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Dolphins vs. Raiders on local television

The Dolphins announced moments ago that Sunday's 1 p.m. game against Oakland has been declared a sellout and will be televised locally in South Florida.

The sellout took some work. The club had to work it until the 5 p.m. deadline and even then had to guarantee the purchase of whatever tickets are not sold between now and game day. I am assuming the club got a sponsor or sponsors to share the cost of making that guarantee.

“As we’ve said many times, keeping the games on local television has been a priority of Steve Ross’ since he purchased the franchise,” said Dolphins Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee. “Any remaining unsold seats will be offered to Dolphins premium seat holders and season ticket members on a first come first served basis.”


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Fins 16 and Raiders 10. Sean Smith (yeah I said it gets a pick 6)Tanne leads 3 field goal drives. Defense holds them in the end. Bush out gains Mcfadden. Can't let the game come down to a Janikowsi FG. It's time for Dansby, Burnett and Odrick to play up to their contracts!!!

Thanks redsky, I've considered it but would hate to lose all of the on demand stuff Time Warner has. When there's an important game I can always go to my friends house :) I have to buy the NHL package and the wife might not like me spending money on both. I wish I knew they might be locked out because I would have done what you suggested weeks ago! Good night

Phins78, just read your post on " My Stance", you don't need to explain, anyone who has half a crumb of intelligence would understand! Fuggedaboutdit!!!

Pick ur colors phins78.

It's the Real Fan's vs. The Booty Bandits.

Internet fight to the death!!

Just kidding, but that's what the clown wants. Clown don't think because Dashi hasn't mention nothing the last couple days. The Manifesto is still being written. Just collecting evidence and writing my diatribe. Dashi is going to expose u. Just wait. Week 6.

Keep up the good work

Phins78, what does cable have that DirectTV doesn't? DYV calls it PPV, payperview, as opposed to on demand, but correct me if I'm wrong, I think it covers it all! My humble opinion sir.

Phins should be DTV not DYT, sorry.

I feel sorry for anyone who spent money on this trash product the 2012 Dolphins.

Will Hennehill ever get a TD?

7 of 20 in my survivor league picked the Raiders to win. FOOLS I SAY! No way a west coast team comes east after playing late on Monday and wins... Fins win this one!

Gonna be a win! Still fire Ireland, but gonna be a win!

Good, that #99, won't be on the field.

LV knows about the influence of the little time given to Oakland to prepare + the travel, Jake. And they still have them 2.5 over us. Considering the disadvantage, LV probably thinks they are a good 7 points better than us.

All that you are suggesting is just to radical and will destroy the current vibe of the stadium as it is now. You forgot to mention to bring back the wave. Fans loved that one to.

I know Oscar. I'm just trying to stay positive. This is a chance to have a happy Sunday for once...It's gonna be a happy Sunday! Vegas loses every once in awhile.My money is on Bush this week! He is driven. He will have a huge game

We have a rookie QB and poor receivers. They have Palmer with almost a year under his belt learning the system and fair to good receivers. Besides our secondary has done nothing worthy to speak of. You see part of the reasoning now?

I have no aspirations that we can beat Oakland this weekend. I just want for the Team to be well prepared and put up a good fight. Who knows? However, if they play sukky I won't be around to see the end, even if they manage to win.

Hate to break the news but Vegas is saying its a bad bet to put money on Miami.

Our lines are better imo and our special teams are better with the exception of Seabass big ass leg. Palmer can be sacked and hurried. He is nowhere near here he was. If our high priced line and linebackers actually play to their contracts and make plays we win.

Wasting words gents, until Olphins produce! Let's SSS what Oakland brings!

That should be, let's see what Oakland brings, don't know why SSS showed up!

Wow, ahold be Dolphins, not Olphins! I think?

Tannehill will have much to do with the following home game after this being a sellout. If Tannehill excites and the rest of the team doesnt, the following home game should still be a sellout because fans will come out just to see Tannehill.

If Tannehill flubs, the following home game will resemble more of a morgue following. But who cares, just another meaningless and boring blog topic to post in.


What's up losers?

The last time Brandon Marshall played Green Bay was the season Green Bay won the Super Bowl.
Henne hit him for a 50 yard bomb TD on the first play of the game. Remember? The Phins won that game.
(ESPN and NFL.com both have it int hier archives for those who forgot).
Oh well.
I guess Brandon Marshall said it best after he became the all-time greatest pro bowl game reciever ever, "It's easy catching TDs when they are thrown by elite QBs".

