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Dolphins sign defensive tackle Fluellen

The Dolphins have signed defensive tackle Andre Fluellen, a former Florida State product who was cut recently the by Detroit Lions.

Fluellen, 6-2 and 302 pounds, had been with the Lions since being their third-round draft pick in the 2008 draft.

The signing was confirmed by Fluellen's agent Jerrold Colton on twitter.

Fluellen will fill the roster spot previously taken by Ryan Baker. Baker was waived Tuesday afternoon.

Fluellen is promising if for no other reason than he was caught in a numbers game in Detroit, who had Nick Fairley, Ndamukong Suh and others.


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Don't want to rush the season but knowing our big weaknesses at WR-CB-S-LBs-TE I just cant help looking forward to the draft.

Having picks 1-2-2-3-3-4 should allow us to fill these holes without breaking the bank in free agency. Which would enable us to sign Bush-Long-Starks and possibly Smith if he finally proves he can be a shut down corner.

BTW....the holes we have doesn't mean I think Ireland is an AHole. I think THill-Lane-Martin-Miller were all good picks. Sticking with Jerry shows they Canberra patient and allow young talent to develop. That's why I am not ready to call Egnew a bust. He has the size and spleen to be a good TE....I hope he grows on the practice squad. Also need to see Clay develop as a steady pass threat. His blocking has been solid....except for the missed block that lead to Thomas' concussion.

no sax 4 wake yet huh? and all that $$$$.

If Chad Henne can beat the Jests throwing under 100 yards than I have faith that Tannehill will perform fine. This is another good test for him. To go from a poor defense to one that is going to try and run Tannehill out of the league. Smart and fierce and they're going to throw a ton of different looks at him. This will be a nice game to judge Tannehill's progress because I think we'll see more INTs than TDs from him. If we lose I want to see how Tannehill reacts going into this next stretch of poor defenses. But I'd love to see a win; it's always fun beating the Jests. Especially living in NJ having to deal with the worst/dumbest fans in the NFL

Im not getting all crazy and jumping on the 11-5 bandwagon until I see:

1. A consistent pass rush develop
2. Armstrong become that needed deepthreat
3. Get more consistent production from the te position
4. A more consistent secaondary.

Until these things begin to consistently happen. Even bad teams will still be in the game with us. That means the game could go "either way".

Either way means a 6-10 to 8-8 2012 win-loss record at best.


Just let it be. If he wants to troll ur name let him do it.

It's part of his disorder(DID).

It's what u say under ur name that matters. Not who post under it.

U see even when he imitates the Dashi it almost looks realistic now. Even almost has the Name Shtick Down.

Like how do U know Coalition=Coalition=Odin. Not just cause of the Length of the Post, but the Quality. Odin Actually talks Football. Oscar and His Boys(Truth,Lincoln,Jack,Etc. Etc.) just Talk. Never Nothing Constructive.


Now On to Football.

If T-Hill Gets No Pass Deflected(He has to be Perfect right) and No Int's this game is a Success. Well Really just No Picks. All U JEts fan KNOW, THE JETS HAVE NO PASS RUSH.

Why Else Call For a Pick 6?

T-Hill is Not Chad Henne, MAtt Moore, Or MARK SANCHEZ!

Tell me when this Year? Or Even In College He Threw a Pick 6? Don't remember seeing him throw 1 yet.

The JETS are Special!

Get Off the Crack! FOOL!

Dashi Expects alot of Screens This Week(Reason we didn't touch it alot with the raiders). 1st Play of the Game Screen to Lane on Revis Side(If he Plays). Bring the Pain!!!!! Lane is the Kind of guy u Block for because u can release ur block at the end and he just hurts them. He almost outweighs Revis by 100 lbs. Believe me he Hits Revis and they are taking him out in a Stretcher. Rex Ryan Knows this and Is thinking is it Worth playing Revis? Risking his Career So Quick?

Now will T-Hill get his ball intercepted if he throws to Naanee? More than Likely! BENCH NAANEE!! Specially this week. All 3 Passes Intercepted during the Texans game were going To Naanee!!

Hopefully the Secret Weapon gets Some Catches. Bess will get his. And the RB's become a big part of this ofeense this week in the passing game. Biggest Mismatch our RB's vs The Jet's LB's and Safety's!

Our D should have a Great Game. Who do the Jets have on Offense? Running Game? Wr's? Te's? O-Line? QB? OC? The Jets Offense Doesn't scare me. Sporano doesn't Scare Me. HE's done more than enough Losing at Sunlife.

I agree @ 10:00....keep the D-line fresh...


When I feel a need to bash someone, I want them to know its me(YG). Not a fake "off-the-ender" Oscar troll screen name hijacker.


