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Dolphins start 2012 season with a blowout loss

HOUSTON -- There was lots of post-play skullduggery and multiple shoving matches today betwen the Dolphins and Texans.But in the thing that mattered, namely the score, the Dolphins simply were out of their weight class.

The Texans did what everyone pretty much expected them to do: They trounced the Dolphins 30-10.

Ryan Tannehill's debut performance as Miami's quarterback was forgettable. He threw three interceptions. Not good that it happened. Not good in the way it happened -- with two of them coming on passes deflected at the line of scrimmage.

That was something we saw in the preseason and obviously has not been addressed.

The Dolphins made too many mistakes to win this or any game. Good teams lose the turnover statistic 4-0 and they typically lose. Bad teams have that happen and they get blown away.

The Dolphins got blown away.

Marcus Thigpen played well. Reggie Bush played hard and accounted for 115 total yards. Brian Hartline shined late. Davone Bess is a gamer. That was it, folks.



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We made to many mistakes today, but at least we were playing physical. There is a will to win which tells me the players are buying into Philbin's system. Was awesome to see Incognito drive Cushing into the ground.

Was also good to see Lane get a big gain today. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite players on the team.



The Dolphins can win next week if they manage the game well. The Raiders are a mediocre team. If they stick to the run (like in the beggining of Texans game), play good defense, and they don't turn the ball over they will the game. It is up to Philbin and that coaching staff to put up a conservative game plan and to protect their rookie QB.

I don't care!!. If they win playing like they did today, I will reject it equally.

So let me get it straight, we lost today because of TANEHILL?....is that what guys are saying? You guys are PATHETIC! You're on the kid after ONE game! Amazing fanbase! I actually thought Tannehill would make it to the third game before guys started criticizing but it starts NOW. You guys have outdone yourselves...a new LOW!

The kid did the best he could under the circumstances. I really don't know what it is you expect him to do. First game as a pro, road game, against one of the toughest defences in the NFL, with very little help and all you guys want to do is blame. Amazing!

Going to be an extra long season added to it by this dumbass fanbase!

A fuc-ing rookie HC and they place that HK sh-t on him. It's clear that this Team is being sabotaged and for a long Time at that.

I agree with Oscar Canosa!

And I thought Cowboy fans didnt have a clue. For those of you expecting more than what happend today then you have not clue. Look this team is rebuilding and with that comes games like today. Houston is a team most feel can make it to the Superbowl. So they did what they had to do today. Im not suprised nor dissapointed. What I want to see is progress from game to game. This is an 8-8 team at best so to think anything else you are fooling yourself.

We accept no mediocrity. If it is to be so, take the Team outta here!


I agree with much of what you said but in no way do I see this as an 8-8 football team. How? Who's going to get it done for this team week in and week out? Bess? Hartline? Bush? Tannehill? Fasano? I just don't think the players are good enough on offence to get it done for this team. I've predicted 4-12. I think that will be closer than 8-8.

We have said this before. We don't expect SB, playoffs or even a winning Season. We DO expect a good Game plan being executed to near perfection.

every one on here with thier woulda, coulda, shoulda. well i got news this is what we have and all there is to work with so as hard as i know it is to do, the only thing to do is try and focus on what positives we can take from any of theses games. and what i saw today aside from the worst 1:58 of football ive ever seen before halftime this was a much different ball game. it should could easily been 3-3 at half or at least 10-3 when poeple thought it would be 24-0 we were playing a quality team hard for almost that entire half. yea the tips killed us, but that aside, none expected 3-3 that deep into the game and i think that is something to keep in mind. had we come out of halftime tied or at just 10-3 we could easily pulled that of. in other words the texans did not kick our buts, we gave them this game. no excuse but it wasnt a plain physical beating by a superiour team, imo they looked very beatible. stay positive real fans. lots to improve but stay positive. at least till we are 0-5 again lol!

You have your 53. Now mesh them to perfection!

ok i cant take it anymore, every year the talk of Sean Smith taking it to the next level. He is the worst corner I've ever seen the only thing he does right is come up on running plays. He plays ten yards off every reciever, loses position from push offs before the ball is caught , drops almost every ball in his hands, gives up more catches than anyone in the nfl and for some reason still is on our team . DOES ANYBODY ELSE SEE THIS!!!

Luck threw 3 picks in his debut--Peyton Manning did too--just sayin'

Craig M, the definition of insanity is constantly repeating a behavior or action that has failed in the past, thinking you can succeed! Tannehill did that today numerous times today by continuing to throw in Watt's direction. Also at fault, Sherman for calling those plays and Philbin, for not overriding Sherman. He got batted down in that same area 4 times! What does it take, don't throw there. Tannehill is young and needs to learn, but the coaches have to help and the village idiot, Ireland, needs to find him some help. FAs are cheaper now that the season has officially started.


We started rebuilding 4 years ago after the 1-15 season with this regime. Four years later all those early draft picks and free agent moves meant nothing as we are once again saying that we are rebuilding. There is no rebuilding with Ireland. True rebuilding will start when we get an adequate GM that knows what he is doing.

We are frustrated and all those things are true about how good Houston is but the truth is that this game was 3-3 mid way to the second quarter and we were running the ball well and playing good defense. What Philbin was thinking at the end of the 2nd quarter I don't know. They need to do a better job of protecting the ball and playing smart.

