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Dolphins start 2012 season with a blowout loss

HOUSTON -- There was lots of post-play skullduggery and multiple shoving matches today betwen the Dolphins and Texans.But in the thing that mattered, namely the score, the Dolphins simply were out of their weight class.

The Texans did what everyone pretty much expected them to do: They trounced the Dolphins 30-10.

Ryan Tannehill's debut performance as Miami's quarterback was forgettable. He threw three interceptions. Not good that it happened. Not good in the way it happened -- with two of them coming on passes deflected at the line of scrimmage.

That was something we saw in the preseason and obviously has not been addressed.

The Dolphins made too many mistakes to win this or any game. Good teams lose the turnover statistic 4-0 and they typically lose. Bad teams have that happen and they get blown away.

The Dolphins got blown away.

Marcus Thigpen played well. Reggie Bush played hard and accounted for 115 total yards. Brian Hartline shined late. Davone Bess is a gamer. That was it, folks.



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Tannehill & weeden, this years drafts two biggest BUSTS!

This is my first posting of the yr, I wanted to see the first game of the yr because all the other stuff is irrelevant to me until the real stuff starts.Now that i saww the game we are what all the sports writers ans sports stations said we'd be a very poor team made up of players that would be 2nd and 3rd stringers on any other good team. But you have to blame the builder of this team and that is Ireland,he built a Honda civic 4Cyl. to comp0ete with Ferraris,Jaguars and Corvettes it just is'nt going to happen.I have been a fan since Shula took over and I am really tired of being so negative all the time and this yr will be no exception,therefore I will not post anything else unless I can say something positve(might never post again)I will leave all that suff up to the regulars.So I want to wish all the regulars a nice day and have a great season.Hopefully I can post sooner than later.

Indeed Long has lost a step. He's also not close to being in the shape he was when he came in. Dude had abs his first 2 years, now as hard knocks showed he's getting fat. More reason to bring in a new GM who can be objective. Ireland will just go ahead and make him the highest paid tackle in NFL history

Hey Daniel, this team will not be relevant in 20 years as long as Ireland is around.

Its on..

FYI....NO Redskins FAN will tell you that they have a Good OL.....Also...the Skins were 5-11 last year...worse than us BTW.....

Its ALL about the QB play...

but...I agree...Henne-Hill had the rookie jitters...let's see what he looks like against more even comp...the Raiders....

It took Alex Smith 6 years and 3 Head Coaches to not suk.

Relax. Tannehill is going to take awhile. DLs follow his eyes. Game plan was good. Execution was good until tips became ridiculous.

Secondary = C
QB = D-
QB Coach Z. Taylor = F
DL = B
LB =B-
RBs = B+

Ireland going nowhere...this season at least. Philbin going to get 3 years. No point beating your head against wall and posting same tedious posts.

Jon you are right if we can't beat the Raiders at home next week, we are headed for the top pick in the draft. Hopefully, Philbin recognizes that you don't have to go no huddle all the time. You can manage the game and get a win next week. It's simple don't turn the ball over and they'll will have a very good chance to win.

Tany with his best henne impersonation. Hes 6`4 and his balls tragectory is that of someone smaller than Flutie. Locked in too many times. Overthrew 2 wide open (I couldn't believe it myself) guys.

As per the usual, S. Smith cannot make a play when it counts. Aside from the td, he got burnt for succesive 3rd down passes.

D thomas runs high. High runners always have head/leg issues. He was also known as a fumbler in College. Those showednup today. He is useless. 2 concusions in the last 2 games( was dinged in the last game vs Jets last year)

Bush is the only player who can make something out of nothing. This offense continues to be about nothing so thank god for him. Without him, this O would struggle for a 1st down. Ireland, take notice, your best offensive weapon is a skill player!!!!

Oline did a decent job run blocking.
Defense played well considering all the pts were off turovers but, would it hurt you to stop them even once?

Horrible situational football. 3rd n 10 from the 11, 3rd & 4th down passes were dump offs. Horrible play calling & Tanny should have checked out to a real play. Play calling there was remiscent of Sparono.

Nanee is utter garbage.

If this team manages to win 3 games, itd be a blessing. Fans need to give up the notion that This isnt 1 of the worst in the nfl. It certainly is & might be the worst.


Nanee was the last ranked wr in all of football last year. I guess those rankers didn't see the film.

Craig Big mouth M - RGIII wasn't worth all the picks
MiamiD20 - Garcon is mediocre

Why go on, you get the point. The poeple calling everyone else idiots are infact, idiots themselves!

