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Dolphins trail 10-7 to start third quarter

It was not only an ugly first half, the Dolphins are trailing, too.

After Miami opened the game with a 12-play drive that spanned 80 yards for the first offensive TD of the season, the Miami offense has pretty much been shut down.

The running game that worked has disappeared. Pressure on Ryan Tannehill has been acute because the team is using longer drops to avoid passes being batted at the line.

The defense, meanwhile, solid early on, has struggled to cover Oakland receivers. And that 64-yard screen pass was a clinic on how not to do it.

The Dolphins are actually fortunate that they are only trailing 10-7. The Raiders had a first and goal and the 8 and had to settle for a field goal just before the half ended.

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Wow, Philbin got one right. Unbelievable.

Orlando is correct. that's what I said last week

Miami acting like they are in a victory formation on the sideline.

I wouldn't put this in the bag just yet homers.


These second rate refs already gave Oakland their only TD. Come on, make the call:

It's an EASY incompletion!

Reversed! HAHA!

If only we would replace Nanee and Fasano!!!!!! Gaffney, Branch, Stallworth even Burress!!!! Is Chris Cooley still without a team?

this is not a passing league like you sheep think.

the team that wins ball control and rushing wins 90% of the time.

same as it ever was. i've told you that for 3 years

BTW, if we don't cut Naanee and sign Gaffney or Plax this week?
Should be done.

NOBODY can bring Palmer down...Dang!

Tannehill is gonna blow it. Pick six coming up.

Keep hating. I love all the hate. Can't feel good about your team. All of these excuses. I'm basking in it YG keep it up :)

nice job D!!! getting after the QB!!! love it!

give lane the ball

F##k them up.

I'm tired of Palmer throwing passes with our guys hanging off him!

Don't let them rest.

Is it just me or is it too obvious that a blocked punt attempt is coming if Bess is back there each time?


I'm with MiamiD20 - Enjoy it -time to close the deal!

Good Pressure and another 3rd down stop!

Good enough!

Tannehill needs to change up that snap count.

Wow...we may actually put this thing out of reach!

yes!! lane and miller this drive

then long to hartline

Sparrow, or whomever you are..
Any self respecting fan IS a HOMER.
You are truly clueless, ad a waste of space.
but you got me to respond, so I guess you feel less worthless.

Now it's time to get some stats!


hartline time

Why is Bess returning, not Thigpen?

Blue 88 Go GO ... how hard is it to pick up that cadence?

ouch. whiplash.

Long embarrassed again

Wow, Henne really was Jake Longs boy

I saw 5 pass rushers coming. Tannehill seemed to never notice.

F-ing Jake Long!!

You still want to let Reggie WALK after this season?

Not me!

Tanny's gone get killed this year. Damn Jake!

Long, our new swinging gate?

Lane needs to hit someone when he goes through the hole to block.
So far, not so good. let him have the football, and he'll block better. Always happens.

Crap, 3 and out.
Nice play, Jake.

jake long a bust.

team overconfident.

needed something other than a 3 and out that drive

not over yet

I was looking for the penalty flag that the Raiders always get on that punt return. Wasn't there this time.

If i was tannehill i would apologize to jake long for whatever i did to piss him off.

Long is pretty good.

long needs to raise his game

I knew it. We're gonna blow it.


need turnover by our D for once

step up

Wasnt Long's fault. It was blitz overload on his side. Tannehill was supposed to reconize it before the snap. He didnt.

Guys, I was wrong about Carson Palmer. He's not good. I apologize.


Why not, we casn never play a complete game.

If we do good in one area, we break down in another.


wow, horrible coverage, getting to be a habit.

Game over. Fins always do this.

Mando palmer has 800 yards

WTF, special teams!!

what the crap happened to jake long?

Nanaee is useless in every sense on the field

You know what would be a nice surprise, a turnover. That'd be pretty cool.

mando where are you right now physically? serious question.

you watch a monitor or are you on the sideline?

Again, these Linebackers are horrible

That wasn't Solia!

It was my boy Derrick Shelby!

Shelby! Shelby! Shelby!

Forget today's game. It was that last play on offense that is a MAJOR concern. Tannehill is not going to make it through the season if he keeps taken hits like that.

Dicey call.

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