With that scrub Cutler throwing to him Brandon Marshall had ZERO CATCHES AND 1 DROPPED TD PASS entering the 4th qtr.
Cutler was 10/25 for 110 yards 1 TD and 3 Int.
It was like watching Matt Moore and BM all over again.

Hi guys...we should be good enough to win this next game.Oakland are about as good as we are so we really need the team to step up.

What im looking for?

1 Tannehill to take charge a bit more and drive to the redzone without picks.
2 Nannee to appear.
3 Marlon Moore to be given some opportunity.
4 Secondary to start to gel.
5 Keep throwing as a priority.Ground and pound gets you nowhere anyway.

6 Better play calling.

If I see improvement with respect to the QB and the line protecting him, I will be satisfied.

Oh and Thanks Mando...knew you were a Phin.!
PS. Love the prayer idea. the US and Australia were made GREAT by a foundation based on Cristianity....now as we allow all manner of other teachings no matter how ridiculous, we see both our countries sinking into the mire.Coiincidence?

At the end there will be only ONE truth...whatever that is....ONE

..@12:07..Dude you are making stuff up. Henne did not hit Marshall on the first play of that game for a long td. First of all we kicked off, second Marshall did not catch a TD in that game..Good try though.

So the best part of tonights game was watching Marshall drop another Td pass in the endzone..

"And he couldn't convert his one big opportunity, dropping a potential touchdown in the third quarter."

Packers/Bears commentary following another Marshall TD drop.
I TOLD you whiners and Marshall apologists to wait another few weeks. Well, it took only 1 game. His QB Cutler gets sacked 7 times, and THIS is how he helps.

Lets move on.

New topic:

HOW CAN WE GET CHARLIE CASSERLEY (ex Giants GM and Network guru) to Miami?
Ross offers 5 million a year, it's a done deal. This guy has built 2 championship teams in NY and Houston. Picked Mario Williams over Bush.
Money talks

Here it is:
Notice the Phins won and Henne, not Rogers had the hall of fame level QBR

Regarding GM Position:
1. Move Philbin to GM, Sherman to HC and hire OC or
2. Move Sherman to GM and hire OC

I'm not strongly for or against the West Coast offense to me it's a set of plays and formations that any team can run if they install it along with traditional plays.

The VALUE of the GM shows up in 2 places:
1. Using scarce resources (draft picks and salary cap room) to address team needs; each decision to invest reducing the resources available for the next team need.
2. Being the face of the organization for potential free agents*.

*Free agents in this case refer to those players in high demand on the first day of free agency, it does not refer to unemployed former NFL players aka acorns.

Lincoln Sucks.

You Punk need to get a life. Nobody cares about ur GoofBall Opinions.

Now get back on the Assembly Line and Stick to the Script Boy!!!!!

Didn't I Discontinued ur Garbage Behind. Ur not even a Lincoln, Ur a Mercury. BE Gone BOY!!

It is Over BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Henry Ford, have given the word To Discontinue The Lincoln Continental. The Biggest Piece Of Cow Dong That we have Created.



Philbin has shown himself to be a thoughtful and intelligent professional.
He's fired superstars (Ochocinco) and released draft picks (Gates).
He obviously greenlighted, and perhaps even suggested, the trade of Vontae.

What we have now: Free agents visit here supposedly willing to sign and then meet with Ireland and leave laughing.
What Philbin brings: Free agents that come here will take him seriously. He is a Super Bowl winning coach. A free agent can take him seriously. He never ridiculed anybody or brought embarassment on an organization.

My best friends Dashi, Aloco, Kris and oscar canosa are here.
Thank you for coming my dear friends. May the blessings and peace of the Prophet be upon you.

My dear friens I believe that for this season Philbin is a calming influence on the whole organization.
Going forward I believe he would be better as GM than HC.
Certainly we will keep Philbin in the organization, and he will be respected and compensated. AI also feel it best for him and us that we find the best fit for him as well as satisfying our highest priority needs.
Therefore I am pleased and proud to offer my recommendation of Joe Philbin as an upgrade to our GM position.

When a child grows up in a trailer park in a single parent home the odds are a lot higher that he/she will have a low earning, criminal justice system awareness-filled life.
Against the odds some of these children are able to achieve things: earn a GED, maybe even a HS diploma, be accepted for enlistment into the military or even a civil service job working in sanitation of transportation.
However this backround does not qualify somebody to be GM of any team high school, collegiate or NFL team.

People, especially black people, especially black people-athletes know immediately when thay are face to face with trailer trash.

Philbin as gm would never happen, however even if it did I disagree with u, he is worse than Ireland, getting rid of talent on this team instead of adding to it.

I See Odin Stank still polluting this bloh.
Mando, Could you please get rid of ODINSTANK?


