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Dolphins trail 10-7 to start third quarter

It was not only an ugly first half, the Dolphins are trailing, too.

After Miami opened the game with a 12-play drive that spanned 80 yards for the first offensive TD of the season, the Miami offense has pretty much been shut down.

The running game that worked has disappeared. Pressure on Ryan Tannehill has been acute because the team is using longer drops to avoid passes being batted at the line.

The defense, meanwhile, solid early on, has struggled to cover Oakland receivers. And that 64-yard screen pass was a clinic on how not to do it.

The Dolphins are actually fortunate that they are only trailing 10-7. The Raiders had a first and goal and the 8 and had to settle for a field goal just before the half ended.

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When things get frantic like this the Fins need to MAN UP.

I told you last summer that Long has bad knees from being too big. Naturally big; not from weights.

He's in decline.

Mickey F isn't looking like the Mickey F of last year.

These refs are just giving MORE to oakland!

Fvcker can suck mke

I know everyone wants to complain about Burnett but Koa misi is the bust for me.

JJ Watts said that he picked up the cadence on HK'? I picked up on it after 3 snaps in the Houston game.. Blue 88 go go

Palmer showing why he was Elite. Tough hombre.

Agree nyfinfan, he'll b inactive when Armstrong comes back..

That last bush run....which side did he go?
Quit talking about long like u even know football, jackass

that smoking commercial is gross

FG still makes it 1 possesion game so very far from over..hopefully reggie's got one more in him...

Soliai has been a monster in the middle. He is having a very good game. Let's hold them to a field goal.

that was Lane inimounts you moron

Arizona scored!

inimounts, no more homoerotic comments, please.

Read carefully: Long is too big and his knees are shot.

Dolphins better resign Bush right after the game ends. Ireland needs to be in locker room with contract extention in hand.

Mando, from where (physically) do you watch the game? Just curious.

there goes that D!

Lost perhaps is that our D-line is starting to get it.
Hopefully, next game even better,
We're still 4 players short of elite on D...a killer LB, corner, safety, pass rusher.

Jake Long is getting fat. Look on you tube of him his first 2 years and look at him now. He's easily gained 20 pounds

These replacement refs are struggling. They call helmet to helmet on Leon hall that wasn't, then a defenseless receiver gets knocked out and they don't even flag it. Hard to watch.

Okay. play action and go long to hartline. probably incomplete.

then pound them with lane screen pass

Nice play by Wilson. The replacement refs are doing a better job of not calling pass interference on every play.

Great recovery.

It's not that Long is "fat." He has bad knees. It happens when you're 350 sometimes.

Good hold d! Bend but don't break. Now it's time for the offense to step up. Long
Needs to get in tanny and the receivers faces.

When long makes the pro bowl, what will u morons say?

Hey simpletons,

Half a Jake Long's better than half the LT's in this league. Be very careful what you wish for. Good thing the fo doesnt share your opinions. We're already void of enough offensive talent.

Listen haters. When my team does well I cheer. When they do poorly I get POd. Not sure why you can't be happy. Letting pride get in the way? Your opinion get in the way? Have a good time boys! It's football sunday and the Miami Dolphins are winning, enjoy it.

inimounts, child, Long is not going to the pro bowl. not even close. today's performance alone precludes that


yes, the hit on Donald Thomas last week should have been flagged.

OK, haw about something to Lane, if only for the entertainment value?


Andre Hawkins for the bengals is a prime example, he's 5 9, but does things none of our receivers will ever do (score, for one thing ) and he's fourth on DC.

Ritchie Inconito!

Hartline has been the unsung heroe. Eight recetions for 100 yards. He is very underrated.

Fourth quarter blog ain't up here

Orlando, my issue is he doesnt score tds. That's why he's overrated. He plays almost every down and averages one ever four or five games.

Miami is kicking ass now!!! Go Dolphins!!!

Fack! Why won't fourth quarter blog come up in iPhone app!

Okay, now its over. You boys got one.

The 31st best team in the league beat the 32nd.

Congrats dolphins.


I think we may have FINALLY found a QB.


Holy crap what a hit by vernon.. He blasted da guy


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