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Dolphins start 2012 season with a blowout loss

HOUSTON -- There was lots of post-play skullduggery and multiple shoving matches today betwen the Dolphins and Texans.But in the thing that mattered, namely the score, the Dolphins simply were out of their weight class.

The Texans did what everyone pretty much expected them to do: They trounced the Dolphins 30-10.

Ryan Tannehill's debut performance as Miami's quarterback was forgettable. He threw three interceptions. Not good that it happened. Not good in the way it happened -- with two of them coming on passes deflected at the line of scrimmage.

That was something we saw in the preseason and obviously has not been addressed.

The Dolphins made too many mistakes to win this or any game. Good teams lose the turnover statistic 4-0 and they typically lose. Bad teams have that happen and they get blown away.

The Dolphins got blown away.

Marcus Thigpen played well. Reggie Bush played hard and accounted for 115 total yards. Brian Hartline shined late. Davone Bess is a gamer. That was it, folks.



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Could you imagine if we played the Jets or Pats today----- Damn!

Oscar, Marshall's numbers were about the same as Andre Johnson for the Texans, great game for both! Marshall looked like he was having fun, he never looked like that here!

coalition you ignorant garbage, marshall didn't have just one good game today. he's had over 80 and 1200 four years in a row, only receiver to do that, idiot

Keeping the ball away from Peyton.

Marshall is thrilled to be with a real team. And a real QB.

Jay, who's Hennehill?

Tannehill is Hennehill

Let me explain something to you children: football is a chess match between the coaches. What happened today was Cam Philbin and fired college coach off coord got humiliated.

The batted passes are because THEY WON'T LET HIM THROW VERTICALLY DOWN THE FIELD even one time to keep the D honest. What's he supposed to do when he's forced to throw 5 yard passes every single play?

Cam Philbin 2.0 is going to be humiliating.

yeah rg3 da man, wheres all those fools in here now saying he wouldnt do anything this year and skins gave up too much.

I wonder how long Mando is going to wait to not write an article about how crappy this team is this year? Wonder how long he's going to wait to not ask the hard questions of Ireland, Ross or Philbin? Better known as the 3 stooges!

Marshall dropped 8 td passes from Henne and 4 from Moore in the 2 seasons he was here.
That's why Philbin wanted him gone.

0-2 next week

Jay, got it, he won't become Tannehill until he overcomes his foibles!

hope so monte, lets not blow the number one pick this year. was fun watching marshall destroy v.davis


Cam Philbin, what happened today was the ghost of Henning/Henne!

I too wonder why people call him Hennehill.
In last season's opener Henne threw for 450 yards on MNF against the the eventual AFC Champion and he set an NFL record doing it.
That is not what I saw from Tanne today.

Some kind of QBs!

funny part is some of u guys are acting surprised by this. we have been telling u for weeks this was worst team in nfl. how did u not know that. im shocked we only lost by 20. i had texans 45-17

This just in--- Adam Schefter is reporting that the Dolphins problem was that Regis Philbin was coaching today -- not Joe.

And they taste good!

So let me get this straight, we trade Marshall and in return pick Egnew who wasn't even active for the game?

The worst part about Tannehill not being a franchise QB is that they wasted another high draft pick on him. Couple that with all the other wasted picks and this team's talent could be quadruple what it is now. Traded down and picked Odrick(stiff), drafted Misi(stiff), egnew, white, turner, the list goes on and on. ALL GOOD TEAMS BUILD THRU THE DRAFT and supplement talent with FA's. Ireland set this team back a decade. Real Fin fans will have to endure another 5-7 years of this.

Isn'i funny that the offense for the Jets scored 35 points-- I wonder who the O.C. is?

xota we got 2 3rd rd picks for him. solid value. trade itself was fine. its just we have the wrong guy drafting our players, could of taken ty hilton there and he would be starting at wr for us

The only reason I thought the Game would be close is because I did not know the Coaches. I know now.


Can we trade for Henne?

agree oscar, i knew the team sucked but didnt expect the coaching to look so bad also

I wouldn't give up on Tannehill after getting beat by the Texans or Luck after getting beat by the Bears.

I keep reading about RG3 here & it's a ridiculous comparison. First of all the game was against the Saints who did not have a great defense. Look at the weapons he has on offense to work with compared to our offense. And as for us giving up first round picks in 2013 & 2014 to get RG3 would have been a terrible decision with all of the needs we have.

Most importantly our O-line needs to keep Tannehill from getting killed this year. After the kind of season we're going to have Ireland will be gone & hopefully we can find a competent GM with a much better scouting department. B/c our scouts really suck.

BTW morons, Matt Ryan's and Atlanta's game today officially cements the Long pick as *the* worst pick in the history of football, much worse than Ginn or any other pick. This point is incontrovertible.

Any number of other O linemen could do exactly what Long does and has done.

This franchise is pure garbage.

Nice to see Sparano's offense score 75 today.

This organization is the most humiliating piece of garbage imaginable.

Wes Welker. 99 yards. 800 yards and 70 points in game 1 last year.

Sparano fired. Daboll's O was getting it going last year and put up 45 and 500 in game 1 last year with Henne.

Today no offensive TDs. West coast offense is garbage.

Throw the ball vertically down the field.

The trades of Marshall and Davis are an indication that Ireland is getting smarter.
Since no FA's want to sign here, including our own FA's, he's trading them with a year left on contract.
Next draft we'll have 5 picks in the first 96 and more if we trade down from our top five draft pick.

