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Dolphins start 2012 season with a blowout loss

HOUSTON -- There was lots of post-play skullduggery and multiple shoving matches today betwen the Dolphins and Texans.But in the thing that mattered, namely the score, the Dolphins simply were out of their weight class.

The Texans did what everyone pretty much expected them to do: They trounced the Dolphins 30-10.

Ryan Tannehill's debut performance as Miami's quarterback was forgettable. He threw three interceptions. Not good that it happened. Not good in the way it happened -- with two of them coming on passes deflected at the line of scrimmage.

That was something we saw in the preseason and obviously has not been addressed.

The Dolphins made too many mistakes to win this or any game. Good teams lose the turnover statistic 4-0 and they typically lose. Bad teams have that happen and they get blown away.

The Dolphins got blown away.

Marcus Thigpen played well. Reggie Bush played hard and accounted for 115 total yards. Brian Hartline shined late. Davone Bess is a gamer. That was it, folks.



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one of many to come Im sure!!!

you guys need to stop this is a rookie qb and rookie coach they should grow together if you not with the team there are 31 other teams out there. I am not happy with this team either but hang in with them and see what happens. some of you want sb all the time most of you were not even born or watch miami the last time they were in a sb. The great marino brought us how many SB but I still watch evert year disappointed after every year

You finally going to write the article calling Ross a buffoon and Ireland a complete failure in talent evaluation?
If not now, when?

I predicted 30-13 texans...miami shouldve helped me out with a field goal in at least one of their many stalled drives!!!

different year ... same story. Couldn't get in the endzone last year with Moore/Henne and can't do it again this year.

Given the Texans are a top 4 team in the AFC let's see how the team does over the next 5 weeks against Oak, StLouis & Ariz. Realistically this team could be 3-3 at the bye. Anything less than that and Ross should be getting a new GM

19 college QB starts and the almighty talent evaluation skills of FIRELAND shine true again.

Whew. A really poor display of a pro football team. tannehill looked ok. Just ok. 1st NFL start BTW fans. What I cannot overlook is we still can't cover the TE, & how was it possible to forget all-world receiver Andre Johnson was on the opponents team? Are you kidding me? On one completion Jimmy Wilson had him in man coverage. I saw it. Obviously Matt Schaub saw it. Licked his chops & threw another completion. Simply inexcusable.

So thats the answer then...build this team to compete against teams with the many flaws we suffer here and be OKAY with it*lol*...yea, this team is NOT good enough to be considered a favorite against any team at this point....

This is what we are goi g to see all Season long...

I'm actually ok with the way Tannehill played given it was his rookie start. He looks like he has the tools - now just a matter of does he improve and learn from his mistakes.

At least I picked the Texans in my suicide pool and half the other folks picked the Eagles. Vick has 4 ints and the Browns are on upset alert

Maybe someone should have told Tannehill that the DL is allowed to jump and knockdown balls. No one told him after the first one or the second, third and fourth.
How many times a game does a good QB get his passes tipped at the line? like Brady, Mannings, Rodgers, etc

you know why tannehill was not prepared to see defensive lineman batting balls with their hands in the air? because miami defensive linemen didn't practice this technique, i didn't see ONE of our front four get their hands in the air at all vs. the texans, and if their not using this technique during a real game that counts, you can bet your A** they are not doing it in practice. what's really sad is that even after the texans linemen were creating errant throws, pressure, and interceptions by something as easy as raising their hands, miami coaches and players STILL did NOT raise a single hand... and even though i had blogged the importance of this before the game, NOBODY with in the organization made this a talking point... they should NOT have to be told by bloggers about things like this... wow.

I saw a couple of nice things but its quite evident that for this team to win games they got to play lights-out otherwise they'll lose...not enough talent here

Things that troubled me about Tannehill:

1. Whatever's causing him to have so many ball batted at the line has to be corrected immediately.

2. Too many times inside the 15yd line not to score not 1 td.

The Coaching staff: Offense

Bush should have been feature more in the passing attack earlier in the game. I wont mention need for better recievers because we all know this.


