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Dolphins start 2012 season with a blowout loss

HOUSTON -- There was lots of post-play skullduggery and multiple shoving matches today betwen the Dolphins and Texans.But in the thing that mattered, namely the score, the Dolphins simply were out of their weight class.

The Texans did what everyone pretty much expected them to do: They trounced the Dolphins 30-10.

Ryan Tannehill's debut performance as Miami's quarterback was forgettable. He threw three interceptions. Not good that it happened. Not good in the way it happened -- with two of them coming on passes deflected at the line of scrimmage.

That was something we saw in the preseason and obviously has not been addressed.

The Dolphins made too many mistakes to win this or any game. Good teams lose the turnover statistic 4-0 and they typically lose. Bad teams have that happen and they get blown away.

The Dolphins got blown away.

Marcus Thigpen played well. Reggie Bush played hard and accounted for 115 total yards. Brian Hartline shined late. Davone Bess is a gamer. That was it, folks.



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Thanks to us,Matt Schaub gets new deal, How does 62 million sound ?

The positives: I don’t know about the plural-lol. But I did like the defense.

Do we still need to add talent? Of course, but what team doesn’t?

The fact is, if you put an effective offense with this bunch(and by effective, I mean an offense that doesn’t turn the ball over 4 times)I think they have a pretty good look to them.

Our front 4 played really well. Everybody was contributing. Even Vernon and Kheeston Randle got their names called out. Wake of course was being held literally every other play. Still got pressure and handled the edge!

Dansby played well and I expect steady improvement as he settles in at MLB. Burnett and Misi had their moments, but they were also exposed. Much to often. OLB is definitely a spot to address with a high pick next off season.

Marshall and Smith are still iffy. But at least they didn’t get toasted and embarrassed too bad.

Why was Jimmy Wilson one on one with Andre Johnson? I predicted he get would get more playing time at corner than Carroll and he did. But Wilson on an Island with Johnson? Come on Coyle, thats as bad as Nolan last year putting Carroll on him all alone!

That one pisses me off. Unless Marshall and Smith were BOTH out injured, Wilson had no business in single coverage against Johnson. Whats wrong with people?

Reshad played a good game. He does seem to be steadily improving. Painfully slow, but steady. Jones actually came up with a few big plays. Clemons was Clemons. He was there, he played, but you’d hardly know it.

All in all though, I liked what I saw on D. At this point, all we can do is imagine how good they’d look with a complimentary Offense!

Texas was a good test, but now it’s on to Oakland. I think we’ll have a better offensive showing for sure. Tannehill should have a good game to work on “Some Things(ahem)”………..OK………..to work on ALOT of things!


The secondary did not play well at all
Linebacker pass coverage was atrocious

Start Moore and bench Hennehill.

I don't think any of us are surprised by the final score of this game. Most of us were probably giddy with optimism midway through the 2nd quarter...until the wheels fell off.

I for one am very concerned by Tannehill's 3 INT's (and 1 Fumble). I thought one thing we could count on was his ability to secure the football.

Maybe a 1-15 season will get what we all need: Ireland FIRED!!

A couple thoughts,
1 Thanks to Ireland another long season
2 Recievers are what was advertised.
3 Odin is still clueless
4 Washington beat New Orleans in New Orleans
5 Surprised Odinstank not passed out yet.

Put the Bills up there as a possible win for the Fins
They looked atrocious against a mediocre Jet team

Hy All, This is my last Post,

That was a great warm up game for us. Boy,Watts was way to much for jake long who is over rated. Plus my team really beat up Tannehill. And I had a BUNCH of FUN at the game today. Don't worrie to much, your team will have the first pick in the draft. All done on this terrible blog.
By Yall!


Instead of toilet paper, try stuffing a feminine napkin in your butt. It would be more aprapro for you. Good luck.

First game of the year and we are ready to blow it up. First year head coach who looks like he fits the mold of a good head coach in the league, he is well respected. A rookie QB who won the starting job and will BE FINE in time. Reggie bush is going to be a dolphin past this year and that's a good thing, two young, athletic offensive linemen, good young athletic defensive front seven players. Jake Long needs to go. Too much money to keep him and he is getting old fast, need more playmakers but the rebuild job is in progress, let it happen and be patient. We will have 20 to 25 different players in uniform next season and will get even younger and faster but will need time to develop. It will happen but not this year or even next. Ireland is here to stay folks and I like the guy, I believe he will get the job done and he will get the chance, trust me, rookie QB buys him 3 more years. All those people who want to tell you what' is wrong and who is to blame, keep the hate coming, you are always good for a good laugh. Go fins 2015

I was encourage by the defense performance. Individual performances from Misi, Soliai, Starks, Odrick and Wake were outstanding. Clemond, Jones, Dansby and Smith need to play with more passion. Coach Sherman should have used the RBs on short passes earlier to get the offense going. Liked the idea of Bush as a slant WR. The OL needs to start playing more aggressive and knock down DL when they jump to block balls.

