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Dolphins vs. Raiders on local television

The Dolphins announced moments ago that Sunday's 1 p.m. game against Oakland has been declared a sellout and will be televised locally in South Florida.

The sellout took some work. The club had to work it until the 5 p.m. deadline and even then had to guarantee the purchase of whatever tickets are not sold between now and game day. I am assuming the club got a sponsor or sponsors to share the cost of making that guarantee.

“As we’ve said many times, keeping the games on local television has been a priority of Steve Ross’ since he purchased the franchise,” said Dolphins Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee. “Any remaining unsold seats will be offered to Dolphins premium seat holders and season ticket members on a first come first served basis.”


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"declared to be" a sellout.

not a real sellout

I hear an echo.

Coalition you HAVE to stop talking to those people who are only here to start trouble. Everyone knows what's going on, we can see he's trying to bait you. Just ignore. Anyone who is being disrespectful of fellow posters, ignore them. It's not hard and renders their posts a useless waste of their own time. Now come on man! Ignore the fools already :)

Oh yeah, and listen here Bass man ;) enough with your 70's rock suggestions, I want to hear some freaking Tool blaring across those speakers. "It's a bulls**t,,three ring,,circussss,,,side, show, of,,,,FREAKS here in this hopeless f%#ing hole we call LA, the only way to fix it is to flush it all away, any f%$^ing time, any f%$#ing day, learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay!"

No ones getting intimidated by Thin Lizzy! How about "Attack" by System of a Down? You want to see some guys getting a little nervous play that tune when the Dolphins are running out onto the field!

Gotta go. Ignore, ignore, ignore them.

JS in LA....

If were not "arguing" (discussing).....all of those things you mentioned AND MORE......then WHAT is the point of THIS blog......

What is the alternative.....4 post a day.....NO CONVERSATION (fins related or other wise).....

Call me a drone if you wish...but I enjoy debating (in somewhat real time) with other FIN FANS.....

Posted by: Kris | September 13, 2012 at 05:50 PM

Team needs to move, the Miami area is not for their local teams, too many out of staters and out of country people.
The LA Dolphins would kick butt.


Phins 78

Lead with 1st min. of "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed then "Attack"...then WIN. REPEAT.

Who cares!!!!!!

The Raiders are not half the team that the Texans are.

A lose here would be a disaster!!!

Phins 78,

From the last one...........

Coalition weighing in with a vote against Mando being a fan. Thanks man!

Posted by: Phins78 | September 13, 2012 at 05:16 PM

I must have mis-typed something. I wasn't saying Mando is a Dolphin fan. I was here during multiple Live Blogs where he unequivocally stated that he wasn't a fan.

He might root for them from time to time. But like you said, you root for the Pats over the jets and you hate both teams(I always root for whomever has the worst record. That benefits my Dolphins the most).
Mando admitted he has a favorite team and it isn't the Phins.

I'm going to go back and re-read my original post. I must hacve screwed up something. Sorry for the mix-up.


A full stadium and a winning season would be just lovely.

The Dolphin organization, Ross and Ireland win. As long as there are stupid Dolphin fans out there buying tickets this organization does not need to spend money or fire Ireland. They win.


Also from the last blog...

In short....I fully understand what Crowley stood for....and I couldn't be MORE against it....

Posted by: Kris | September 13, 2012 at 05:04 PM

Crowley? I was never into Crowley nor his antics.
I was into Led Zepplin and Ozzy Osbourne and they both managed to adopt the correct philosophy while dismissing Crowley and his Self Serving Beliefs!

Crowley didn't coin the phrase either. He was notoriously known for using it. Then misinterpreting it too justify his degenerate behaviors.

Despite the Crowley induced confusion, the phrase does represent the correct path of which to follow.

-Do What Thou Wilst Is The Whole Of The Law-

Crowley coveiniently omits the corresponding philosophies proceeding and following the statement in question. There is much more to it and Crowley isn't the proper representitive to follow.

I can't go into any further here. This is the sports blog. But I will say Crowley took the Book and The Philosophies and totally "Hi-Jacked it(for lack of a better term)to try and justify his demented beliefs.