WTH, was Carrol and Wilson doing with one on one coverage of Andre Johnson? Our best db's are challenged with this.

Matty Shuab's a veteeran qb, soon as he sees Johnson in one on one coverage against 2nd and 3rd tier db's. that's exactly where the ball's going.

These are the most glaring of issues I saw today.

Talent is even across the League. Coaching makes the difference now.

Here comes the stupid, let me guess, Tannehill should be benched ? Anyone see Blaine Gabbert did well today ? Anyone see how the guy was lambasted after his rookie season last year ? Anyone know Peyton Manning was a int machine as a rookie ? Please step away from the ledge.

Texans are a top 3 overall nfl defense. Thier a handful for even top 5 nfl qb's, let alone a rookie like Tannehill. We'll be pretty deep into the season before we face a nfl defense even close to as good.

However, the Texans did expose where we need the greatest improvements.


Redskins SHOCKED the world....UPSET of the day belongs to them....

It's already been suggested by the Head Coach that a measuring stick will be; are we playing better at the end of the season than at the beginning. That tells me thatthis is going to be a long season which will be measured in a way that will nt reflect in wins or losses but will we finish strong. Like the song says...the Dolphins make me cry.

give them a chance for christs sake, they played well in patches against a very good and well established team!!! yes there are some lessons that need learning very quickly, and some work to do on tannehill but the new era is a few months old and this is how you act ffs!!

No EXCUSES from the SKins fan base today....

Leave that to us....we'll make excuses from NOW til Sunday....

Top 5 day...balh....blah..blah,,,

Rookie QB...blah, blah...blah....

Just left BWW and couldn't get home quick enough to get my jersey off. What an embarrassment to be a Dolphins fan. I'm scared I may never see the Dolphins be completive in my life time. Thanks Dolphins for giving all other fans someone to laugh at.

I saw a lot more things to feel good about than bad about.

- The DEF played a lot better.
- No really bad dropped passes.
- Tanny still needs some work. These tipped passes and accuracy issues caused a ton of stopped drives.
- Special teams as usual was solid.
- I did see some big running lanes today.
- Take away those 3 turn-overs with 5 minutes left in the 1st half it is a different ball game.

I'll look to the positives.

Once again Armando shows he has no perspective. Yes Tanehill looked overmatched and those batted balls have to be corrected..but the defense played strong. They gave six points in 2nd half..foster had 80 yards but on 25 carries. Seconday had some breakdowns burner all knew that was going to happen. Bush played strong..offensive line gave him nice holes most of day. Long way to go..but not all gloom and doom Armando.

The Dolphins should have moved up and drafted RG3.

Listen... All you had to do was to watch one episode of Hard Knocks to know that the Miami coaches are way out of their league! In the very first minutes of that program Philbin cuts that rookie lineman before he ever got a chance to practice! And he replaces him with that washed up out of shape lineman who looks like "Coach Walter".... Who ends up retiring three episodes later. Amazing incompetence.

I mean, you just have to step in the pocket. pre-Med? C'mon!

And probably will cry a river...

...Well I lost some cash on that game. I thought the first quarter was the perfect blueprint. To much to ask a young team to play mistake free for a whole game I suppose. Sorry to say though. If we are going to win games that first quarter is the style in which we will do it..Running the freekin football. You guys get confused thinking that WCO automatically equated to just tossing around the lot..It isn't. The Texans are a WCO team..They run the freekin ball. When you have an inept pass attack you cannot force the pass in any offense.

Tannehill gets an F today..Plain and simple he was poor. Inaccurate, rattled, a rookie. This doesn't mean he won't improve, or he is a bust, or This or that. He played bad against a very good defense. No excuses. it is what it is. There were other factors of course. But judging Tanehill today(which everyone the other day agreed was the whole point of this season after Armandos post stating so) he gets a bad grade for today. Nowhere but up I guess.