I would to love for Zireland to make a trade tomorrow and send Fasano, Naanee and Hartline packing. They all suck and Tannehill needs more support. It's a shame that this rookie doesn't have any talented WR.

Odin's liver:

Are we related paternally or maternally?

Texas Fan,

Bye for now and we all look forward to seeing you back like any minute with one of your other 5 names. Hope you have had fun taunting virtual air space.

I don't think you got anyone worked up. Maybe you should have sprinkled in some Marinho, Shula and Griese bashing too?


Get off this blog site you useless towelhead.

I'll bet Mr. Ireland feels like the smallest person in the world right now.

The only thing smaller than Ireland is Texas Fans' weiner.

Texas fan.


team is not NFL quality...maybe in a few years

Just like last year,folks. I saw Tannehill on a 3rd and Goal from the 10 yard line throw a 4 yard pass ,Then on 4th and goal from the 6 yard line he threw a 3 yard pass !!! Does he know where the end zone is? I thought Sparano had left.

Tannehill had more tip balls in college than Wilson from the Seahawks, and Wilson is 5.9 with cleats on! Tannehil stares at receivers too long and not actuate passer lack of experience. Those are the flaws coming out of college.

get used to watching rg3 be a stud while we do nothing. should of traded up to get the stud

good thing is we should get first pick in draft easily. fisher already done a great job with rams

if the right tackle doesn't engage the defensive end, he has to go low to force him to squat on those quick slant patterns. watt is the best in the business at knocking down passes. this is much a technique problem for martin as it is tannehill telegraphing passes. so, it was two rookies screwing up here. martin, by the way, was embarrassed by watt. this aint the pac-10.

or pac-12, for that matter.

Why do we have to put up with the Herald's consistently negative take on the Dolphins just to get some football news? this writer acts like the Dolphins grabbed his lolly. texans were good, and the Dolphins hung with them except for a few mistakes (texans were lucky to make two picks), and a non-called offensive pass interference on Andre Johnson (do you think Brian Hartline gets that non-call?). Dolphins lost but hardly got blown out.

"Texan Fan" definitely not a Texan fan because I think he would know "Watts" name is actually Watt with no s. Nice try though.

obknox, yes, johnson definitely pushed off smith on that pass.

The problem is the trend here. This whole "rebuilding" thing would be more palatable if the architect of it was a true rebuilder. Mr. Ireland has laid the blame on everyone and everything but himself: The Tuna, Sparano, the coordinators, Snowflake, you name it. Even if Ireland does have the ability to be a good scout, his previous choices absolutely trounce any hope for his decision-making to be a good one, non biased judgement.
For example Koa Misi. This guy is useless, a bust, yet he is still in this team. You have to wonder why. The only explanation is that Ireland has to save face for the horrible decisions he's made. Yes HE, not the Tuna, not anyone else. I mean he orchestrated bringing Marshall and he did not even get anything decent in return.

Just about everyone in South Florida knew this team needed to rebuild...LAST YEAR after starting 0-7, not now!!! I mean he could have gotten way better value for the so called cancers like Marshall and Davis, or even dead weights like Fasano or Dansby. Instead we got another off-season filled with acorn FAs (Hicks instead Winston comes to mind and let's not even talk about 85) and another class of rookies who so far have displayed glimpses and nothing else. Those who thought that Washington were nuts for selling the house for RG3 can stop STFU now. Funny how a good QB, even a rookie, can change an entire team. Had the Phins, and I'm talking specifically about Mr. Ireland here, would have PLANNED ahead they would have gotten rid of those players, get better picks, and relieved our precarious cap situation, and would have landed a much higher 1st round pick. Instead look at us now? I like Tanny, he will be ok but he will not be RG3. If Mr. Ross wants to still be the owner of an NFL team he seriously needs to reassess bc at this pace the fans will boycott this team and rightfully so.

The way I see it, you folks are fools.

Several of us have told you this team sucks. We told you it sucked from day one. The day we reached deep into the draft for a practice squad QB.

And NOW you act shocked?!?!?!??


There is a lot that needs fixing in this dump.

The only people who can get is fixed is the Florida Media. Quit hand holding Ross and Ireland. Start making them walk on their own like big boys.

for what its worth, luck threw 3 ints and wheeden threw 4 ints.

Not surprised by anything I saw today. I actually thought Tannehill acquitted himself quite well today, INTs aside. I'm not sure what anyone expected against one of the best defences in the league. I thought the defence looked good, including guys like Starks, Soliai and Misi. The true test for this team will be how they pick themselves up from one week to the next. Not sure the reasons for the deflected passes but hopefully they can get it corrected.