Sean Smith would be all-Pro on any other Team.

yes Rooge, totally agree, been saying it for 3 yrs--yeah, I know he "looks the part", which more than one media guy has said numerous times, but who cares?--the dude has hands of stone, doesnt cover well/consistently and doesnt like to tackle--but geez, besides that, he's a great CB!--with vontae gone, they need to draft 2 CBs this year.....cuz S Smith aint good.

Hey Ross I know people that work in football know alot more than I do but if I was drafting for the Miami dolphins the last few years we would have Patrick Willis, Matt Ryan, Hakeem nicks and demarco Murray on this team right now and I would've done the job for free cause I love the fins

I agree with Craig M on a 4 win, if we are lucky, season!

The problem is that we get rid of talent like Brandon Marshall and Vontae Davis when we could have traded them along with Tannehill pick and another pick to get RGIII. Oh well, I'll check back with the Dolphins in about 7 years and hope that Fireland and his buddy SteRo are gone by then.

Tannehill and Philbin = Fail forward fast!

said it before the game and will say it again....yeah, the WCO is a nice idea with the right personnel, but this team aint got that.....run the ball, alot (which they did fairly well today, just not enough) and pass occasionally--use the teams strength/depth, tkeep posession and protect the QB.

I'm not sure about that, jaskin, JJ Watts kicked everybody's as- out there.

thank u Jeffery Ireland for this very talented, tough, kick zzz football team. Keep up the good work.

Yeah, I see where Vontae Davis really helped the Colts defense today. Without his superior abilities they might have given up 70 points.

Oh, how I miss this future Hall of Famer.

(getting a 2nd for him was a steal, btw)

tired of the 2 idiots ireland n ross!! dont show up 2 games until ireland is goooooooonnneeee!

What a great QB Big Ben is!

It is true that we could have easily been 10-3 ahead at the end of the Half. But no continuity on our part.

i was saying just behind 10-3! lol! could have been within reach into the 3rd quart but what a melt down! im just saying according to any media source we were to be down like 24-0 the way they all were anticipating. 3-3 was impressive to me all for not, but we were in it, well in it, but turnovers in that part of the field to an offense of that caliber, no chance.

Great 2nd half coming up between 2 great QBs.

Beasley's headline said Dlophins fall inseason opener. Get a clue idiot... That was crash and burn!

Continuity of Teams is all on Coaching. Players nowadays are more or less even.

Philbin reminds me of Cam Cameron.


This game and the INTs were all on Cam Philbin.




No WRs.

No Pass Rush.
No DBs.
Next=-to-no O Line.

Joke Franchise.

Tannehill is a franchise Q.B. He's going to be the next Marino. Tannehill played 19 games in college as a Q.B. Marino played around 78. I can see the comparison. Get a freakin' clue .Tannehill doesn't even know what the goal line is!! We're lucky if Tannehill becomes the next Henne.

In Irescums 5th year we are worse then an expansion team.

If you're one of those guys that likes to lick his women's backdoor try it the day after she has linguine with white clam sauce from Capones.
That taste is off the hook!

Well, we stink. I guess we should al just give up. Right Armando?

BigBen v Payton M, great contest! Pitt should win, they've been together longer. But if Manning wins, or stays close, it means he's back. He'll make the Broncs better soon! Great matchup!!!!

good start. need first pick in draft.

Moore should be the starter. Tannehill is years away from being an NFL QB.

At least Tannehill's wife is good looking. Maybe she could walk up and down an orange carpet to sell tickets. Or at least get Ross some one dollar bills.

Oh! Hell!!! Maybe we could have used Vontae Davis today!!!!

Oakland will kick out butt next week. 0-2 and Barf for Barkley?

oscar.....tanne aint years away from being an nfl starter......we're years away from having enough offensive playmakers to help the dude out

Could've used Da Beast today. He had a monster game.

Doktorz, tell us something we don't know!

BPA, Tannehill looks terrible.

Craig M,

You're right. Tanny did the best he could under the circumstances. SO DID RG III!!!!! Lets be wonderful little liberals here and give all the teams in the NFL a Lombardi Trophy because they tried.

thill looked horrible but what u expect from a rookie with this supporting cast. they need all 16 games to look at him before deciding to keep him or draft barkley.

Kris.....does it have to the sauce from Capone's?......specifically?

Anyone notice Jeff Ireland's clever ploy? He held our third and fourth round picks inactive. Secret weapons for games later in the season. Ireland's savvy is the envy of other teams. Keep up the good work, Jeff!

Somebody pissed here and impersonating me, I'm not to blame for the Dolphins.

Hennehill 38 QB rating!! HE SUCKS!!

The passes deflected at the line will be corrected. The kid has the tools. Martin at RT continues to struggle.
WHEN are these DBs gonna turn around and play the ball? Marshall had OK coverage on plays he got beat on as well as the interference call but failed to turn around and look for the ball. Same can be said for Smith on Andre Johnson's TD catch.
The safeties are DREADFUL.

child coalition, you didn't see Daboll's offense with henne put up 45 and 500 yards in the game opener last year?

we failed to score an offensive TD and the playcalling was utterly abysmal.

you are an idiot.

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