said He and the Herald were "Doing their best" in keeping it clean. But that it was IMPOSSIBLE to police the place.

Thats all fine and dandy. Except, how then, COULD HE POSSIBLY come to the defense today of a Blogger being accused of using multiple sign in names/impostoring people/and just generally screwing the place up with bullshyt posts aimed solely at antagonizing and inciting strife?

Armando was simply WAY to quick to defend said blogger, considering he simultaneously was claiming that it was impossible to monitor said blogger.

Hmmmmmmmmmm............seems to me like "SOMEBODY" just got caught trying to have his cake and eat it too. It's pretty obvious to me that these two statements are "Mutually Exclusive". You just can't have it both ways on this particular issue.

As Armando likes to say, let that sink in for a minute. Then..........YOU be the JUDGE!

Just curious Mr. Jack "Good Thang" Swallows, any witty comments on the above?

Yeah, didn't think so - LOL ;)

I wish Boycott is on would boycott these blogs. He does nothing but damage to the Dolphins with his hate campaign. If they do blackout games it will be because of sorry fans like him.

You guys want more proof?

Armando SUPPOSEDLY watches the blog close enough to CLAIM YG/DB doesn't use alases.

But he doesn't watch close enough to see his BOYFRIEND using aliases, impostoring people and straight up forgetting to switch his sign in name back and forth-Yet Again.

Anybody that doesn't see right through this stupid crap is a bigger Dolt than these two. I'm not trolling BTW, this is just MY OPINION of you and your Blog Hit Buddy ;)

Dr Eiske,

You want to talk about the Jets of the past?
Talk about Greg Buttle. Talk about his club Buttle's on Hempstead Turnpike. I was there. I've lived East Meadow. My children were born there.

Posted by: DumperPumper | September 22, 2012 at 01:15 AM

Aloco/Dashi/oscar canosa/Kris,
Thank you for going down on me as often as you do!

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:23 AM

Wait... Your kids were born at Buttle's? Was just referencing when my hatred of the Jets began.

Posted by: Dr Eiske | September 22, 2012 at 01:25 AM

Yo developmentally disabled,
My children were not born at Buttles.
They were born in East Meadow at NCMC.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:40 AM

Just open your mouth and close your eyes; okay?

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:41 AM

Yesterday Armando asks posters to DEFINE a Troll and claims to follow the blog closely enough to say definitively that "CERTAIN POSTERS" don't use aliases.

Yet in the next breath he claims he doesn't see things like the above and if this Troll really does **EXIST** we should report him through an E-Mail.

And what do you know? Only hours later, more of the same old garbage! Multiple sign in names, Trolling, and Sexually Offensive Gay Innuendo. Maybe this should be E-Mailed to Armando(Right, like it's done any good in the past)?

"Dumper Pumper" is talking to Dr. Eiske and tells him he lived in East Meadows.

Then "Lincoln Continental" thanks some fellow bloggers for going down on him.

Then he forgets to change his name back to "Dumper Pumper" and answers Dr. Eiske:

Yo developmentally disabled,
My children were not born at Buttles.
They were born in East Meadow at NCMC.

Posted by: LincolnContinental | September 22, 2012 at 01:40 AM

Then of course, he posts more sexually offensive garbage about BJ's BEFORE realizing his mistake.

It's pretty amazing to me how Armando can tell you at a moments notice that a specific poster isn't trolling around with aliases.

But he "SOMEHOW" NEVER manages to see this guy CONSTANTLY dragging the place down into the sewer?

I guess the Bragging Rights over Cote, Jackson and Beaseley are pretty important. More important than you decent and intelligent long time posters anyways.

Psssssssssssssfpt! If I'm wrong guys, explain it any other way.

I don't think we are tied for first place in the AFC East. I think we are tied for last place.

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