Check out Ozzy's song titled Mr. Crowley. Check the lyrics. Ozzy **ISN'T** celebrating Crowley or his beliefs. On the contrary, he's "Calling Him Out".

-Peace, Love and Happiness-

-Odin- ;)

Come on, move the team to LA, we won't complain about every little move and our media aren't nuts.

..So this should be a good test for our young team this week. The Raiders have to be kicking themselves(just like we did) for losing that game Monday. They outgained San Diego by almost 100 yards but gave the game away. Who would have thought the long snapper would be the deciding factor in that game.

It really comes down to stopping McFadden. A bigger version of our own Reggie Bush. He was limited to under 40 yards rushing(15 tries) but caught 13 passes out of the backfield. The next closest pass catcher had 5 receptions. Palmer was efficient with 32 completions on 42 attempts, no INT's and 3 sacks. It seems like if we contain McFadden they like us are very limited.

Offensivley. The Raiders do not have the same quality of pass rushers as the Texans. They were though very good against the run last week. Will we play to their strengths and try and establish the run? Or will we try and establish the pass early? I would bet the Raiders would be quite happy to see our offense try to do this. (As most defensese will until we can prove otherwise)..I would be willing to bet that the Raiders believe that if they can put the game in the hands of Tannehill they will eventually force a mistake that changes the game. Tannehill is going to have to prove he can take the game on his shoulders before defenses give us any respect. Easier said then done, as he has to overcome the deficiencies at reciever. The bonus this week is that we should in theory be able to protect a bit better.

Which ever team shuts down the alpha running back has a good chance to win this game. It doesn't neccesarily mean just rush yards. Both teams I think should try and get the ball into these guys hands as much as possible as they are the playmakers for both sides(with the exception of the punters)..I expect a lot of yards, not many points. Tannehill is asked to do a little to much, plays better. But we come up short again 20-16

System of a Down are cool, but nobody is going to be intimidated by hearing their stuff, nor by Tool. You want to get people fired up, and intimidate the other side, you want to play some Iced Earth, Cannibal Corpse, Nocturnal Rites, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Death Angel, Slayer, Exodus, Testament, Iron Maiden, Incantation, Immolation, or something.

I tell you, they start playing suc-y, I'll change the channel. No more for me of waiting for some 2nd half miracle only to get worst. Enough is enough.

Well.......I think it's EXCELLENT that Ross, through Mike Dee, makes these tickets available to those that support the team.

Also making it possible for the TV viewers to watch the games from Home.

Say what you will, but this IS Good Stuff!

A ValHalla to Mr. Ross!

..Personally(And I'm sure this will be met with some resistance) I think it is better that Armando isn't a fan of the team. I think his posts, or columns are a fair portrait of the team. If he comes across as harsh, or onesided that is up to the individual reader to decide. What is he supposed to write? should he sugar coat everything to satsify the readers? There hasn't been many positives that have come from this team the past few years. Would it make people feel better if he spun it in a favorable way? Also, how would each of us do if we were the guy doing this job? What would you do differently? His opinions are always going to be questioned, part of the territory. I would rather have a guy that comes across as critical over a guy that tries to paint a picture that all is well every day..Just my opinion.

I see you guys are debating whether I'm a Dolphins fan or not.

Allow me to clear it up for you:

I did not grow up a Dolphins fan. I rooted for the Redskins as a kid. In the 1990s I lost interest in the Redskins and, as I was covering the Dolphins, grew fond of most of the people I was covering and wanted them to succeed.

Their success, by the way, is good for me so I will not lie to you. Things are better for me when the Dolphins win.

Now that I write columns and am not the beat writer anymore, I have no problem telling you I root for the Dolphins to win every single week. What does that make me if not a fan?

So there it is. Green Bay and Chicago tonight, folks. Should be interesting to watch Brandon Marshall.

This is the most Mando has posted in one day.

What the fins getting whooped must have rejuvenated him. The man is on a roll today. Good work.

Mando admitted it on the last live blog. He doesn't like the team. Could care less about the fins.