2 watt I told you undersized, overrated CFL Wake is figured out, done, and should not have been given that money.

I told you all this last summer.

Either way means a 6-10 to 8-8 2012 win-loss record at best.
Posted by: OSCAR(TROLL 1001) | September 19, 2012 at 10:11 AM

Hey hey hey now we're getting there Oscar or YG!? Someone else is starting to get off the 0-16 train and realize we're just bad/average and not awful


This is YG. Oscar trolled my screen name yesterday and lastnight, even this morning. to go on an attacking spree. "Those guys" all 1001 of them have finally gone off of the deep end of no return. LOL

I have an IQ of 135. Nobody in the Dolphins front office comes close to this number. Jason Cole confirmed this fact for me several years ago. Even though I have a day job and I'm just a football fan, several things I have pointed out--which one would have thought would be obvious--have come true, to the detriment of the team.

One example is Cam Wake. Dude has heart. I love his heart, but we should NOT have given him that money. Dude is a gym rat, much like Zach Thomas. He's "naturally" undersized. Not his fault, but he has to be a beast in the weight room to "bulk up" to 250 (for Thomas it was more like 225). He has the muscular build of a body builder. He's earned it, but the sad truth is he is undersized at his position and now he's figured out. He relies on speed, but he's a liability against the run and if they double him he gets no sacks. He was not worth the money we gave him.

To a 130 IQ guy, it's kind of obvious, just watching the game for 37 years and knowing how the human body works.

Do you follow me?

Zach Thomas and Cam Wake -- 2 great "heart" guys who are beasts in the weight room out of necessity because they have to be just to get up to 250 or 225 as the case may be. They are underdized at their position and can always be made to be a nonfactor at crunch time.

This was always true of Zach Thomas and all those defenses during his prime were overrated and could not get off the field when it mattered.

It was a mistake to give Wake the money.

YG, when you type "LOL" after every post, you look like a girl.

Jeff George,

Totally disagree about Wake. He's "EARNED" the money. he gets doybled, chipped, and held. It's the other pass rushers who are not taking advantage of all the attention offenses have to give to Cam Wake.

Did you say your IQ was 135? Maybe it should have been 136. You missed something. LOL

Jeff George says his IQ is 135. He's right:

1+3+5 = 8 LOL...

Oscar(Jeff George),

?????????????????????? LOL...

If we had one more Cam Wake the pass rush would be virtually unstoppable.


I hijacked your screen name. Im going to make you look "SMART" today. I appologize if it makes a "dummie" like you feel tortured. LOL...

Ryan Tannehill is very tall. The following QBs are similarly tall:

Ben Roethlisberger
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning

Reggie Bush is the Michael Jordan of football.

I want to say this about Cam Wake...the replacement refs suck. I didn't even bother to count the number of times that Wake was held by the Raiders O-line.

I think Wake's sack numbers are meaningless until they get some professional zebras back on the field.

All of this year's stats should have an * next to them.

Stupid me. I thought Fluellen was J.R.'s wife.

Wake is a stud....hope to have every player playing with his motor. Work ethic is great. Never a problem off the field. If Odrick and Olivier could match Wake's effort we would have a dominant front line.

Heisman winners rule.


I found your brain. It's picketing outside of Piggly Wiggly's grocers with a sign that reads: "Won't Work For Nothing".


Also spotted your brain running the Boston Marathon backwards because it thought the race would be a shorter distance. It was, your brain covered minus 26 miles.

I am a forty plus year Dolphins fan and I don't understand why we haven't picked a proven receiver
such as Plaxico. Hartline is solid, Bess is solid,
the other side is suspect (NAANEE). And also we can
do better than #24, he gets beat every game. He is
going to hurt us at a crucial time in a ball game.
I have played and coach football, I don't see any
progress at those two positions.

I am surprised at the number of illiterate and unintelligent people on this blog. Can't you put a sentence together without insulting someone else? That is usually a sign of insecurity. Lets keep it civil and stop being such idiots. Say something intellingent without showing you stupidity and intelectualincompetence.

all the people that fight back and forth with each other they are the TROLL's of the blog ... They come on here thinking they know everything about football, and when another TROLL jumps on them and says they don't know what they are talking about and know nothing about the game. they get all pissy and upset and the name calling starts up cause they realize they are stupid,illiterate and unintelligent and totally insecure about it .. they act like little kids .. why can't they just read they blog, make a comment on it, and maybe disagree with a person without name calling and taking things personal.. you wanna know why? cause they don't have a life. and have probably never been to a dolphin game , and are probably wondering why the running back just don't run around the group of players on the middle of the field instead of just running around them... LOL

correcton --->and are probably wondering why the running back just don't run around the group of players on the middle of the field instead of just running through them... LOL

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