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Dolphins sign defensive tackle Fluellen

The Dolphins have signed defensive tackle Andre Fluellen, a former Florida State product who was cut recently the by Detroit Lions.

Fluellen, 6-2 and 302 pounds, had been with the Lions since being their third-round draft pick in the 2008 draft.

The signing was confirmed by Fluellen's agent Jerrold Colton on twitter.

Fluellen will fill the roster spot previously taken by Ryan Baker. Baker was waived Tuesday afternoon.

Fluellen is promising if for no other reason than he was caught in a numbers game in Detroit, who had Nick Fairley, Ndamukong Suh and others.


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A push, this can only be a positive move. Baker was a PS player so maybe this guy can do a little bit more. Either way: looks like Ireland is hard at work after his a**hole comment

I just dont want jets to sign baker

I think Ireland should come to this blog too. He'd quickly find out there are a lot a**holes on this blog too.

What about cornerbacks???

go finssssssssss

Craig, why dont you shut the f___ up and get out of here a__clown. Seriously no one likes you either. Get lost LOL


You think this was Ireland's idea? I bet this is Coach Philbin's who watched film of Fluellen as the Packers' O.C.


Likewise pal....do we need to count the people that can't stand you and your other aliases? I don't remember it being YOUR blog. Maybe you should go somewhere else...

Castoffs from the Lions?? YIKES!!

Craig, please leave and dont come back.

I think Ireland should come to this blog too. He'd quickly find out there are a lot a**holes on this blog too.

Posted by: Craig M | September 18, 2012 at 08:12 PM

You being the biggest one! Everyone knows this considering your primary mailing address is in Ireland's a88hole.

BTW, do you think you can repeat "this blog too" anymore? It isn't redundant enough saying it twice in only 2 sentences.

If ya like Ireland you have to be a Jests fan.


Can we have an Update on his playing Status?

Is Philbin Starting to bench him in Practice?

Is Armstrong Healthy and ready?

so far these people are in first place for the title of stupid bloggers of the day.

Zonk..too bad you were my fav player

special mention-ray

what's up Dashi !!!!!

man, how do you deal with all the clowns on this blog?

I just read through the last blog.

Craig M, holy crap man! How much is Ireland paying you?
You are either on his payroll or his lover. Which is it?

Also, your egotistical, condescending, lecturing, know it all schtick is so played out & boring. Do you Canadians know how to change it up? Do Or is slow & dull all you know?

You're like a menopausal woman EVERY DAY in here! Show of hands guys? How many of you wanted this? How many of you can't give credit? If you guys had your way that! You're always wrong! I was right! Typical fans! Jet fan trolls.


You are the ULTIMATE Monday Morning QB homer! Do you really think the majority of LOGICAL FANS SCREAM HOORAY Ireland has given us 1 winning season out of 4? Let's throw the dude a parade!!!


so far these people are in first place for the title of stupid bloggers of the day.

Zonk..too bad you were my fav player

special mention-ray

Posted by: FZB | September 18, 2012 at 09:08 PM

Please add FZb & craig M.

Notice how Craig M opens his yapper & gets ripped on then FZB shows up to mock them?


Captain Obvious,

Thanks for dropping in and saying hello. Just expressing my opinions in an open forum. Last I heard they hadn't made that a crime yet, have they? Not positive why you have to go the insult route like everyone else but my guess is you have many different aliases.

Trying putting your ACTUAL name to something and then you might have a little more credibility.

Troll central tonight, with nobody having anything of any value to offer. Out for the night....freaks!

You never insult? LMAO that's all you do!

Firstly, you insult our intelligence every day with your friggin annoying Ireland propaganda parade every day!

Secondly, you try to mock anyone who disagrees with you! You call everyone a troll or a Jet fan or if this fan base had it's way blah blah blah

You are a complete & hypocritical fool. You'd best be advised to pipe down. Not because it's illegal, but, to spare you further embarrasment.

And you know your still here. Stop pretending!

You know you are gonna keep posting even though you supposedly left.

Have the forum to yourself. Thats what you want. A place you can spill your sewage to simple minded losers who couldn't see reality if it sat on their face & wiggled

Have at it know it all!

FluEllen was a perfect match for JR, no?


Predictably FZB left & craig M reappears. Craig M then leaves & now both are gone.

Coincidence? I think not! 1 blog troll identified!


ANOTHER 'acorn'?!

I say Ireland's job should be at stake based on EACH player he brings in. If it doens't improve the team, then he is making moves to keep busy and using cap space.

Since when has this blog become a daycare center? Jeesh---kids---kids now play nice!!!

Craig, seriously, how are you still here and operating, you are a joke on this blog. No one cares about you. I would rather be a flip flop than a loser a__clown like you LOL

Captain Obvious, or whatever you wish to be called, before you rip other people I have an idea....

