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Dolphins start 2012 season with a blowout loss

HOUSTON -- There was lots of post-play skullduggery and multiple shoving matches today betwen the Dolphins and Texans.But in the thing that mattered, namely the score, the Dolphins simply were out of their weight class.

The Texans did what everyone pretty much expected them to do: They trounced the Dolphins 30-10.

Ryan Tannehill's debut performance as Miami's quarterback was forgettable. He threw three interceptions. Not good that it happened. Not good in the way it happened -- with two of them coming on passes deflected at the line of scrimmage.

That was something we saw in the preseason and obviously has not been addressed.

The Dolphins made too many mistakes to win this or any game. Good teams lose the turnover statistic 4-0 and they typically lose. Bad teams have that happen and they get blown away.

The Dolphins got blown away.

Marcus Thigpen played well. Reggie Bush played hard and accounted for 115 total yards. Brian Hartline shined late. Davone Bess is a gamer. That was it, folks.



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Did you see that effort By Pittsburgh without Harrison, Ryan Clark, Mendenhall, OL banged up? Commendable. That's what we want down here. All out, continuous effort.

Today I filled myself with mango and whipped cream. My anus was a cornucopia of yum for my fellow dolphans. As they feasted on the fruit of my anus I marvelled at Tannehills sexy buttocks as he threw pick after pick. Football is back.

Ireland says we're not rebuilding. Today's game was full proof of it. Hey Jeffy dont you think its time to start yet(rebuilding)?

No ? About it, Manning is back!!! Manning with a new team against BigBen, with guys he's worked with.....shame we didn't have the cap space for Peyton, oh, Ireland's fault! No cap space and and losing team...that's on the GM!

Not me, pal.

Let's see: We're

2 wr's
1 te
2 Ryan Tannehill seasons(experience)
4 db's
1 olb
1 de

To becoming a legit playoff team and Ireland says we dont need a rebuild. Did I leave anything out?

That's 11 players, we're halfway to the playoffs. Need 11 more starters.

Tannehill is just terrible. Will he ever get one TD?

Oakland27 Dullfins 6

Was Odrick on the inactive list today? Another Ireland former #1 draft pick doing absolutely nothing when he needed to step up most.

As a #1 draft pick Odrick should have been leading the charge today.

no lincoln you moron wrong

Odrick had at least 1 sack in the 1st qtr, no?

..One positive. If you can take anything from this game. If you read the first couple of pages from todays live blog. There was actually excitment for this team...Then the 6 minute mark of the second quarter came and it was back down to Earth..

The reason. We were playing good defense. The front was doing it's job, the secondary as well. The offensive line was getting those second level blocks, and seals of the cutback lanes..I think Bush was averaging 5 plus a carry, and Tanny was like 6 for 9. It looked like a great gameplan. To bad that tidal wave of mistakes had to turn the game upside down. I was actually thinking that we may cover the spread with ease...Probably my fault as to why the team ate a second quarter glazed doughnut.I answered the phone from my bookie who gave me props for the bet..Dirty trick, and I should have known better to answer.

I apoligize for ruining the day.

Can Pouncey be trained to snap the ball properly?


If Long has an off year, it could be argued that Ireland has missed on all of his picks.

dARYL WE fell behind only after 3 batted INTs on 3 consecutive plays. prior to that it was 3-0 fins winning.

pay attention. you must have a god darned IQ of 60

xota long is a bust. already proven

busts don't make the pro bowl every single season they play. get real.

we're not rebuilding.

we're decomposing.

No xota... Long has been a bust for the past three years. He is a shell of the player he was and has more physically wrong than right. He is gone after this season. He is no longer capable of being an elite player. Sorry to say this but... Jake Long sucks.

Ireland Sucks.
Ross Sucks.
Philbin Sucks.
The Miami Dolphins SUCK.

It is time to blow up this franchise and start over. Starting with the effeminate name the "Dolphins" with their pansy ass colors of gay green and awful aqua. How about the Miami Cokeheads?

Posted by: Homers were wrong | September 09, 2012 at 05:16 PM

Not even around and I get called out. It's one game broski let's see how the season plays out. Was that copy/pasted to a word document or do you have such a good memory?

I don't know stats, was unable to watch football today because I was hanging out in Asbury Park seeing an Offspring concert. I heard Garcon had a nice long reception. What were his stats otherwise? Mcduffie had a 80 yard TD against the Jests that was a screen pass. It was bad coverage not a good play which 80 yard completions usually are so I'll stand by my mediocre statement on garcon.

