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Dolphins sign defensive tackle Fluellen

The Dolphins have signed defensive tackle Andre Fluellen, a former Florida State product who was cut recently the by Detroit Lions.

Fluellen, 6-2 and 302 pounds, had been with the Lions since being their third-round draft pick in the 2008 draft.

The signing was confirmed by Fluellen's agent Jerrold Colton on twitter.

Fluellen will fill the roster spot previously taken by Ryan Baker. Baker was waived Tuesday afternoon.

Fluellen is promising if for no other reason than he was caught in a numbers game in Detroit, who had Nick Fairley, Ndamukong Suh and others.


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Even Jenny's on the Block!

Odin, why should i apologize to you, you are nothing more than a worthless dolt who thinks they know everything about the Dolphins. I called you out because someone needs to stick up for this blog and prove how stupid you really are. Why cant you just get lost like the rest of the pathetic trolls on this blog. I only diss the people that deserve it and now you are one of them. Why dont you just stop trying to act smart and accept how stupid you are. You are just like craig, stupid, a homer and a worthless poster to this blog LOL

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Posted by: The 411 | September 18, 2012 at 08:58 PM

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Fluellen might just be onto something.

Detroit has not two, but 3 of the best DT's in the NFL.

Has anybody actually googled him or checked out any scouting reports?

I love Tony McDaniels and Kheeston Randall. But a 4-3 defense can never have enough good DT's.

Instead of just blathering away like an idiot here, I think I'll do a little research.


Coalition @10:36 and 10:50

2 Great Points.

Ireland is Doing his Job and is Working as a Team with the Coaching staff. Also, Sherman and Coyle give their Input on their side of the Ball. Only Right. Philbin is a smart man. He will listen to others and make the best decision off of that. Not just what he thinks.

U saw on HardKnocks when they were trading Grandma's Boy. Ireland spoke with Philbin who then had a Meeting with his coaches and then he went back to Ireland and Said Ok, Just do ur thing.

Sherman probably wasn't going to take the Attitude and Philbin Certainly Looks like the Type He doesn't want Bad Teammate Type players. Chad isn't a bad teammate, he's just an AS!Clown. Philbin doesn't mind a Laugh(Member PenisHead, He's our backup Center). He just doesn't like the Attitude.

The Marsha's, Braylon Edwards, T.O., Winslow, V.Davis, Etc. Etc.

On the 2nd Point.

Ur right about YG, He's not a Troll, but he certainly ain't acting like a Man. Dashi was there the Other Day, I was the One Calling him the Troll and his Aliases. Yet, U stood up for him and Dashi apologized.

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Else Ur just like Oscar and His Aliases. No Heart, No Testicular Fortitude.

Jets 27 Dullfins 10

Excuse me for saying we traded up for Gates. He still sucks BROTHER and was a dumb pick. Yo momma runs better routes than him.
Who cares if he swallowed his pride, he still sucks at drafting.
U remind of people on the First 48 who kill people, then be like, my bad... I didnt mean it...
Guess what? U still go to jail.
If it was up to Philbin and Sherman, Ireland would be gone. They only tolerate them.
Everyone is right about Odin, he always refers to GAY references. I bet u think Sandusky is cool to hang with.

Odin, why should i apologize to you, you are nothing more than a worthless dolt who thinks they know everything about the Dolphins. I called you out because someone needs to stick up for this blog and prove how stupid you really are. Why cant you just get lost like the rest of the pathetic trolls on this blog. I only diss the people that deserve it and now you are one of them. Why dont you just stop trying to act smart and accept how stupid you are. You are just like craig, stupid, a homer and a worthless poster to this blog LOL

Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 18, 2012 at 10:59 PM

ROTFLMAO! This is the worst YG impersonation I've ever seen.

Back to the drawing board on this one man. Better yet, just stick to "Jack Swallows" it's way more **REALISTIC**.

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We should give the team of Ireland/Philbin time to gel because we dont want Carl Petersen running this show.

The Most I can get out of this Signing. Is that they were replacing John Baker. This Guy Might not even be activated every Week. Unless McDaniels is Injured that game.

He gives good Depth. In the Sense that we are Loaded at DT. We have 5 DT's, not 4, and Odrick Plays inside most downs. So that's really 6, but he's listed at DE.

Next Year McDaniels is looking More Expendable.

I guess sure up what U can When U can. It's not a Move meant to have an Impact on GameDay. It's Just meant to complete the Position.

Like We all know We need 1 DE. Not a Depth DE, but a Playmaker one.

