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Dolphins pounding Oakland 21-10 heading to fourth

Reggie Bush, one of the smallest Dolphins, has put the team on his back and his carrying them as well as the football.

Bush clicked off TD runs of 21 yards and 65 yards in the third quarter to give the Dolphins their current 21-10 advantage.

Can the Dolphins hold on?

Let's see as the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Jake Long: Lock it down bro

I bet the Fins blow it.

Time for Sherman to step up.

He's getting Tanny killed and doing nothing to slow down the Rush!

You ever miss Havana, Mandy?

4th qtr baby. Let's keep rolling. Are we the same conservative team of years past or do we stay aggressive and take this thing?

We're starting to cramp up. Lets hope the Raiders go easy on us.

Hey simpletons,

Half a Jake Long's better than half the LT's in this league. Be very careful what you wish for. Good thing the fo doesnt share your opinions. We're already void of enough offensive talent.

This could get ugly. Raiders look like their on a roll. Lets not be delusional about this. We still suck.

long was shoved back into tanne on that play too

Listen haters. When my team does well I cheer. When they do poorly I get POd. Not sure why you can't be happy. Letting pride get in the way? Your opinion get in the way? Have a good time boys! It's football sunday and the Miami Dolphins are winning, enjoy it!

What the hell is wrong with Long?! It looks like that "minor" knee injury is a heckuva lot worse than they said.

Armando. Thanks for the blog. This is always great fun.

Coyles D ain't doing bad. The refs gave them a rank TD.

Shermie needs to step up.

There you go Shermie.

SEE YG, did you see it? You can go deep and get a call!

hartline is a stud

Yesterdays Gone,

Yes Long is a top 10 LT. But it's very up for debate if he is still a top 5 LT, let alone top 3. His agent will command Joe Thomas money (13 mil a year). Would you pay that to Long?


Love that shoulder shrug fake Tannehill gave, gotta see more of that, he has the arm to go long, utilize it!

Thank you bio!!!

I don't think Reggies leading the league in rushing.


Long pick a bust. not debatable. picked # 2. could have had ryan

I guess it's a new day. We're staying aggressive!

yes depp. We have to at least show it.
Hartline...what a catch!!

yes mando thanks!! great fun

Sorry, meant deep.
But with Thiggy or Moore.

Tannehill making Hartline look like Jordy Nelson

Hartline is the best WR in the history of the league.

The Raiders blitz and played off behind that. Bad scheme.

Tanny needs a little touch on those. It will come.

No more hanging on Phin Fans! It is a new day!!!!

Tannehill getting in rythm with the "rollout passes".


Hartline has been the unsung heroe. Nine recetions for 110 yards. He is very underrated. This is for all of the Hartline bashers.

now....1st down DEEP to hartline.

Hartline 9 catches 112 yards



Finally, Tannmehill's 1st nfl td pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fasano is not garbage!!!!

Disagree, Hartline CAN beat them deep.

Tannehill is putting on a clinic. Best rookie since Ted Ginn and his fam.

W00T!! First pass TD for the Rookie~

Even Anthony Fasano is scoring today. You know times are good.


Tannehill needs to adjust some more to the speed of the game, he's just a tad late....but, not a single tipped pass this game. Improvement, I like what I see so far

red zone TE, eh Armando?

I will now retire the "Fasucko" name.

; )

Even the Gumpy Fasano gets in!

Is that a TD for Tannehill?

Where's the Homer Trolls now baby!

Where you at?

Mike Vick 1 mil a pick lol

Tannehill!! Miami dolphins putting a beating on Oakland! Tannehill looking good! Especially cause he actually has time to throw the ball!

You have to give credit for the effort of the players this second half.

Maybe not great, but better.

Nice drive by Tanne. I got give the rookie credit. It looks like Philbin is going to ge his first NFL win. It will be hard to mess this one up. Bring on the Jets!


Lumbering! haha. Even Harlan can see what we have at TE. We're lucky Fasano didn't drop it.
Sherman awakens from nap mid 3rd quarter to help ignite Fins Offense.
A byline you'll never see. LOL

Miami is pounding Oakland like a $20 truck stop hooker!!! Go Dolphins!!!!

Can you trust Mitt Romney? Afterall, a man who claims to wear magic underwear isn't exactly living on Planet Earth.

What a great Sunday so far. Patriots are getting handled by the Cardinals, Phins winning .. Steak night

Hartline bashers need to stop. He's not elite but he IS good. solid 2nd WR and quicker than most think.

Let it be known: Dan Marino's first touchdown pass? To a TE against the Raiders.

T-hill's first touchdown pass? To a TE against the Raiders.

Good to see them staying aggressive! Good to see them putting their foot on the the raiders neck!


Look at the improvement Tannehill has made from last week. I think we've FINALLY found a QB.

And the haters are still hating. Keep it coming you grumpy old men. It's rejuvinating to hear. Love it!

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