RG3 looked stellar today, much better than Luck and every other rookie. Let's see if it holds up. I'm glad Tannehill got roughed up today, now he knows how the NFL really is. He'll go home, not bang his wife cause he's upset/mad and he'll come back and learn he needs to add touch to his passes not just laser it. With 19 starts (now 20) at QB he didn't look too bad overall, considering it was a #1 defense. Let's see how he does with these bad opponents coming up. If he learns good, if they're the same mistakes this may be a long ride. He didn't make poor decisions. Just needs to work on not throwing it within the DL's reach and some accuracy. The kid is a smart QB he'll grasp it just fine. This was his bad outing. Lets see how he reacts



FireIreland should be the theme for the rest of the season. Brandon Marshall had 9 receptions for 120 yards and 1 TD. He was targeted 15 times. A decent GM just does not trade a player prior to having a replacement. Everything Ireland has done is of the Dinosaur Parcells' style. Recruiting and spending all the money on offensive and defensive lineman. Many have already been released and are part of the Dolphin salary cap mess. Ireland has no skill at getting skill players of talent. He just attempts, as Parcells did, to pick them up in the late rounds (6th or 7th).

Md20, Peyton also had a 80 yd screen pass today, LOL

Ford Escort don't but Dashi in ur long list of names!

Agreed. The play calling was basic. They should've thrown intermediate routes. Where T-Hill's release point was a little bit higher. That might be the point. Not so much as throwing bombs. Even 1 or 2 shots a qtr is essential to keep a Defense honest.


The secret weapon should be back in game shape by game 3. Flatline without preseason is 10x better than the Worst Wr in FOOTBALL. (Who was that around here that said Naanee was the worst in the NFL? Give urself credit u deserve it.) Armstrong will fit as a good 4th. Bring back The Clown! Or bench Naanee and Play MATTHEWS!!!

Matthews has Size, can run Routes, Catches the ball Real Well, fight for the ball, and oh yeah Catches the F'n Ball. Nane sucks! Anyone who decides to wear the number 19 for the dolphins should be cut upon signing. That must be some unlucky number like 13.

Fasano's hands redeemed themselves today.

Right on Promichael!

Ireland has had FIVE years to make something of the talent and what is there to show for it? Besides Tannehill and Martin, who is starting or on the field from this last draft? And face it... they both sucked on the field today. There is very little talent on this team from Ireland's drafts, he constantly loses on his trades and his free agent signings are also pathetic (still trolling Dallas refuse Jeffey boy?).

I am a longtime fan of the fish dating back to when I was a kid and the old Shula teams. I loved to watch Marino sling leather and was a kids in the stands in that epic SD/Miami game.

But man how times have changed. A true fan of this team does not blindly keep dumping time and money into it and expecting something to change. The best way to change this franchise is to demand excellence and stop feeding it money to continue its stupidity. Ignore it until it makes itself relevent again. If it dies from apathy then it deserves it. Being a Miami fan is becoming like being a Chicago Cubs fan... an exercise in failure and futility. It is truly sad to see how f**ked up this franchise is. Ross, if you are serious about this franchise then you need to wake up and realize the first step in stopping the failure is this:


Jeez! Dbl D, go to Bozeman and have a Buffalo steak at Turner's place!

Hey Dashi, did you see the difference in Manning's screen pass and Garcon's 80 yard TD? The defender screwed up/fell on Garcon's play. Thomas got great blocking on his screen pass. Not sure why you even brought that up, before I saw the play I assumed Garcon got his break thru a mistake and I was right. Could have been wrong, when I posted I hadn't seen a single NFL play this sunday. My assumption was right. Garcon had 100 yards on 1 play which the defender fell, and 2 other screen passes. I'll stick by my average/overpaid comment

Dbl D you missed the mark, when I go back to Montana, we'll go shoot, maybe Odin will meet us!

Today's game was another result of continuous lack of quality upper management. Players win games. I applaud the selection of Tannehill, I really do. It is about time we took a first round chance on a QB. At least we are no longer going down the dead end road of Head Coach/General Manager. I have given Jeff Ireland a pass in the past...no more. He was a gifted talent evaluator but he is not gifted in assembling a playoff team. How can you select a QB with the eigth pick and not provide him with a competent receiving core? I am tired of next year. Ireland is not new and blaming a previous Czar? no longer holds water. I am tired of new regimes feeling the need to blow up the entire organization every few years. I am tired of Stephen Ross not wisely stepping away and hiring a top-notch VP of Football Operations to run the football side of his many businesses; someone who has the long term interest of the team in mind and who is in this for the long haul (Parcells). Blaming the rookie QB without recievers is easy to do. Why isn't our defense better this year, Mr. Ireland? The real blame is the continous change over the last two decades. The GM drafts players and the players win games, given a steady environment of successful management and competent coaching. Ross has even managed to drive down the value of the team since he bought the Miami Dolphins. Nice!