The Same Goes with the WR and Safety Position. Our Depth Shows in our Special Teams! We have a lot of Good 4,5,6 Wr's and DB's. But No Impact #1's.

A All-Pro Safety is Dearly needed. A Ed Reed Type. A 1st rd Pick Safety!! When was the last time we had 1 of those? Louis Oliver? Brock Marion was a FA from Dallas.

A good Safety covers a CB's Mistake and a LB's. They Produce Impact Plays. Int's, Fumbles, SAcks, Hard Hits to break up Passes.

Name ED Reed's Corners? Or Polamalu's? And Those are 2 great franchise's at Drafting their own players. Yet they don't have any Corners.

When Tampa was Tampa. John Lynch! Or Brian Dawkins with the Eagles!

Look how those Secondary still haven't recovered.

Excuse me for saying we traded up for Gates. He still sucks BROTHER and was a dumb pick. Yo momma runs better routes than him.
Who cares if he swallowed his pride, he still sucks at drafting.
U remind of people on the First 48 who kill people, then be like, my bad... I didnt mean it...
Guess what? U still go to jail.
If it was up to Philbin and Sherman, Ireland would be gone. They only tolerate them.
Everyone is right about Odin, he always refers to GAY references. I bet u think Sandusky is cool to hang with.

Posted by: Jcb | September 18, 2012 at 11:46 PM

So what you're saying is basically "Uh-Uh". Nice! Way to back up your theories with well thought out opinions and ideas. Lets see if I'm getting it straight. Sucks-sucks and something about a TV show?

Way to rebut my proposition-ROTFLMAO!

Ok, now that we got your trollish shallow gibberish out of the way, lets say we actually address some Football FACTS: Shall We?

I didn't like Ireland since his arrival here. I continued not liking him, right up till just about now. But looking at him objectively, he has caught my attention as of late.

Last year Ireland was still working with SpOrano and drafting for the pound and ground offense and the 3-4 defense. Despite this, he still got us a great center in Pouncey who looks to be on his way to the Pro-Bowl.

He also got us Jimmy Wilson and Charles Clay. Both heavy contributors with a ton of upside. Even though he was drafting for different systems, it really wasn't good enough. A little saving grace, he also landed us Reggie Bush. 1000 yard rusher whose off to his best start ever. Luckily enough he fits our new system perfectly and helps Ireland's first solo Draft and Off Season.

Summation: Pouncey, Bush, Wilson and Clay. Not great by any means. But going moving forward, it turned out pretty damn good.

This year he lands us our First Franchise QB since Marino. A Day One Starter No Less! Something no other GM was able to do for **US** in the past decade. Tannehill's a Baller. He's already familiar with the system, the Coaches and is showing MUCHO improvements week to week. Nuff said!

Next Ireland gets us a right tackle that is quickly looking like the next 10 year answer. He was called weak and got off to a shaky Pre Season. But Ireland picked a good one because the kid is obviously a hard worker as well as a good player. This is evidence by how much he's already improved and how well he's played these past FEW weeks.

I hope you didn't Freeze your Crow-LOL.

That brings up another Ireland pick in John Jerry. Martin and Jerry have got it together so well, we're 2nd in rushing. Not only that, neither have given up a sack when it's counted. One of our biggest team needs and Ireland nailed it. Colombo and Carey who? 4 years of O-Line Guru and it's Ireland who finally solidifies it for the next 5 to 10 years.

Do you like your Crow Grilled-ROTFLMAO?

Vernon is next. He's earned his playing time and has played well. Sets the edge, applies pressure and now he's becoming a special teams monster! He comnpletely DESTROYED Kendall Hunter on that return! If or when the sacks start coming, you're going to have to have an extra helping of Crow-lol!

Then it's Miller time! Ireland takes a 4th round flyer on a Rookie that debuts with 10 carries for 65 yards and THE game clinching TD. What more could you ask of Ireland's 4th round pick? He's averaging a whooping 6.5 yards a carry(chunk yards by a RB's standard)and scoring TD's Too.

In all honesty Homer, I hope you have a HUGE appetite ;)

Ireland then finds an acorn. A SLEEPER if you will, in Kheeston Randall. He earned his playing time. Showed consistency in Pre season as well as the regular season. He's more than held his own as evidenced by our run D being ranked amongst the best in the league. You can't stress enough how much this guy helps us out now and in the long run. GREAT 7th round pick(By Ireland)here.

You got the ole grill warming up already don't you?