Coalition you HAVE to stop talking to those people who are only here to start trouble. Everyone knows what's going on, we can see he's trying to bait you. Just ignore. Anyone who is being disrespectful of fellow posters, ignore them. It's not hard and renders their posts a useless waste of their own time. Now come on man! Ignore the fools already :)

Posted by: Phins78 | September 13, 2012 at 05:51 PM

I was HOPING you would have noticed by now. But maybe I'm not doing a good enough job. I have gotten better at ignoring the fool(s). But now I've fallen into a rut. I ignore and ignore and it builds up and builds up. Then I go off for a second, spaz out......and then.........regroup.

I have gotten better at it. When he mentioned my Kid should die because he served his country in the Middle East, he crossed a line. I made it my MISSION to EXPOSE the idiot troll every step of the way.

Now that about 99.9% of the blog recognizes and realizes it's just basically this poor sick fool, I feel better about it.

The problem is, my work is done and I should lay off. But because I TOTALLY exposed the idiot for what he really is, he attacks me constantly. I think it's funny, but I also have to think of the blog and the good posters. I will do better by identifying the fine line where I would become the same type of nuisence this guy is.

Thanks for the Heads Up and I SWEAR I will do better from here on out!

ValHalla Bro!!!!

Can't wait! Stadium is gonna be ROCKIN!!!


Hey, they snipped some of my comments!

sellout=1/4 qtr of the stadium filled....

I actually believe that this will be more of the rare wins we will have this year especially @ home given our situation, but watching the faiders play monday night shouldnt give anyone in that fan base too much hope to thrilled about in 2012 either...this is truly a toss-up pick 'em game despite 2 1/2 pt favorites for oakland...and one of the ugliest nobody wants to watch this on sunday unless your a die hard fan of both teams...

Faiders 13

Phins 16

Tannehill will have one TD drive and reggie will score his first of the year on a goal line run, then its the fist pump show for the rest of the game....

Tool sucks
Disturbed sucks
Learn to listen to good hard rock6metal bands.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Just a couple more questions about bringing Jesus back.

First let me say I'm a big fan the TV show The Walking Dead.

1 - Invocation....is that like a Necromancer who summons dead people ?

2 - Eating the body of Christ.....would it turn me into a Zombie ?

3 - Since Jesus came back from the Dead would he try to eat my body and turn me into a Zombie ?

4 - What concerns Mr. Ross more empty seats or Zombies ?

5 - Favorite method of dispatching Zombies, crossbow or pistol ?

6 - If you come back from the dead do you get a new social security number or use your old one ?

7 - Would Jesus need a green card ?

8 - Can we also bring back the virgin Mary as long as she is of legal age ?

9 - Does Jesus have a sense of humor ?

10 - Are you sure Jesus will forgive my sins ?

Bonus question...am I going to hell ?

Deeply concerned about the humidity

Soiled :)

Yes, Dashi. If you persist in your convictions, specially on Internet, eventually you'll expose all the frauds around you and therefore, you'll live in a more quiet fashion everafter.

Armando, keep up the good work. This team is a train wreck and we need voices like yours to educate the "blind faithers."

Why dont they spend some of that money on some "NFL" players and the wouldnt have to buy their own tickets every week!!! Just a thought

Forever more Oscar.

Mando must like RG3. At least it's not another AFC East Team. That would suck, A Undercover Jets fan. Or a Racist like Omar. Or a dumb Bills fan like James walker.

Thanks for explaining Mando u write the column not the play by play. Dashi takes back all the critical comments on lack of basic info. Who shall Dashi direct his anger towards Adam Beasley? The clown needs to get on his job. Tell him to stop trolling around here anymore(hint: new name) and start posting daily updates. The Wr Controversy? Why is Naanee is still on the Team! Did Hartline really just hold himself out of training camp(Contract Year)? Does Bess really use Stick um on his gloves? Who is getting cut? Is Naanee related to R.Wallace?