We played tough but turnovers killed us. We were first and goal twice in the 4th. Hardly a blow out after 4 drives of consecutive turnovers. This article is equally impressive

Fasano is garbage.

BTW, Chad Henne will be Jax's starter by game 4. BAnk on it. He's an NFL QB who threw for 350 or more and in one case 455 dozens of times in the few games he started, all while playing for the garbage dolphins.

gee grandpa peyton sure isn't doing as well as Tebow did the last time the broncos played the Steelers, where tebow won a playoff game and threw for 316.

tebow brings winning to teams

yeah rg3 da man, wheres all those fools in here now saying he wouldnt do anything this year and skins gave up too much.


It's a long season so I try not to base QB's on one game. Bottom line is that the only way that trade for RG3 for all of those picks will be worth it is if they can contend for a SB.

BTW--The Giants gave up a LOT less to get Eli when they traded with the Chargers.

i really hate most of yhou for being so stupid.

this *organization* is garbage. it's contageous.

players suck here but can be great elsewhere.

Henne, for example. B Marshall.


Ryan and Brees would have sucked had they gottne stuck here.

You give Peyton that much time he'll murder you.

RBs the homer. We suck. RGIII will win multiple super bowls, don't you worry your little 14 year old head.

Cam Philbin's WCO is garbage. What you do is you throw the ball down the field VERTICALLY. tHN BALLS are not batted by linement.

this game is all on the coaching.

Cam Cameron 2.0

I'm now with the Ross sell the team crowd. We were breaking last year and should have stayed the course by keeping Sparano and Daboll.

he trades of Marshall and Davis are an indication that Ireland is getting smarter.
Since no FA's want to sign here, including our own FA's, he's trading them with a year left on contract.
Next draft we'll have 5 picks in the first 96 and more if we trade down from our top five draft pick.

by the way sheep, it is not a "passing league." every team that won today won the RUSHING BATTLE both in total yards and by calling more rushes than passes.

then observe our coaches calling 18 rushes all game

Surprised at how fast RG3 adjusted to the pro-Game. By far, the best rookie starting QB today.

Peyton still the best.

Miami Football Dolphins LLC is pure, 100%, unmitigated *garbage*. I'm going to bed. Out.

henne will not be the starter, hes complete garbage and gabbert has made huge strides from last year.

100 percent false cam philbin. eagles threw the ball way more than they ran

Ireland once again left us without elite talent and a head coach that knows what in the hell is going on. No legitimate head coach wants to work with Jeff Ireland. It is evident.

ireland will have to be fired after season, even ross cant let him ruin next years draft with all the ammo we will have. sad part for philbin is the new gm will probaly fire him

Ignorance is out in full force right now.

Yeah, the game was bad!!

But u take away the last 5 minutes of the 2nd quarter. And what's the final score 14-10?


With that being said T-Hill was anxious and he was short arming everything during that meltdown. The 2nd half he calmed down a little bit. But the kid needs to go thru growing pains.

With that said FIRE NAANEE!!!

The only Wr who doesn't want it.

Also, Question wasn't Marsha burning VD all day in Indy?

So what was it? Who sucks out the 2? Or VD had a better day stopping Marsha than the fins had stopping Johnson? Or was it Marsha?

Dashi don't know but would like u extremist to explain? Please spin it in such a way that the dolphins suck for trading vd and Marsha. Not just 1. Dashi knows u extremist can do it. Go right ahead

...@ 11:02..I'm sorry but were we watching the same game? What do you think would have happened if we tried to get the ball vertcial today? Don't you think if there were opportunities we would have done so? First off Tannehill wasn't very accurate on the short ones. Second, are you positive we had the protection do even try an over the top play. Last. Do we know if the recievers were seperating enough to give the playcaller a hint that this was possible? do you realy think this strategy was ignored, or just not a possibility?

Tannehill was clearly rattled after that second quarter beat down. I don't know where people think these plays magically develop from. But the offense struggled to do the basic. Even in the redzone. Tannehill was getting rid of the ball to his first open guy just to save his skin. Do you think the coaches instructed him to hit it underneath on 4th down. Also..the one play that was challenged. Bess ran a horrible route. 1 it was short of the endzone, and the seperation came right at the boundary..The recievers not being able to get down field could have been part of the issue(I don't know this as fact just offering a possible explination)

I totaly disagree that stretching the field would have solved any of Tannehills problems today. In fact I believe it would have just added to them. He played a bad game. Time to move on. We can look to blame everyone on the planet if it makes you feel better. It doesn't change the fact that this offense was limited today once we fell behind. Taking shots deep today ouldn't have changed a thing.

Nothing wrong with Peyton's arm.

Dashi would've kept daboll not sporano.

SPORANO HAD TO GO. Don't forget what he did because of this year.

Soprano doesn't even have his own philosophy. He runs what another coach has for him.

Also, people forget this 1 little interesting fact. The Jets hired a Pass game coordinator, because soprano only runs the running game. The guy isn't even a full offensive coordinator.

U clowns can say what u want but we didn't lose that game cause of Philbin. We lost that game in the meltdown at the end of the 2nd qtr. Nothing more, nothing less!

Great Game. Peyton vs Polamalu.

Not over with Big Ben at the helm.

great game, be fun to be a fan of these teams

Never over with BigBen or Payton!

ball game, big win for denver

INT! Go Broncs and Manning!!!!

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