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Dolphins pounding Oakland 21-10 heading to fourth

Reggie Bush, one of the smallest Dolphins, has put the team on his back and his carrying them as well as the football.

Bush clicked off TD runs of 21 yards and 65 yards in the third quarter to give the Dolphins their current 21-10 advantage.

Can the Dolphins hold on?

Let's see as the live blog continues in the comments section.


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How do
U fumble there. How. Don't understand. The patriots should be 1-1.....hard to take.

oh crap, Arizona giving it away, or GAVE it away?

NE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game dedicated to the haters, nay-sayers and self proclaimed experts that continue to trash this team.

Eat crow or STFU!!!!!

patriots missed it lol!!

What's so funny about that is that they had time to get closee

The Fins Win and can be in 1st if the Steelers beat the Jets.

Trust in Philbin!!

Oh joy, oh rapture.,
Not sure I can handle all this goodness.
I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.

hate the Steelers and their favorite son status with the NFL, but today they are MY team if they can put it to the Jets.

As far as the Fins, I still wish we'd use more of Nolan's tactics...hide the blitz, bring the corners up once in a while.
We still play like every throw against us is going tone a deep ball.
Palmer in the grasp, but gets away. Got to improve there.

Still, 35 points! Some excellent, crucial stops.
Tanny played like a vet most of the game.

Fins!!!! is it the 1st time in 4 years we're at least 1-1?

grate game Dolphins. Lane only got a few touches but can he ever move the stack. did ja see that block he through for Bush? He's a cover!

Oops, he's a comer!

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