If thats not enough, then consider the undrafted free agent pick ups! Sleepers, Acorns, whatever you like, they're ballers. Ireland brought us DE Derrick Shelby. He's shown nothing but progress, earned his playing time and made the most of his limited opportunities. Shelby sets the edge, gets after the passer and makes plays. He already has tackles, hurries, pressures and a pass defensed(batted down)in very limited playing time. Like Late rounder Randall, you can't fathom the amount of help this "Find" gives our team now and in the future. These guys will be saving us draft picks as well. You know it.

Caw-Caw! Caw Caaaaaaaaaaaaw - LOL ;)

Then there is Javorski Lane! Lane is a Man-Beast and knows how to play ball. He knows the blocking schemes in this offenase whether pass or run. He also has a gret pair of hands and can get up the field after the catch. Pretty smart how many quality guys Ireland brought in, that ALREADY knows our offense!

So you see Troll Bait, when you babble simpleton stuff like "Uh-huh's" and "This sucks and That Sucks" you're really just proving how childish and uninformed you are(That means Stupid, If you're still confused-lol-Duh).

Oh yeah, and accusing everyone of doing what it is that you yourself ACTUALLY does, nah......that doesn't get it either. You know, like when you made the gay innuendos and then turned right around and tried to blame me? Sorry man, it's pitiful. Matter of fact, I'm still not sure which was worse. Your Sandusky comments(very cadish)or the "Mom Jokes"(very immature)-lol.

The point is Monkey Boy, the next time you want to have a serious Football Talk. You better skip it Skeeter! Your "Huh-uhs" and your "Is too.....is nots" MENTALITY will you get you smoked everytime. Your intelligence level is the epitome of the Old, Proverbial "Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight"

I don't know what else to say, other than maybe:

Bam-Bam! Pow-Pow! BOTH Barrels Mutha Fvcka!!!!


Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


I am NOT kidding you guys.

This post got blocked 8 times. None of those 8 times were because of profanity, race or religion either. After the third time I had to type in the anti-spam code too. 4 times in a row. Then on the final try, with a new E-Mail account, it didn't even ask????

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........I guess that means I can just about bet it'll be deleted(by WE know who)by morning.

That was freaking Hilarious(and aggravating). The first one I lost altogether and had to retype from memory. Then I had to redo it 7 more times. Then finally I had to use My Favorite Hotties E-Mail account.

This is freaking ridiculous. Unless this is the topic of Armando's next article or Blog, there's no excuse good enough.

I forgot to mention above how Ireland has also whipped our cap situation back into shape as well.

WTF-Did Armando or his "Good Thang" not want to acknowledge that Jeff Ireland has seemed to turn a corner as well?

No way man, the "Monkey's" rather talk about Ireland calling some idiot an A-Hole.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Random Thoughts...

I'm still not convinced the Fins win many games but with the stout DEF vs the run and being able to run so well thus far they may be more competitive than many(including my own skeptical yet hopeful self)think.

Tannehill will have to continue to grow his thrwoing arsenal. Only the Raiders will watch that same play 8-10 times to Hartline without making adjustments. In fact I may open with a look of going to Hartline on an out only to have him take his route up the sideline...coupled with a nice pump fake they make get a film studying DB anxious to get a pick 6.

I sure hope Reggie holds up. He is a joy to watch and I am glad he is a Fin. Really taking on the persona of a 1st round pick. The Saints may end up scratching their heads long term. Reggie is much better than the infamous 10 yard burst back Ingram that so many pined for.

WR X 2, S, CB, TE are all draft needs for 2013. Assuming he is with us, let's hope Ireland can stumble onto a few draft studs to gain traction in these areas of need.

Getting a win now versus the hated rival Jets would be epic. The infighting would be dramatic in NYC. I know the Jets will play hard to try to earn the victory for Jets OC Tony Sparano but hopefully we can hang an L on them.


Nice post rob,about time someone did not attack another poser here.Still read all of YOUR posts.Way to keep your image above Bro.



Nice to hear from you. This is Odin. I have to use this sign in or the troll imperonates me(Sigh)


How do you feel about Ireland post Parcells?

How about since Philbin, the WCO and the 4-3?

How about the Cap Situation for 2013?

Have your initial impressions changed much?

