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Dolphins trail 10-7 to start third quarter

It was not only an ugly first half, the Dolphins are trailing, too.

After Miami opened the game with a 12-play drive that spanned 80 yards for the first offensive TD of the season, the Miami offense has pretty much been shut down.

The running game that worked has disappeared. Pressure on Ryan Tannehill has been acute because the team is using longer drops to avoid passes being batted at the line.

The defense, meanwhile, solid early on, has struggled to cover Oakland receivers. And that 64-yard screen pass was a clinic on how not to do it.

The Dolphins are actually fortunate that they are only trailing 10-7. The Raiders had a first and goal and the 8 and had to settle for a field goal just before the half ended.

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Just when you think your team is the worst in the league...

The Oakland Raiders



F##king Bush. Awesome!

Look at our lack of playmakers!!!! BUSH BABY!!


Wooooo-hooooooo!!!!!!!! Let's go fins!!!

Tanny, beautiful quick release, and a rope to Hartline!
Whoo hoo...BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!

These boys might win one.

You guys still suck.


bow down mdlkjd;lask

Swallow THAT Jack!


Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

Whose the Homer now Be-atch?

Bush on fire today.

Wow, awesome. But we're still gonna lose, unfortunately.

RegGie!!! Yes!!


Bush over a HUNDO on the day.

Cut on THAT Homer Nay Sayers!

Now we can try being more aggressive on D and maybe force a turnover?

Reggie Bush has 129 yards rushing on 17 carries.


The haters are trying to save face and it's making it worse.
I can honestly say, with worry, that it is not okay to not have a td pass for tanny yet.

If you have watched Miami over the years, anything can happen.

I wouldn't put this in the bag just yet homers.

Miss me, huh?

Tannehill 121yds passing. Bush 129yds rushing! LOL

i is YG and when im wrong i call u names cuz i is grown man. who has more man hair than u? i do!!! LOL

Just imagine if Tannehill had another WR & a pass catching TE.

Or should I say for the receivers. Bess and hartline especially should be ashamed for their td numbers in their career.

WHO TF are THESE guys, and what did they do to our 'Fins! I leave the blog for 15 minutes, and it's 21-10? Best part? I homered up for my fantasy team and drafted Bush AND Capenter...but you know who ISN'T doing diddley-poo for my fantasy team? Here's a hint: he plays for NE and wears too much makeup!

Wow, awesome. But we're still gonna lose, unfortunately.
Posted by: Jersey Shore Dude | September 16, 2012 at 03:13 PM

Must be a Raiders fan talking bout WE!

A Raider Fan?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!

You on the qwrong Blog Daaaaaaaaaaaawg!

didn't think Bush had that speed past 30 yards.

IMO, we STILL have to at least SHOW the bomb. Why not Thigpen or Moore on the outside?
Too bad Armstrong is hurt. Raiders are PRIME for something deep.
We HAVE to show it, or teams will stack the box even more against us.

Happy fan right now, though!!
We look like the OTHER teams...the good ones.
D has made some excellent stops.

The D is blowing it again.

Do Not Let Up D.

This game is FAR from over....

i is YG all i have are excuses cuz i is a man! LOL

bush must be a god damned genius. he must have a god damned iq of 160!!!

This defense is sending Palmer to the Pro Bowl.

Give credit to the great run blocking from the line that has given us this bush the last two years. Now if only they could pass block.

I'm a fins fan, but i'm also a realist.

Kevin Burnett is terrible

Call your girlfriend Brady and light a fire under her ass....she's dragging my fantasy team down!

We should be all over Palmer, and on top of these receivers.
What the heck?

Awwwwww Man!

The defense is trying to quit!


now bring in fresh miller and let him do the same thing.

punish them


How many ints do we have so far this year? Recovered fumbles? I seriously don't know I'm asking. I just haven't seen any.

bush 6 straight games over 100 all purpose yards. fins record


We'll find a way to blow it. We always do. I have faith in this team, lol.

I want more Lamar miller and javorski lane.

Bush single handedly going to cause us to lose 1st overall 2013 draft pick this year. LOL

Defense needs to keep pressure, not give up these large plays.

Also, anybody know where i can find pics of Reggie Bush. Preferably in skimpy clothing.

i is YG nd u r a homer nd i is a sensible realist cuz u is stupid. when i is right i let u no it, when i is rong i hide behind excuses LOL im so awesome LOL

If every AFC East game ended right now, the Pats, Dolphins, Bills would be 1-1.

We need some sacks, Palmer looking like an all pro out there

agree inimounts re miller and lane.

now it's time to punish them with lane and then let miller break one too

This is why you stick to running the football. Bush is the best player on the team and you have to get him the ball. There is no need to throw the ball all over the field when you don't have the personnel to do that, especially against a team like the Raiders. The Raiders are not prolific so you can control the football and play defense

alright now time to see if we find a way to lose like last year - i doubt it, don't see philbin pulling a sparano

Why do the TV announcers always bring up the fact that his son died? If that was my child I wouldn't want that thrown out there every single time I'm on TV. Let it go

now bring in fresh miller and let him do the same thing.
punish them
Posted by: the rest of us

Exactly. Keep the Pressue on.

patriot games you real are a helmut aren't you!! you come here telling us we are crap and yet your team are getting their butts kicked by arizona lol

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