The simple things. Mando put ur bottom B!tch in check. Tell the rookie to step his game up. I've read tweets better than his articles.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Have Mr. Ross hire this seagull to do fly overs...everybody watch your wallets or man purses

" http://youtu.be/RArofHji8CU "

Soiled :)


I never miss your columns... Your reporting is spot on!! You shouldnt have to prove anything friend. We are all fans... We want this team to win. But its sad to see a team so bad that we are now fighting among ourselves and wondering whos a fan a whos not. Who cares... we have to hope and pray Ross sells this team to someone who cares otherwise that man will never field us a winner

Is this blog full of the weirdest posts on the entire internet ? Just a load of wackos on here.

Coalition, you are a complete dolt.

Only you could take a small lil post like mine on the last blog & turn it into a incoherent diatribe.

I'm sorry, are those words too big for you? I apologize in advance. I'll dumb it down for you.

If Websters Dictionary ever had a visual description for it's words, your mug shot would certainly be under the word LOSER.

FYI I'm certainly not a troll. But based on all the negative attention you get, I can see why you label anyone who disagrees with you like that.

You're always on the lookout & on the defensive with trolls. GEE I WONDER WHY?

PS - I'll get the f8ck outta here when I dam* well feel like. Stop acting like you own the place or have any clout. The only people that talk to you are as bran dead as you, that's why you get along in the first place.

If you don't like reading what people have to say, MOVE ON. I made a football post & you ALWAYS ASK FOR THAT.

When I do, you rip it to shreds as if you are some big shot. LMAO Get over yourself.

Stop loitering the blog with your childish never ending name calling games. You're not all that, not even close. Unless of course, by all that, we mean an as*hole.

Then, and only then, will you be relevant.

Dashi-Man !!!!

I'm going to "try" to bring you back from the dark side of the force, see your problem is simple, you have been contaminated by all the negative comments posted by all these clue-less ten year old's on this blog.

stay positive son, don't give in to the dark side.

Phins78, pretty funny what you said. You don't talk to disrespectful people?

LMAO I almost pissed myself on that one. Good one!

You are only chummy chum with Coalition who is the most disrespectful, low life POS on this blog.

So, suffice to say, you're a liar.

Enjoy your man crush with the fuc*wad named Coalition. You seem like a match.

Now it's about time I get the f*ck outta here & let you women have your forum to cuss, talk nonsense & acting like complete morons.

This blog, with you Coalition on it, is a goddamned disgrace. Congrats on your contribution.

The Truth is ur just as angry as Odin.

That's the truth.

The truth is u are the blog troll.

That's the truth.

The truth is dashi can do this all day.

That's the truth.

Now be easy before Dashi puts it IYM!


Ha! Ha!


If you're still out there, I wanted to revisit a discussion from the other day.

I think you misunderstood me when I was talking about Sherman letting Tannehill go deep to try and back of defenses.

I wasn't proposing that we just air it out and let the chips fall where they may.

I was just pointing out how few times Sherman called any deep balls at all. The Texans defense was able to bring everybody up and creep guys into the box.

I just thought Sherman should have had Tannehill take a few more shots deep thats all. I don't want my Rookie QB trying to do his best Rodgers immitations. I just wanted him to force the defense into playing a little more honest.

-Odin- ;)

I like having Ross as our owner. He spends money on the team, he wants to win, he trusts his staff ie Ireland and Parcells. This team was losing bad way before Ross took over. Yea, he wants to make going to a Fins game an experience. Whats so bad about that? It doesnt affect the game play at all. You can bet he will hold Ireland accountable sometime this season or soon after.

Lay off Ross. Trust in Philbin, and kick Ireland while he is down.

Go Fins!!!

KAPPOWSKI, I like it. Nicely done sir!

Odin, I agree on the deep balls, let them fly!

Anyone watching GB v Nears?

Since we're celebrating the 72 Dolphins, why not play some Classic Rock from the '70's? That couldn't hurt...and, it might fire up the fans...
Just saying...

Fins win by 3...

Coalition I know my grammar was atrocious but that's what I meant. A vote AGAINST him being a fan. Not for. Meaning, you agree with me. :)

Soiled that was great up above. Jesus as a zombie. And of course he has a sense of humor. Why else do you think one part of our man area keeps growin well into our senior years and the other doesnt?