Try posting something relevent to this blog. (If you DID and I missed it, I sincerely apologize.

I don't understand why people come on these blogs and don't talk about football? (BTW, save your name-calling as I won't respond to any posts that aren't football related.)

(P.S. I have a feeling that you are actually "The Coalition against the Coalition" or something like that because you post "Buuwaahaha" at the end. It doesn't help your credibility, if you are seeking any.)

FZB U just have to avoid the Troll. Which he apparently has gotten a liking of U.

But the majority of people here have good football conversations. The Real Fin Fans

Put it this Way if U are on the Most Hated list here U are usually a Good Poster.

Craig M
Yesterday's Gone
and Many others.(Saw U made the list one time, FZB)

Names to Avoid

and his 1001 Alias.

Don't Worry U can tell. If ur name starts appearing with CORNY one liners. Or U Get In a Back and Forth who Starts every post with ur Stupid or Some Homophobic Innuendo's(Again, Odin just Goes off on a Rant when U Start it Monkey Boy)


Does the use of the phrase "A_ _ Clown qualify on your list too or is 'Yesterday's Gone' just having a bad day?

FZB = Dashi

Are you trying to call me oscar dashi because I really dont appreciate such a negative comment. Your another joke to this blog, get lost LOL

Anyways....back to football!!!

I have a question to ask the bloggers:

Since most of us (myself included) want Ireland gone, he has to be replaced.

Who is out there that is qualified for the job?

Actually, Yesterday...He put you on the "good poster" list.

I do like dashis compliment, I regret calling him a loser poster now LOL not

So, no DB and no WR? I like Hartline, but do we really think he can do that every game? If I was Baker I'd stop answering the phone to spare further embarrassment.

BTW, Not accepting answers like:

"My Mother"
"A monkey throwing darts at a dartboard"
"One of us serious bloggers"

ALTHOUGH, those probably WOULD be upgrades! lol

Thanks for the heads-up Dashi, I'll make sure to remember those names..

In case you guys were wondering Craig M and I are not the same person but we both agree that Ireland's is getting a bad rap and most of you clowns are too stupid to see it...It's that simple.

from my point of view it really won't make a difference to try even reason with you guys because it really is impossible to reason with little children...

Craig M does have a little more patience than me, I read his posts as well as yours and it amazes me how little knowledge you guys have..my advice to you guys is this ,try to use your brains every once in a while..

Did Jeff know Winslow was available?

Hi guys, I'm guessing Fluellen was drafted by Matt Millen. Another Ireland acorn here. Ireland is feeling the heat if he responds to a fan at the game. Sorry, not good for him to do with his position. Very unprofessional

Winslow-not an acorn

I follpw the Lions and Fluellen was in the 8 man rotation of a pretty good defensive line in 2011. He also made some plays. He IS an upgrade.

Fluellen will lead us to the SB


Dashi Likes the word As_Clown. I Use it all the Time.

Now YG and Most of us Here are On Edge Most the Time, Because of the Troll. We all are ready to fight in this Blog. No Punks here. HA HA



He is a Regular at Cote's Blog. The Man is a Good Poster with Real Good Knowledge and Commentary. But Dashi Guess we all just like to insult one another here.


We all know they can only be 1 DASHI.

ONLY 1 Person who is that full of Himself (Isn't that what U say Troll)

NOBODY COMPARES. (OR Has Dashi's Schtick Down)


Go back to this Morning. Dashi drops Manifesto's of Football knowledge.

Not 1001 corny one line Post.

He may be good LOU and I hope you are right. Just not sure why we keep adding guys to our deepest position

Just another acorn! Reject that take-up cap space. It would of been kind of excited to hear them say that they tried out Winslow Plaxico and maybe give one of the boys a shot, but that's just wishful thinking.

Only Ireland would draft a WR from a division 2 school, who can't run routes, just because he is fast. He will never find us a Mike Wallace. And only Ross would give a guy like Ireland 50 million dollars to play with, plus a ton of high draft picks.

Too late. Pats signed Winslow lol


thanks for the kind words, maybe I should tell these guys why I support Ireland and what I know of what went on behind the scenes between Parcells and the Dolphins?

I don't think they would believe me anyways..

ray, I'm still waiting to find out how old you are...

FZB and Craig M are absolutely correct. The record of the Dolphins the past few years are irrelevant. The win over the powerhouse Oakland team is definitive proof that Jeff Ireland is a personnel genius. His chess master moves are so far over the head of posters on this board, national sports writers, and other NFL p it is no wonder they are too stupid to understand them. But FZB and Craig M get it. And you are right, FZB, Craig M is not only smart but he is patient with all of the mentally inferior posters here who find fault with Jeff Ireland. Mark my words, when Jeff Ireland gets around to drafting or signing some receivers, cornerbacks, pass rushers and tight ends the Dolphins will be a perennial powerhouse.