Defensivley..They played pretty good for the most part. I don't know why Jimmy Wilson was asked to play Andre Johnson one on one. Why was there no saftey help? We don't get to see the tape so who knows what or why that kept happening..Wilson is not a freekin corner back. I don't know why this team can't figure this out. Put him at saftey where he can play to his stengths..lateral, and forward..Not backwards. At least the defense showed something today..A lot to ask with an even playing field. Throw in our mistakes, and the defense cannot be held to the fire today.

Tannehill obviously had problems getting the ball over the line of scrimmage he locks onto his receivers thats
why his passes get knocked down. The defense played well enough but they are not good enough to overcome 4 tturnovers. This team needs receivers that can get open
no playmakers every pass is 5 yards. Sean Smith is the worst corner in the league next to Nolan Carroll, and Richard Marshall. You trade your best receiver and cornerback what do you expect.

If RT plays so well on the move why was he only playing inside the tackles?

Biggest beef with the game was that the secondary played horrible, no pass rush outside of Starks, and the O-line played mediocre at best. Same problems the team has had for 3 years. Bye bye Ireland

I hear so many fans content to go 1-15 and starting over but did'nt we go through this 4 years ago. Matt Moore should have been named the starter and they should have built an offense that fit Moore. Under Brian Daboll's offense Moore had a very good QB rating and went 6-3 in his last 9 games. Philbin is trying to play an up tempo offense that does not fit the personnel that he has. The new GM will fire him as soon as he comes onboard.

All I can say is...Holy Toledo and we have 16 of these to go? I'm off to paint my daughter's room in pink...perhaps it wii continue to remind me of how the Phins played...see ya!

Everybody on here take a deep breath. Lokk at a couple positives:

1) Defense played well enough to win if we can put points on the board with the offense. Without giving uyp the ball 4 times in the 1st half, especially 3 times in the last few mins., score is a helluva lot closer.

2) OK.Tannehill is having issues with balls batted at the line. This was very evident in the preseason and again today. I laughed at the network stat putting the # of batted balls @ 4. It was 6, MINIMUM! Tannehill will learn not to telegraph his passes with more game experience. IMO, he is raw, but shows a lot of upside and a grasp for running the offense. He was reading defenses at the line and changing plays. When he cuts down on the batted passes and staring down the receivers a little too much. Remember, HE's a ROOKIE playing the toughest position on the team. Be patient. I think the kid is going to be good.

3) Thigpen. Like him! Enough said about this guy.

4) Run defense. Tough as sh.t! Good run defense. Solai was busting up run plays all day. Starks with 2 sacks. Need the secondary to get better, but they need a little time to gel. Again, be patient.

5) Brandon Fields. Glad we have him. He keeps us in the games more than a lot of fans realize.

6) Thomas shows a couple of good runs, then coughs the ball up in a real critical time. I have noticed this guy gets hurt a lot and is somewhat turnover prone. I hope he is able to overcome these 2 glaring issues as I am somewhat losing patience watching him. (PS. Ireland, don't delete Slaton in your contacts.)

7) Bush. Resign him before the end of the season (if he stays relatively healthy) for 2 years at a good pay with some guaranteed $. He's good and this offense fits him perfectly.

We should have taken Matt Ryan.

you know why tannehill was not prepared to see defensive lineman batting balls with their hands in the air? because miami defensive linemen didn't practice this technique, i didn't see ONE of our front four get their hands in the air at all vs. the texans, and if their not using this technique during a real game that counts, you can bet your A** they are not doing it in practice. what's really sad is that even after the texans linemen were creating errant throws, pressure, and interceptions by something as easy as raising their hands, miami coaches and players STILL did NOT raise a single hand... and even though i had blogged the importance of this before the game, NOBODY with in the organization made this a talking point... they should NOT have to be told by bloggers about things like this... wow.

Posted by: budtki@verizon.net | September 09, 2012 at 04:16 PM

Post of the day. You teach that in High School. I'm hoping Tannehill can be coached.

Uh, rookie QB lost this game. Simple. Tann E Hill = F. Very few drops, pretty good blocking until game out of hand. Tannehill not particularly accurate even before tips. Blaming OL for tips by Philbin is horsefeathers. They're following his eyes

Good things from today...