I think it would be difficult to write about a team if you didn't like them a little bit. I will take Armando at his word that he roots for the Dolphins to win as far as his columns and blogs go what is he supposed to say we all know how bad it has been the past 10 years or so with exception to 08 that is.I think his writing is fair and accurate most of the time.If the dolphins can't beat the Raiders this week then it will be a long and painful season, I think we could win about 8 games at best, lot of chumps on the schedule.

Can't watch it redsky. I have Time Warner cable and they are so cheap they don't carry NFL network like most other cable companies. They want $359 for the ticket. Ridiculous.

D,,,like the idea, I'm all for it. Need some heavier new music, enough with the 70s stuff. Sweet Home Alabama isn't really something that envokes intimidation. :)

Phillip Rhodes, LOL. We want to intimidate not cause heart attacks! I hear ya, death metal can be pretty scary but unless you're a fan it's impossible to even hear what they're saying. Sounds like someone with severe constipation. "Raaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh, ruff, ruff, ruff rufffffffffffffffffffffff,,,,AUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH GROWL"!

Oakland 24,,,Miami 13, just not enough talent.

I'm going to break my rule this one time because apparently this person is too stupid to understand simple logic.
"Phins78, pretty funny what you said. You don't talk to disrespectful people?"

I don't talk to people who are disrespectful TO ME. I don't give a crap if they're disrespectful to you. You're always the instigator. Go ahead and prove that one wrong,,good luck. Fight your own battles. You deserve everything coalition gives you because you are only here to fight with AND belittle people.
"LMAO I almost pissed myself on that one. Good one!"

So basically nothing new, just a normal day for you.
"You are only chummy chum with Coalition who is the most disrespectful, low life POS on this blog."

I'm "chummy chum" (whatever that means)with whomever talks Dolphins and respects other peoples opinions. So basically everyone but you.
"So, suffice to say, you're a liar."

LMAO at your stupidity, and now the big finish!
Enjoy your man crush with the fuc*wad named Coalition. You seem like a match.

More gay stuff huh? Clever. Ouch, what a knife in my stomach, insinuating I'm gay. Wow that would hurt,,,IF I WAS 12.
"Now it's about time I get the f*ck outta here"

You mean time to change your name and attack someone under one of your other aliases?

"This blog, with you Coalition on it, is a goddamned disgrace. Congrats on your contribution."

This was my favorite line of all. I don't even know who you are. The truth? Is that what you're going by now? You see, I don't see one meaningful post about football coming from anyone with that name. You posted twice, both posts of an attacking nature with lots of gay undertones. If that's what you call contributing to this blog than congrats, you're the king.

I know coalition,,,,,,,,and f*&k off. ;D

I will clarify my stance for those who are too stupid to understand.

I do not talk to anyone who is directly disrespectful to me. That was my last post to that kind of garbage. I did it so anyone who is here to attack me understands where I'm coming from. I couldn't care less what you think about me, you're not worth my time. You're not going to suck me into some kind of internet gang war. I don't have enough time to enjoy talking Dolphins and I'm certainly not going to waste it fighting with a stranger who doesn't like my posts. I mean even as I type it I can't believe how pathetic someone has to be to enjoy that kind of thing. It's really sad and I hope you get some help before it's too late. Good luck to you and have a nice hate filled life. God bless.

Marsha hasn't caught a pass all game and he just drops a td by himself. Ha

Memories anyone?

U can see Marsha and cutler are frustrate .

Phins78, DirecTV has all games for $199.00, it's a deal when you consider what it would cost to get to the stadium with your family and feed them! Tix, parking, food! $199 is cheaper, but it's free if you switch from your cable to DirecTv! FYI.

Dashi, love it,,,,Marsha! Hahahaha wait until things start getting tougher for the Bears. That's exactly the moment the team cancer will come out in full force. He is too immature to deal with adversity. I love it, the guy has one good game and everyone is acting as if he's a hall of famer. Oh well. Good night gentlemen (and lady if you are one Tracy, never can tell in here!:)

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