I think I will call my grandma...

Geeze...even Randy Moss scored a TD... Ireland, you suck

I need to call Ireland's grandma, she can evaluate talent better than him

So let me get this straight. The team with 3 consecutive years of losing records was supposed to open up the season with a brand new coaching staff, new schemes, rookie qb, go on the road, and whip a playoff team?

I see.

Tannehill is staring down wr's far to much easy for dbs to get good jumps on routes

Oline can't pass protect

Wr's are garbage...where was Armstrong...Nanaee 0 catches

Fasano still slow as syrup...no dynamic te to help Tanne.

Offense is far too horizontal. No vertical throws.

Db's are awful and lb's can't cover for chit.

Hire Bill Polian, stat. Hire a new, experienced coach. Start from scratch on player acquisition (including QB) = Dolphin's problems solved! I saw no blueprint for sustained success out there today and am tired of waiting for "something to happen." This is unacceptable as an NFL franchise. Everybody posting with there "positives", this is the same BS, different names, new year. It's time to panic.


A desperate fan in VA

Ok those passes that got batted at the line of scrimage are not Tannehills fault anybody that has coached little league football and had any resemblence of a passing game will tell you that on a pass play the O-lineman have 2 jobs hands inside get a piece of the jersey and don't let the d lineman jump.Our O-lineman our letting the D-lineman converge in front of our quaterback,look at the game and when those balls are batted there are at least 2 players dictating the passing lane. Our lineman are run blockers and we need movers that can pass block for WCO.

If this wasn't the Texans I'd be worried, but c'mon. The Texans have our number, and on top of that they're considered one of the best teams in the league this year. We just got really unlucky with our opening day opponent.


Look at what the sorry Jets did to Buffalo. We should be ASSshamed of ourselves....

KRIS shut your yap already, the football that i have forgotten is more than you'll ever knew.LOL

typo = ever know

Just got back to relative's house in Houston after attending game at Reliant (10x better stadium than Joe Robbery!):


Utter Joke.

DBs were awful.
as were WRs

Phumblin' Philbin is cam cameron's clone.

Ireland must go

Hire Jimmy Johnson as GM, FIRE JEFF IRELAND!

It's really that simple.

I saw that brandon marshall had a hell of a day... Prolly a better day then any of the third round picks we got for him will every have.. Couldn't have been more obvious when we got into the redzone today how much we lack at WR...

This Franchise has worn me down to where I think I have finally lost any interest. 40 years of loosing is enough for me.


Well, the seasons over for the Dolphins. They've assumed their place in the cellar fpr good ......again What a joke franchise!

Brandon Marshall - 9 Rec. 119 yds. 1TD.

Tannehill is just terrible. Matt Barkley come on down.

Thing about RT is that he did this in college too, and no one has fixed it.

OTOH, for almost two full quarters the vaunted Texans got 3 points, tying the game no less.

Not impressed with our new DC, should have begged Nolan to stay.

Jeff Ireland can't find talent evan if it's on his own team.
Dumping first round players for 2nd and 3rd round picks,
Picks that will not even make the team, is such a loser thing to do
And he does it repeatedly.

I have Da Beast on my fantasy team!

Wher is the RACIST boobyd12???




If a DL jumps in the air on the OG or OT then that offensive player has to block that player leaping, who is vulnerable and off balance. In other words put that leaping off balance DL on the ground. Tannehill also is telegraphing or looking at where he is throwing to early. These are things that the Dolphin's coaching staff has to work on with the rookie quarterback. The rookie QB was not that accurate today. He missed Armstrong on what would have been a huge play.

It's weird, even when you know there will be a long season ahead...you just can't believe it.

There is no clever thing to write. For those that saw it, many things to work on including acquiring new players.

Couple bright spots sprinkled in...
Bush playing like he wants to back up what he said.

Hartline flashed briefly after such a long layoff.

The run game worked to some extent, although I have never been a fan of the Daniel Thomas pick (especially throwing in other picks that could become players).

Let's see what the DEF does in future games if it's not always working on a short field.

Lotta bad too...

Tannehill has to stop staring down receivers...it lead to a lot of picks in college and seems to be following him to the NFL in batted balls and DBs breaking on routes. Be coachable and get your eyes trained to move the DBs Tannehill.

Dansby needs to check the scoreboard when he leaps on a guy after a 5 yard game only to hop up waving his fingers like saying get that out of here??? WTH dude?? At least do it after smacking someone and dropping them behind the LoS.