Agreed, Fire Ireland Reigns Supreme. Even if Philbin manages to make something out of nothing and the fins win 8 games. Fire Ireland, Dashi doesn't care if we have 50 pick in the next draft. Philbin has exposed the ball boy.

Again, Carl Peterson is close friends with Ross. So we can all forget about polian and his son. Peterson had a interview a few months back that said he is a consultant to Ross. Peterson won't be the GM but he might help Ross find one. Captain Troll(Anyone) is even better than Ireland right now, running the team.

That's right gloves OFF!! Dashi is going to make the BallBoy my Bottom B;tch !!

No surprise this weekend, except Broncos beat Pitt and NO lost to Wash! The rest, including Fins loss, easy pics!!!

Oh yeah, fire Ireland, hire Polian!

LincolnCuntinental, you have NO clue as to what women want, sorry, I couldn't pass the pun on your selected name, LOL!

Md20, Dashi was just explaining how u have to look at more than just the box score. Manning will get credited for a 80yd pass just like RG3 and Marino.

The fins have a minimum 15 yd play avg. With one play. That they should run more often. Tiny in the Flat!! Mr. Lane should see at least 2 passes in the Flat per qtr. The Beast should see more passes!! Use him like Alstott!! Line him up in the I behind clay on 1st down. Dashi doesn't care about 8 in the box! U better bring an extra Linemen with Bus 2.0 back there. U think Mr. Lane would've went down like Thomas? HELL NAW!! That safety would've broke his neck on Tiny.

Run Tiny behind Fatboy and shift Long over to the right in a Offset I. Sort of like the wildcat but I formation. U can even run T-Hill on a bootleg after they try and overload the right side.

LC, I'm in.....her, reciprocating, until the deal is cuntsomated! So there it is, as I watch Blitz starring Jason Statham.

Nite all!

Andre Johnson gets open against every team. thats what great receivers do. If we had a semblance of an offensive line, we could do more than three step drops and 4 yard passes many of which get batted down by pass rushers standing two yards away. We should have continued to run the ball till they proved they could stop it, which they couldn't and couldn't last year either. Hartline looked VERY good. Tannehill threw a Strike to Hartline who made a great play fighting for the ball. Nane is a loser. He is passive. they came out crisp. I fear they will do to Tannehill what the previous regime did to Henne, which is handcuff him into "safe" plays that do not amount to wins. He is a gunslinger, let the boy play and let the chips fall where they may. Stop the short passes all day. They should have trown deep on the first drive to put the fear of God into the secondary. Houston ain't all that.

The Redskins showed how you handle a young quarterback. The Dolphins needed a big time #1 receiver whether you throw to him or not, just to take the pressure off the other receivers. The Dolphins had this in Marshall and gave him away, really, gave him away, that alone is contemptible enough to fire a GM, combine that with the other decisions Ireland has made, and this team gets what it deserves. Gave Marshall away, made the Bears, and all Ireland could get was a 3rd round pick, yep, I hope the stadium is empty, because this product that they are trying to sell is crap.

Well at least our team is nice and not allowed to curse in public!

how many years of rebuilding does a team need to be competitive???..........how many times do you think an opposing team salivated at the thought of playing a don shula coached dolphins team?????? i think never...and since he has been gone the dolphins have been the patsy on everyones schedule...year after year...coach after coach, draft after draft..........every season it is more obvious how lucky miami was to have had don shula...its also obvious the dolphins will never return to the hierarchy in the nfl.....its hard to get used to.

Go phins! Oooraaah

I'm just glad Marshall is gone. We don't need anybody getting 100 yds receiving a game. We got a great value for him. We got... And we got ... Good deal

no surprise they never beat this team. The defense look the same as last year. the linebackers cant cover dirt. Our tightends and receivers are average. What i c is another 4-12 season. We will win enough games and mis out on matt barkley, who i think is going to a hell of pro next year.mr ross this team will never make the playoffs until you get rid of that g.m. With this said i love the miami dolphins. For me its been a love of fair over 35 years. dolphin fan for life

It's been how many years since Marino and Shula were run out of Miami and we are still having this "they are rookie coach and rookie QB and they need to grow together" discussions and I have to question why. Why is it the front office refuses to get us either a viable QB or coach? Other teams have no problems filling these positions with apparent ease year after year. Miami didn't even try to get Peyton Manning or court a solid head coach. C'mon people wake up!

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