Ruining game.
starks and solai.
special teams.
Bess and hartline.

Bad things from today....
Dansby had more negatives than positives.
thill needs to stop staring at receivers.
Dbacks are all weak.

As expected this team stinks, we are talking 1-15 if we are lucky... Ireland needs to go Ross needs to clean house in the front office!!!

I hope u idiots who thought the skins paid too much 4 RG3 saw the skins game today.

We should have taken Matt Ryan.

Posted by: Radish | September 09, 2012 at 04:36 PM

No, we shouldve taken Julio Jones....

Let Henne-Hill take his lumps....

Lets find out if he can play....

Put Daniel Thomas on the trade block.. We have plenty of RB's and he sucks. Activate Miller, sell Thomas for a 14th round draft pick...yes 14th, trash bag him and take him out

Three things Tannehill needs to do to improve his game.

1)Use his mobility (he didn't today).

2)More fake pumps to get o-line to jump before he makes a pass.

3)More of an arc on the ball.

Radish, should have had Drew Brees.

I agree with Kris aka almando salguero
Tanne's getting top-10 money let him take the beating.

Tanne doesn't know the nfl teams and divisions, teach him that, then teach him about McDowells and the golden Arc's, 8507 queens blvd

This is what Tanner needs, a full season of accelerated learning. Not holding a clipboard.

Now for the rest of the season the dline will have their hands up. Tanner better wear elevator shoes.

Meanwhile, Brandon Marshall, TD, 100 + yds. Those third round picks we're getting, I'm predicting, will play less than 100 plays combined in the NFL when their careers are done.

It'll be at least 7 years before this team is even relevant.

The Dolphins found a QB at last.

You and I are the only people who seemed to watch the Phins brilliant finish last season.
Daboll, Moore and Marshall was a well oiled machine.
I'm disgusted that Ross and Ireland blew it up...and for what ?
Obama's Hope and Change in Tannehill ?
If it ain't broke...
Bowles should be the coach, Matt Moore the QB.
LB Luke Keichly (spelling) the pick.

I saw some good things. Tannehill played ok considering. The receivers suck! Armstrong short arms a pass that should've been caught and would've kept the drive going inside the 30. Everytime they got rolling there was a mistake.
2 tipped passes for int's, not totally his fault.
Running game was fine. Gotta give time. This Texan team and Johnson just seem to have Miami's number. The types of grabs Johnson made in the corner of the endzone is just what our WR's CAN'T do!! And we need that. Secondary scares me. How does Johnson end upall alone in the middle of the field, really? I can see some #3 receiver sneaking free but Johnson? There should've a DB glued to him all day.

Philbin is lost. He does not know how to manage a game. He acts like he has Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense. When you have a team that is lacking fire power, you have to play it close to the vest. Run the football (they were doing that great), kick field goals, play good defense, and don't be afraid to punt the football. You cannot turn the ball over and over again. Philbin may actually be worst than Cam.

Next week is a HUGE game for this team and the direction they hope to go. Oakland is mediocre and flying cross country. They'll make them wear the black Uni's in 100 degree weather. This should be a game Miami should win and Tannehill should look good, not great, but improved. If this game is an L and an ugly one, I don't see Miami getting more than 3 wins and things could unravel quickly for Philbin. I like Philbin, but think he was done a huge disservice being bogged down by Ireland. Ross should have started over fresh. Chances are the next GM will if this team doesn't get to at least 6 wins

To call this team the old Lions is an insult to the old Lions.

Luck had 3ints , weeden 4 ints , tannehill 3 ints , only rookie that did good was rg 3, big factor, good O line and a good supporting cast. Tannehill. Needs some help, some time to throw and wr to fight for the ball.


Jake Long sure has lost a step, He could not keep Watts away from Tannehill. Also some of you who praised Jeff Ireland have lost there mind. Plus you Can't cure STUPID. LONG YEAR AHEAD.

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