Fluellen should breakout of his shell with MIAMI HE NEVER GOT A CHANCE WITH THE LIONS - he was very dominant at FLA ST. DEPTHWISE with Mcdaniel coming back soon we are looking very good on the DL. Maybe we can do a major trade here befores its to late for cb and or wr and also use daniel thomas as potential trade bait. . We will be able to beat the jets if TANNEHILL CAN KEEP ROLLING HOWEVER BE VERY VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL TO REMIND HIM NOT TO THROW INTERCEPTIONS VIA JETS. IWOUL ALSO LIKE TO SEE PLAY ACTION WITH JAVOORSKI BREAKING OFF FLAT UP SCREENS FOR THE FIRST TIME. OUR DEFENSIVE LINE IS ALIVE AND SANCHEZ WILL HAVE BIG PROBLEMS-TEEBOW IS FADING AWAY AND SPARANO IS A PHILOSOPHICAL LOSER WITH THE WRONG GAMEPLAN MIAMI Wins this one as the Fla. Sun will be in full effect. MIAMI 38 JETS 16 in yet another mild surprise. When REGGIE SAID HE WANTED TO LEAD THE LEAGUE IN RUSHING HE KNEW SOMETHING MOST PEOPLE DIDNT- Dedication to strength trainining and increasing leg workouts just like the USC DAYS. THIS IS REGGIES SECRET ON HOW AND WHY HE IS BACK TO HIS COLLEGE SUPER HERO STATUS-watch him steal more headlines as the defense shines and Lamar Miller joins the fun... If the dolphins cut Nanee maybe they can track down a quality wr still out there

As mainly a back up Fluellen avg'ed 10 tackles and about a half of a sack a season.

I wonder if this move means McDaniels injury is expected to keep him out for an extended period of time?

I hope not. I like McDaniels being in the rotation.

On a brighter side for Fluellen, there are some very good and even great DT's in front of him in Detroit. Not that it matters much, but he was one of the finals cuts made to get the Lions down to 53.

It just occured to me that the guy who heckled Ireland wasn't an A sshole.

The guy was a sniveling little Be-atch. Seriously.

Think about it. When the guy tried to anger Ireland, Ireland called him a name and went about his business. Ireland didn't wait until after the game all call the papers or the radio stations. Ireland didn't get a Security Guard and have the guy ejected from the venue.

But thats not how the sniveling little be-atch played it. He started some shyt and got called a name. Touche'. All is fair in love and war.

I myself would have been happy enough with that. But not this punl. He starts some shyt. Gets called a name. Then after the game he goes about whinning and crying to anybody and everybody that would listen.

That would be like me going over to DC Dolphins house and starting shyt. The after DC pops me in the nose, I go an call the police like a Be-atch!

Huh-huh! If I'm gonna start some shyt, I'm going to be prepared to deal with the circumstances on my own.

Would you go crying to anybody and everybody that'll listen after you were the one that started stuff to begin with?

Takie Ireland and our biases out of the equation and be Honest?


Posted by: Yesterday'sGone | September 18, 2012 at 07:46 PM


Aren't you suppose to use your ALOCO alias when writing in ALL CAPS.....being a troll on this board who uses multiple sign-in names and attacks posters with childish insults is one thing....BEING A LAZY troll is quite another another....

Were not gonna stand for it.....keep your alias's...and their PERSONA's straight....

we (the blog) deserve as much....


We will continue to disagree on this one...and this will be my last comment on it.....

The FAN was @ a leisure sporting event....

Ireland was @ work......his office if you will......

Who do you think has the responsibility to remain professional in the situation.....

Certainly you have typed WAY WORSE about Ireland right heere on this blog...probably most of us have....

Ireland must have heard worse in his time as a LOSING DM in the NFL.....he has a responsibility to himself and the organization to remain professional....

The SAM as he expects...DEMANDS from his players....

Karlos Dansby, Koa Misi and Kevin Burnett have allowed 24 of 34 passes thrown against them to be completed against them for 335 yards, according to Pro Football Focus. Dansby has yielded 159, most by far among NFL linebackers.?. fat bum.


It was not me fighting with CraigM lastnight. It was troll oscar and his 1001 aliases.

You guys should know when Im here I dont spend the entire time fighting without seeing football posts intertwined. The imposter "ONLY" fights(TROLLS). He has no football knowledge.

You guys can be so gullible at times.

Kris maybe you have no intention but why do your posts always sound like you are so full of yourself?

Maybe this guy is just better than Baker???? Seems logical when the Jets are going to have to try to run the ball.

Worry that Sanchez is going to eat our secondary up. This group is missing a major piece.

Go Dolphins!! And could we please find a vet WR to help Hartline and Bess.

Fluellen to me seems to be a d-line rotational move. A guy that possibly comes in and gives 10-15 plays a game resting a starter. Playing hurry-up on offense we need as many fresh bodies as we can get on the field on defense.

Obviously this coaching staff feels Fluellen's un upgrade to Ryan Baker in executing that task.

Cant believe it, 8:00 clockish and oscar has nothing better to do than hijack my screen name. LOL

Kris, that's OSCAR(1001 troll) who just posted to you.

