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Dolphins pounding Oakland 21-10 heading to fourth

Reggie Bush, one of the smallest Dolphins, has put the team on his back and his carrying them as well as the football.

Bush clicked off TD runs of 21 yards and 65 yards in the third quarter to give the Dolphins their current 21-10 advantage.

Can the Dolphins hold on?

Let's see as the live blog continues in the comments section.


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Can you guys can all the political nonsense. Besides didn't Obama dis the Dolphins a few weeks back about Hard Knocks. GTFOH.

INT and let's go for 42!!!

throw to the end zone to hartline

First Interception!

w00t pick! finally a TO

Gronk with the td...dang

I don't care that it is oakland. A WIN is a WIN!!

This team needed some success for confidence!!!

Rashad Jones with a pick!!!

A pick by our safety? WOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

throw deep just for fun. go for 42 points. send a message to the jets

YES! Jones!

About TIME!

Yes Armando I remember the feeling. Almost as faint as my first kiss but still alive in my mind lol.

Counts as a sack in the stat column, guess we'll take it.

Oh baby interception! Where has this been! Livin' la vida loca

Uh huh.

This team is well coached.

Well conditioned.

Just give it time we will get better.

Didn't Dashi say Sherman calls it down the middle. M-$hizzle unleashed the O this week!

one more td!!

lets see lane get a couple

Told you keep the faith support your TEAM!

New England is two minutes away from losinf

yes let Lane pound one

Wow an interception by the dolphins. All of the stars have aligned now.

Maybe the dolphins are not as bad as we all thought. We have a weak schedule this year so you never know. If Tannehill keeps improving this year, then maybe we can be this year's Bengals.

Good call taking out Bush. No need to risk injuring our best offensive player with game well in hand!!!!!!!!


get bush in the ice bath

Seems like 500yds rushing. Great job by rb's and oline.

i remember fire ireleant. 6-3

Over 250yds rushing. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope we never get rid of lamar miller

Miller Time!

He should a stayed in bounds but who cares. he got the first!

Mando, remember?
Not really, certainly not this early in the season...and at HOME.

Inimounts...yeppers, B-C not exactly Alabama, and in fact we suffered some bad injuries in that game. UM loses money on these games, no fans in the seats. Shalala's insistent attempts at PC.

Mando, I hope the fans...and players don't get over-confident.
Be well, everyone.

1pm games and an aggreassive team! Recipe for wins.

I'm out. It's been fun dudes.

Go fins!!

all bow down to the great tim couch

Ima: I do love going to games there tho. Bit of a drive, but I've been to alot of stadiums and that is by far the best tailgate field and atmosphere...

When was the last time with 2mins left we could say the game was a lock and werent talking about the opposing offense? Again, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fins rulue

let Lane carry from HB position so he can get up a head of speed and punish someone

DMC less than 40yrds? lol

Should let Matt Moore close this one out!

Mr Miller looks pretty good too!!!

why the hell hasn't that obama peson been banned from in here today

Finally, Lane.
Biocentric, yes on the 1Pm. Aggressive?
Yes, but not until we had a substantial lead.
If we were playing a good team, we can't wait. We have to make plays early.

Filling up a stadium
Is important an I'm not a fan of shalala at all but they have to get swagger back, and even with empty seats they are still one of a few national brands with great tv contract and now nd will wake up and join acc which catches me by surprise. I thought they would join big ten.

game balls:


Cant bel;ieve Im saying this:

Hartline was a beast today! 9 catches 111yds, WOW!!!!!

Gentlemen, check out Gabbert's numbers against Houston. Ick.

Woody Harrelson gets a bath!

Kick an FG I need fantasy points!

There 1 TD was off of an obvious hold! It was so blatant the replacement refs should be replaced. That would never happen witn the real refs. Their actual score would've been 6

dish I told you Henne will be Jax starter by game 5

Dolphins Win! Patriots Lose! Next Pitt needs to beat Jets1 Complete the trifecta.

Coach got da bafff!!


Maybe we get the happy troll names this week?

Only thing u can say is they need to do it again

I Respectfully disagree IMA. Our new style of O makes us aggressive all game every game. Just need the right play calls to the right players and as the year goes on, maybe we figure it out.



Arizona fumbled!!!

Hey, we're tied for first in the division!!! 😉

Inimounts, this may not be of much interest to most here.

Gotta say though, that we'd have 50k in the seats playing FIU.
Shalala is giving our money away to schools like B-C.
A $400,000 payout to a school tat got to Davie via BUS?

Ima is right, we were way too conservative for a game and a half

good call by patriot games to keep track of this game instead of his own teams 'guarenteed lock'
The very least this win will do is give the team and fans a lift in confidence and help the coaches get the players to buy into their philosophy and schemes etc.

well done coach philbin and the team!!!!

Biocentric, sorry, I was referring to our DEFENSE, who sat back for nearly an entire half, and part of the 3rd quarter.
Have a great week, look forward to next week.

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