Ireland's republican Army, that's funny...you know the old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me..

See the asss troll had nothing to do tonight but impersonate me and fight with other bloggers.

If I ran into Irescum I'd be a lot nastier then that fan lol


I remember you riding my a zz not long ago for posting all my displeasure with Ireland. Now you're going against him? What changed for you? Some people are showing Ireland support, so you think it "Blog Hit Economics" to just go against him now? And you call YG a Flip Flopper? At least he flip flops his opinons because he doesn't know any better. You seem to flip flop for the sake of Effing with people.

Jcb says:

How did Ireland get us Tannehill when Sherman was his coach?

-Huh? Ireland did his job! Thats how! He didn't pull the "Holier Than Thou" Crap. He listened to his new Coaches and coordinators and pulled the trigger.

I'm sure, for Blog Hits sake, you'd like to revise history and spin it to fit your latest antagonisms. But you can't. Instant FAIL-Brah!

Irelands career was on the line and he's the responsible officer in charge. He did what any good GM does. He delegated the responsibility, took Philbin and Sherman's opinions to heart and made a TOUGH DECISION. IRELAND drafted Tannehill no. 8 overall and there's NOTHING you can do to change this fact. Oh Broder-ROTFLMAO ;)

The only reason why we even have Reggie Bush is because he was the only RB on the trading block and we were desperate.

-Wrong again, as usual. Virtually all GM's will tell you, EVERYBODY is on the block at any given time. All it takes is for the price to be right. There were almost a Zillion Running Backs on the block. Only one Reggie Bush though and truth be told, Ireland pulled off a COUP in getting him for a 5th rounder.

For future reference, when trying to dis Ireland, you'll do alot better leaving Reggie out of the conversation-Dimwit-LOL!

Lamar Miller was a no brainer when you are trying to win over fans from the "U".

-I laughed so hard at the ignorance in this statement.....I almost puked-LOL ;)

Ross, Ireland and Philbin could give a rats a ss about winning over U fans. They're trying to make the playoffs. Miller was ANYTHING but a no brainer. 31 other GM's and Coaches passed over him almost a HUNDRED TIMES before Ireland pulled off what appears to be yet another coup. Miller came with too much baggage to even list and Ireland was taking a big chance.

The facts might not get in the way of you're **ATTEMPTS** to re-write history.......BUT I WILL SWEETIE!

Don't look now, but so far, Ireland NAILED IT-AGAIN!

Smart people know the Raiders secondary has been awful for,years.

-Bhwaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa! This one is so irrelevent, no response required-LOL ;)

Gates is a bust and so is injury prone Daniel Thomas. And we traded up for those guys.

We didn't trade up for Gates Bro. We used a 4th round flyer and used it on an area of need. Nobody is perfect, especially not YOU-LOL!

Fire Ireland, give someone else a shot.
And Sherman is responsible for Lane, not Ireland.

Posted by: Jcb | September 18, 2012 at 08:02 PM

-Keep clicking your heels Dorothy! Sherman is a coordinator. He coaches and calls plays. He does NOT sign players-PERIOD!

Lane and Sherman's recommendation is just ANOTHER inadvertant ENDORSEMENT of how well Ireland has been doing since starting to work with Philbin on this re-build. Ireland has swallowed his pride and kept his ego in check. The cold hard fact is, **SINCE** bringing in the new Coaching Staff, Ireland has been doing a pretty damn decent job. As evidenced by peeks of Hard Knocks, he's listening to Philbin, he's working with people and ultinately, he's doing pretty good job of getting this team turned around!

Thanks........but ah.............NO!

Likewise pal....do we need to count the people that can't stand you and your other aliases? I don't remember it being YOUR blog. Maybe you should go somewhere else...

Posted by: Craig M | September 18, 2012 at 08:43 PM


You and some others have told me not to respond to certain "Types" shall we say. Well, I'm asking you to do the same.

I think YG's case is......."Special"......shall we say. I'll give you an example.

The other night, many posters here were calling YG names and flat out commenting that he uses multiple aliases.

I didn't call him any names, I didn't accuse him of ANYTHING, let alone using aliases. I pointed out to him what the others were saying and accuasing him of. I even urged him to respond and set the record straight?

Do you know what he did? He had a big ole hissy fit, called me all kinds of names and then told me how dumb I was-LOL.

I typed REAL SLOW for him, explained my post and asked him to apologize for the childish name calling. I even mentioned how long I've talked with him here and told him I personally was hoping the things OTHERS were saying weren't true.

All to no avail. So in my book, this guy isn't any better than ALoco, Cuban Menace, Jack Swallows and Lincoln Continental.

Until he Mans Up and apologizes for his childish behavior with me, I'm through with him.

Maybe you should consider the same.


The guy from Hawaii Greg Salas should be scooped up. I'd bet he's way better as a project than keeping a worthless Naanee

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