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Dolphins trail 10-7 to start third quarter

It was not only an ugly first half, the Dolphins are trailing, too.

After Miami opened the game with a 12-play drive that spanned 80 yards for the first offensive TD of the season, the Miami offense has pretty much been shut down.

The running game that worked has disappeared. Pressure on Ryan Tannehill has been acute because the team is using longer drops to avoid passes being batted at the line.

The defense, meanwhile, solid early on, has struggled to cover Oakland receivers. And that 64-yard screen pass was a clinic on how not to do it.

The Dolphins are actually fortunate that they are only trailing 10-7. The Raiders had a first and goal and the 8 and had to settle for a field goal just before the half ended.

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We're trying to run the Green bay sweep with High school blocking

Unbelievable. We're stinking up the joint.


I'm thinking the coaches want Ireland gone. LOL!!!

Stop setting up the rookie with 3rd and looongs!

Where is Hartline?

Why throw short-who has been promulgating this losing concept the last 3 coaches?

I love the idea of the hurry up I really do but I guess I'm just going to have to be patient ntil we get the talent. Until then all game will be like this.

Leadfoot Fasano "running" parallel to the line? Who drew that play up?!

It looks like Reggie isn't hitting the correct holes. He's trying to juke it outside instead of taking it up the gut

Raiders D looks very tired.

Where is that hurry up Green Gay offense we talked about?

We're starting to unravel. Nothing new, i'm afraid.

Why do we keep missing that tackle from our 1st defender down?That's twice the same guy has missed it.

I'm not sure why fans even buy tickets to watch this pathetic team. Waste of money

i is YG nd i avoid being smart cuz im afraid people will hold things against me so i have different opinions with different names jus in case im wrong. am i a man? noooo but i dont care cuz im blog god! shazam! LOL

2nd/3rd and longs, pin the ears back and come after the rookie qb. You cant play call your way out of that.

Then there's the terrible recieving corps to boot. What plays do you guys suggest we call in this situation? I have a play, its call fire Jeff Ireland!

Richard Marshall remains on the sideline with a back injury of some sort.



Aqui nadie mama boyo?

Here we go again D. Don't break down. Get a turnover and see if the O can manage a FG.

Same old, same old. No offense, none. Dead in the water, decent D but absolutely NO turnovers. Big plays, we're not really into those.

Plaxico or Gaffney would walk in and be better than any WR on this team

Asere, que esta pasando aqui? No jodan mas y acaven de jugar, repinga.

OK. a turnover here would turn this around.
Trouble is, our DC won't gamble and play the DB's up to make that hit, jar the ball loose, etc.
Watch them 8-10 yard us to death, nothing in the middle, all to either side.


Can the defense make a play?

A bug play or something that actually matterzs?

I want something to cheer about!

A Raiders score here = devastating.

Yesterday, maybe a draw or a screen. Our receivers can't get open beyond that it seems.

have to admit. We've kept them pinned down and that (and hldong calls) has kept us in the game.

99-yard drive coming up.

i is YG, u r all idiots cuz u all think u no football but u is not sensible like meeee LOL


Yawnn. Boring game. I could do something more productive like cut my grass

Shouldve been a safety there. LOL

Dansby missed tackle for safety

Pathetic LB's let a RB break a tackle in the endzone

I agree, Jack. Very devastating.

1st guy has to make stops

This game will be decided by who sucks less.

That is usually a run. NOt sure why the line wasn't stacked

Nice stop

sweet hold

Good job DEFENSE!

Root for the dolphins even when they play bad, don't spend a dime on them. That's how u help this team.

Even when the defense gets a stop, it means we have to watch this very untalented offense again.


i is YG i know what i hear on tv but i cant make my own opinion cuz u r all rong nd i is always right. dont test me cuz u is always wrong cuz u is not blog god LOL

I bet we blow it.

Why are we allergic to interceptions?

Go for the block...bad snapper

thank goodness for Palmer, otherwise this secondary would be shredded

Mando right on the money as usual.

Fins take over at the Oakland 45. They SHOULD get a FG out of this possession.

inimounts, can you please go away?

Tanne throws a pick six. Bank on it.

Thigpen has been team mvp last two ball games.

We just need two big talented receivers

No doubt about that Mando. Raiders not playing for anything either.

Barkly did not look all that great vs Stanford last night. His O - Line was getting him killed

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