Did you get a tally on how many players said this...

"We just have to go back and look at the tape."

That crap is just another way of saying that dude is better and more talented than me.

PS...Dansby is well on his way to a 150 tackle season huh?

martin has to engage the defensive end on those plays; either cut him to force him to lower his pads, or get some push on him. its a quick slant and relatively easy to bat the pass down, not so much a matter of reading tannehills eyes. the pass has to be out fast.

It's simple. The team stinks.

Can someone PLEASE sedate Mando's "Good Thang" on the side?

All these Pro Ballers in tight pants obviously have him all worked up.

Of course some of us work for a living but at least I'm not the BIG PUSSIE who puts ? for his name and uses multiple names. The only one who swallows on this blog is your mother who has seen more di@k then the urinals at Sun Life.

I hardly write in this blog for the retard(innapropiate or without any sense) comments of few but this team kick B**t in the first half to a team that's rank (3)power in offense and defense. Didn't bet because the odds were too shanks. Never the less the Dolphins are going to be a strong team at the end of the season. Check the top teams in the AFCE who they play.
NE-The sorry Titans(the high school version is much better)
NY(T-bone-Martinez OR Sanchez whatevers(no disrepect) publicity stone)against Buffalo Wings........ Wings ...............HELLOW

Yeah, I saw a lot of positives in that game. We had Houston fans booing at one point.

It's time for amando to get on the Sparano firing horse. Oh wait, we did that last year. It's time to trade in Philbin, because Martin keep letting JJ Watts bat down passes. This team played well except for 6 minutes. Go dolphins!

All this game showed is we should have gotten RG3. Should not have traded Marshall and should not have cut Davis or Johnson. In short Ireland sucks.

Yea*lol* James Jones was so not worth a 3rd round pick...all he does is get seperation and score TD's.....

If youre still mad we didnt trade up for rg3 eventhough it was impossible because Miami had the least to give up,,,,,you might be mentally challenged

It was NOT impossible. Ireland refused to try. We could have matched the Skims offer. The teams official position was that it was too much. Go back and look nimrod

It's weird, I talk to Armando all of the time but he never answers me. The weird part is that in my fantasies we're best friends.

I notice ur silent on Marshall Davis Johnson. Did u see the bear game? We look like idiots.

B12, you mean your mother swallows, and she is very good at it. TELL HER thank you for me.


TROY AIKMAN 17-35 180 yds 0 TD 2 INT
JOE MONTANA 13-23 96 yds 1 TD 0 INT
DAN MARINO 12-22 150 yds 1 TD 1 INT
JOHN ELWAY 9-26 106 yds 1 TD 1 INT

Peyton Manning had 3 INT his first start.

Ummmm yeah, Davis got toasted all day, Marshall beat him twice. Learn something before you comment. Johnson was sitting home today playing Madden. I guess he's so good at the game no team tried to sign him, they didn't want to take him away from it. The good thing is eventhough he couldn't learn the pats or dolphins offense he gets to look at the playbook before every play in the game. Marshall helped the team to three losing seasons and would have cost us a high draft pick. Do you even know what youre complaining about?

Ur on drugs?? Ur saying this loser will b manning?? He's a moron. He doesnt even know the teams in the league

Ireland MUST GO!!! Tannehill is not ready to be a starter in the NFL. He needs a step stool to correct those low trajectory passes. And that is his style of throwing. It will not be a quick fix. This team has no pride, no talent, no balls. It lacks talent in every god damn position. Jeff Ireland is the most arrogant incompetent SOB employed in the NFL. He must be booed (or booted) out of here!!!

RGIII 19-26, 320 yards, and 2 touchdowns with no INTS.

Jeff Ireland - "I didn't see a huge separation between Griffin and Ryan at the time," Ireland told Sports Illustrated's Peter King. "I just didn't see it."

Yep, ur saying we couldn't use 9 receptions for 119 td's and a td????

What r u Ireland's father or something?

Why cant they cut NANEE

Mando tweets me though. He just doesn't know its me.

I can't stop laughing at how ugly this team is.

You agree Mando? My best friend.

"I didn't see a huge separation between Griffin and Ryan at the time," Ireland told Sports Illustrated's Peter King. "I just didn't see it."

Was it night time or something, Jeff? Maybe if RG smiled you might have saw it huh?

Rookie Russel Wilson (3rd round pick)is leading his team down the field.

Wow and we used the 8th overall pick on Tanne who looked lost out there today. Hopefully he keeps on improving but I am concerned that this coaching staff and administration does not have what it takes to develop this kid.

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