Coyle needs to find his way in covering deficiencies in his players. Jimmy Wilson singled up (help was way late if at all) VS Andre Johnson with 12 seconds to go???


i might be totally off here but i am getting a feeling that the dolphins are going to bring chad johnson back after this game. he is not gauranteed money so if he messes up he is gone, you can cut him anytime and not hurt you against cap. In a way it is a no lose situtuation for the dolphins

Oscar Canosa el pendjo

Tannehill and Andrew Luck had almost identical stat lines today.

I realize that won't matter to some of you headless chicken freaks, but it won't change the facts.

A rookie quarterback on a bad team is going to look foolish as often as not.

Take a look at Peyton Manning's first year stats sometime, or John Elway's.

And give Tannehill a freaking break. The help he needs to thrive isn;t on the roster yet.


reality go stick your head up your @zz

Did Tannehill throw the ball downfield at all? Does anyone really expect Tannehill to help this team within 5 years? I don't. He was behind to begin with, behind 1.5 year at the least. He wasn't close to being Luck or RG talent wise. If he's average by year 3 it will be a miracle. There is a reason he wasn't picked higher. That's because franchise QB's are either top 3 picks or sleepers found later in the draft. The search continues. Oh, BTW, a QB needs some sort of weaponry to develop. Miami's WR's, other than Bess and Hartline to a lesser degree were invisible. Scary bad.

I'm sure there's no room left in yours, monkey.

Tannehill = Another Irescum bust

Rude, obnoxious, loud and disgraceful
the dolphins are cursing and man it's disgraceful
with Ireland and the rest of them singing
Oh, but they play football badly
how did the texans kick their a****
When, oh when, wll they make it to the superbowl?
With an attitiude as bad as theirs, they're throwing our hope down the stairs
Rude, obnoxious, loud and disgraceful...........

Dansby is a POS that thinks he's better than he is. Another Parcells mistake.


Posted by: ALoco | September 09, 2012 at 05:37 PM


Next week isn't a huge game at all. There AREN'T going to be any "huge" games this year. A huge game is needing a road win in Buffalso Week 13 or a playoff game or a division clincher.

At home versus the Raiders is just a game between two teams that don't really matter much right now.

i wish philbin would have scanned this blog, maybe he would have then remembered to make batting balls a talking point in practice as well as this game, maybe just maybe, that would have been the difference in this game, the way miami played(until the dreaded batted ball frenzy) it certainly looked that way. i must admit, miami was surprising everyone until that moment. you watched the game, if those batted balls didn't happen... miami was in this game, andre johnson or not. well at least i don't have to worry about my blogging falling on deaf ears(about batted balls) it is so obvious to anyone who watched this game, and anyone who will be watching espn during this week, that batted balls, the defensive linemen raising those hands to create pressure, create errant throws.. that it must now be known to philbin.. he WILL remember to practice this technique, he WILL remind his defense coming out of the tunnel... next week you WILL see miami's line raising those hands.. just to bad we had to learn it this way... the guys were playing great, we were in this game...


We were in this game? We were in this game for 21 minutes and then in 6 minutes we gave up 24 points. More like we were in over our heads and the better team finally took over. Doomed! We are doomed! Another season of pure, unadulterated, fecal matter

Sparano's offense lit it up today with 50 points. Hmm did Ross get rid of the wrong person? Who is advising Ross? Sparano is a much better coach than Philbin and Ireland keeps making one mistake after the another. If your going to replace the HC make sure that you replace him with someone that is a considerable upgrade.

Ireland has had 4 years to build a roster, and THIS is what we have to show for it????

Not all bad though.
Didn't see a single gum wrapper on the Dolphins sideline and all the players appeared to have tied their shoes according to proper dress code.
Looks like another solid 3-4 win season with that atteition to detail enforced from day one.

We need a new owner, GM, and head coach.
These are big problems that won't just go away with an extra 2nd round draft pick or two.

This team expects to lose now.
They are all smiles after a loss, just as if they did their job and that should be enough.

Hey I know let's call him Henne-hill because in last seasons opener on MNF Henne threw for 450 yards and that's what this game looked like.

Mofongo, B12,is somewhere with his head between legs getting himself off. Rumor has it he likes to swallow. Plus he loves jeff Ireland.

Philbin speaks like Tom Brokaw, monotone, put you to sleep type stuff. Gerald Ford died todayaahhh, at the tender age of ninety fourahhh

Kris, no paper stuffing needed. That's called having a brown crayon, to fix that use wet wipes, they work

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