This guy should be better then baker he was garbage a role player maybe this guy turns out better

Kris now OSCAR posts in response to my response, isnt he suppose to be drunk on his floor. What woke you up troll, the thrill of a blog? LOL


Dont you have anything else to do than respond to yourself troll let us talk! LOL

Yesterdays's Gone has left the building. Im now OSCAR(TROLL 1001). LOL

Fluellen is news?

oscar why are you such a troll that you have to troll my name, now I have to switch mine dick

Really a DT, have they not noticed the lack of WR & CB talent on this team. Come on now....

Cant we all just get along?

slow fat lb's who can't cover and db's who should be washing cars and the penis with glaxxes gets a dt.

The childish personal attacks are really boring and a wage of our time.

The team is 1-1 and heading into a huge game against a division rival. Stop attacking each other and Ireland.

I want to discuss ideas on how the coaching staff will beat the JETS!

IF our running game and run defense hold up we should win. Protecting THill and guarding Holmes will also be keys to success. I worry most about our CBs. I think rolling THill out of the pocket is a must....they love to blitz.


Got it...and it makes sense....

To: OC Sherman
From: DC, the Armchair Coach

So, you started something with the back shoulder out to Hartline. This week, he'll be going up against Revis Island. We'll need to tweak that some. Here's a suggestion:

Start the game going to your strength, same play. Ensure Revis isn't looking before you do, or he will jump the play. If the play is executed well, call it a few more times. Once you're noticing Revis trying to anticipate the play, call it again, but this time.....Hartline make a double-move, Tannehill pump fakes the back shoulder out, then throws a rainbow over a faked-out Revis, to a wide open Hartline for a TD.

You're welcome, no charge.


Oscar has gone off of the deep end. Since he hijacked my screen name I hijacked his. Just added (1001), those are his aliases.

Now when he hijacks my screen name he'll omly be hijacking himself. OSCAR(1001) LOL


Jeff Ireland for President!


This is YG. I love that in this offense the qb is allowed to change the play at the line according to the defensive set. Im also looking forward to Armstrong beginning to play against the Jets. We need his deep threat ability to open the passing game more for our other recievers.

Dont look for the passing game to be a carbon copy of last week's(Thill/Hartline regularity). This coaching staff seems to be much brighter than that. The wco is a mismatch concept offense. They'll watch Jet tape this week and find what thier best matchup advantage is and exploit it the way they exploited the Raiders last week. This is what I believe.

Hey YG, good analysis. I agree that's what they'll do, because unlike the last crowd, they understand how to put their team in the best position to win in this league.

I'm starting blame Kris, I'm getting into the 11-5 mind state! D*mn You Kris!

Last Jet game I went to it was like a home game for THEM. 60-70% of the crowd were Jet fans.


I also believe if Armstrong plays, Hartline and Armstrong can keep Cromartie/Revis busy. That will open up things for Bess/Fasano/Clay. Fasano/Clay just need to hang onto the ball. It will also open up pass catching opportunities for the rb's.

Fasano/Clay could be the ones with big days Sunday if they just hang onto the ball. Bess could have 5-7 catches too. IMO, it all predicates on Armstrong making his Fins debut.


These guys are liabilities because they just don't cover well.


These guys seem better in pass cover but are still inconsistent and not close to elite.

Yes DC,

This new coaching staff seems to get. Absolutely boggled my mind Sunday to actually see "HALFTIME" adjustments made on both sides of the ball.

Its been a long long time since Ive seen that happen in Miami. LOL


I am HIGHLY excited for the signing of Fluellen...

NOT because I know a great deal about him...as a matter of fact...I know nothing of him....

I am not expecting him to come here and be a pro-bowler....

But I do believe that....for the reason Armando said...there is reason for hope...


Even with your named pass coverage liabities. Im picking Dolphins 27 Wets 3. I dont wanna disappoint Sparano, so Im giving him "1 fistpumper". LOL

Fins 17
Jets 16



I believe the Fluellen move is a d-line rotational move only. You wanna keep fresh d-linemen rotating in and out of the game.

Its one of those ninja type moves. You dont really know its there until the damage has already been done.

Mark Sanchez is a loser. Period. The Jets are too stupid--for now--to play Tebow.

Fins 17
Jets 16

Sanchez -- 15/32 for 180, 1 TD, 3 INTs
250 pound winner Tebow watches helplessly from the sidelines.


Looking at our remaining schedule, I don't see any games we should lose. Allowing for a few bad games and bad calls by the refs, I'm going to go with...


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