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Dolphins trail 10-7 to start third quarter

It was not only an ugly first half, the Dolphins are trailing, too.

After Miami opened the game with a 12-play drive that spanned 80 yards for the first offensive TD of the season, the Miami offense has pretty much been shut down.

The running game that worked has disappeared. Pressure on Ryan Tannehill has been acute because the team is using longer drops to avoid passes being batted at the line.

The defense, meanwhile, solid early on, has struggled to cover Oakland receivers. And that 64-yard screen pass was a clinic on how not to do it.

The Dolphins are actually fortunate that they are only trailing 10-7. The Raiders had a first and goal and the 8 and had to settle for a field goal just before the half ended.

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I blame you, Mandy. GO HOME!

You guys suck. What else is new? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I like these big guys. They turn me on.

The implosion is on.

Well......this half took a turn after that first drive

Not much life left in these guys. 45-7, if we're lucky. Philbin's gotta go.

ugh need to see some improvement on offense. We really need a reciever

The Fins have no heart. 46 seconds and they kneel? Embarrassing.

Our schedule is starting to look a little ugly.

Hey PAtriot Games do you even know the score at the patriot game? KC really... and your tight end is done.

Silly girl

We're starting to look a little ugly.

i is YG, THE ANTI HOMER! just the way zeus wanted it, to be the best! LOL dont u all wish u were as blog popular as me? u do but will never admit it LOL


The Dolphins can't even win on Madden. Belichick would get maybe 6 wins from these guys

I believe in these guys. Their big and strong and can get it done. Just you watch. These hunks are bad boys!

The team can't score in 18 min how can they with 56 sec left. Get real. Nanee is a pathetic WR and should be cut ASAP

Taking a knee at home with two timeouts? Insane.

pats 6-6 brady tipped passed INT

BUF up by 21
IND up by 11
BUCS up by 11 on NYG.
AZ and NE tied at 6.

i is YG nd u all respect me deep down yes u all doooooo LOL

Man this receiver corps is making me miss Yatil Green.

Philbin is a joke. This offense looks worse than it did last year. At least in last 9 games we went 6-3. Shoulda kept that staff intact. Tannehill has zero weapons, Bush is gone next year, talentless receivers!!!!!!! Why did we sign Philbin again? Oh yeah Fishersaw the writing on the wall that this franchise is doomed

At this point you hope Philbin and the coaches can make some adjustments, but in all honesty what can they do if players don't make plays?

The Raiders are always a mystery.

In other news, our "best" cornerback, Smith, continues to prove he has no idea what he's supposed to be doing.

Tannehill blows. Philbin stinks. Burned'ett is as usual. What else is new?

of course it does Ziggy. last year's offense was very good. we put up 45 and 500 against pats first game, for example.

0-16, no doubt.

Patriot..6-6 with ARIZONA and you're here blustering?
Like all Patsies 'fans' you'll disappear soon as you lose.
Do us a favor and get lost NOW, maybe gave a brew with the soon to be unemployed Bobby Valentine.
Unless you're just another bandwagon Pats fan from IOWA.

we're on pace to give up 526 yards

The backend of the D is really bad. Clemons needs to go, he plays FS like a scared of contact DB.
Hey Jeff Play making FS are hard to find, you dont pass on them in the draft (Earl THomas Seattle) for a DE Jarrod Odrick.
Why is Nannee or whatever even on the feild. Why not play M. Moore, at least there is a chance something good could happen if he gets the ball1, and he has a better chance of getting open. Nannee is the opposite of going younger.


Thank you. Common sense. Fans rip Philbin and talk about how terrible the roster is in the same breath. Hello???

Miss Havana, Mandy?

WOW 239 passing yards for Raiders! not good

Maybe we can switch Tannehill back to wr and draft Barkley

My god, the stadium looks like its a preseason game. On TV is looks like there is a 1/3 full stadium.

i is YG, bow to my lack of football knowledge nd all my blog posts! y? cuz u is all jelious! LOL

top 3 busts:

1. jake long
2. ronnie brown
3. jake long

Ziggy didi you see Barkley yesterday? Not he answer.

Embargo the Dolphins! No trade, no travel!

The suns coming out, that could actually be huge for Miami with Oakland in those black jerseys


Tanne, 74 yards passing.

Not good folks. Not good at all.

RGIII already has 200 and he isn't even playing yet.

Smith makes a play and he smack talks. Typical

Does Odrick have his first NFL sack yet?


Jon, i bet the heat affects us more than it does them, lol.


RB was a beast in his prime! C'mon man

Defense is still holding up teir end of this game. Offense has got to change it up.

3 n out good start


i is YG, u all see me u jus dont no it cuz i hide. im afraid of people making fun of me but i is still the best blog man! shazam!! LOL

Nah, Vontae isn't there anymore lol

A pick six this drive would be devastating.

Thiggy has good instincts.
He'll break another open of these days.

Fasano doesn't know where to line up but the rookie QB does, SMH!

Short of the first

Dear lord. 3 n out. We suck.

You guys say why did we stop running? Hmmm... we havent, 2nd /3rd and longs havent clued you in. What game are you watching?



Reggie is scared.

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