Chicago Bears' WR Brandon Marshall's hands

Last seen:

Unknown/As a child

If found:

Please send them to Soldier Field

LOL MD20. Maybe it wasn't Henne after all. That was a very catchable TD there. Though I hate the fact we got rid of a ProBowl WR and replaced him with nothing, I am 100% guaranteed Marshall (like Vontae, like Chad) wouldn't have changed the trajectory of the team very much. Yes, a tiny bit, but it would have been a band-aid, nothing to grow on.

What Prophet is that?

Where's all the Marshall backers this morning? All the 'Ireland was an idiot for trading Marshall guys'? Come on you f*ckers, you go into hiding whenever your guy comes up small, like he ALWAYS does. Show yourself you f*cking cowards!

If you're going to come on here and blast Ireland for days on end about trading 'our only all Pro' blah, blah, blah.....then at least have the b*lls to show your face when he disappears. Biggest game of the year for the Bears, chance to make a statement against the division champs, to start them off at 0-2 and the guy comes up small like he ALWAYS does. 2 catches for 24 yards and a dropped TD. Great game! You've shown yourself to be the typical loser that you are when you're needed most. Take a look at the record of teams he's played for. ZERO playoff games. Yep, that's your $50 million all Pro. That's the guy you're going to win a Chmapionship with. Makes me laugh...

And the only comeback most of you losers will have is to attack ME. Can't stick to the product on the field and Marshall's classic disappearing act. But this is the guy. This is the saviour. You're the same guys who told us he'd make all the difference in the world when he came to the Dolphins. NEWSFLASH....our won/loss record wasn't ANY better with Marshall. Not one bit.

I know....you'll give us some excuse that he's never had a good QB throwing to him. That's the difference. The REALLY good WR's get it done regardless of who's throwing to them. Keep making excuses for him. He NEVER does it when it's needed most. NEVER.

The reason Marshall was happy coming to Miami is because he was used to having it after his name:

MARSHALL MIA (Missing in action)

One of the biggest frauds in the league. But have fun in the Pro Bowl again this year with your 4 TDS in a game that doesn't actually matter. FRAUD!

Wouldn't be a herald blog if Craig M didn't show up to give props to Ireland. HILARIOUS!

Btw, to coalition, the only people who deserve an apology is this blog. For having to read your constant whining & bickering.

You redefine Pathetic with every post.


Like I said 'troll', don't attack me....talk about your boy Marshall....AKA fraud.

You can't because he's just that....a fraud! Yeah lets hang onto him a few more years and continue to be mediocre and then we can't trade him for anything. Brilliant move!


Why don't you be a man and sign in under your name. Your not a man...you're a FRAUD....like your boy Marshall.

was hilarious watching marshall get shut down easily and dropping a easy td catch


He's a FRAUD. Always has been. The teams he's been on have always been brutal. But guys buy into this crap because he catches 100 balls a year....none of them of any importance. Biggest game of the year and he shows up like a high school player. This is the guy some on here want to build around. HILARIOUS!

But he'll make the Pro Bowl again this year and add 2-3 TD passes in the game and everyone will say "How could we trade out only Pro Bowler for two third round picks?'. HILARIOUS!

Typically Reals NAme^^^

i loved the trade, marshall wasnt in our future anyways. but sad ireland already wasted one of the picks we got for him, hopefully new gm next year will make the other pick count

Itchin' for a fight today, huh Craig? Watch out, trolls don't like being on the defensive.

Anyway, as a grown-*ss man, I can admit when I was wrong. And I was wrong about Marshall. Didn't want to totally accept it, but that cake is baked. The guy for whatever reason can't come up big when his team really needs him to. He's a good WR, but too many drops in the endzone. That's crucial, that's why you get paid the big bucks. Between the 20's is fine, moving the team up and down the field, but if you can't finish it off, then you're not "one of the best there ever was." And that's not Brandon Marshall.

DC, well said. Amazing that the cowards have gone into hiding today. Typical!

bill, I think you are going to be awfully disappointed when Ireland is making the picks again in April and is here again next year. I believe there's a plan and I believe Ross has signed off on that plan. The plan is to get rid of the bloated, dead weight, under-achieving, under-performing players and reload for next year. Gone are Marshall, Davis and Johnson and I think there are more to go. It's a rookie QB and a rookie coach and I believe Ross will be patient with the rebuild. This team could look a LOT different next year with a WR or two, a rushing linebacker and one or two new corners. The nucleus is fine and hopefully Tannehill grows in the job. You put a new GM in there next year and he'll blow everything up and I think that would be a colossal mistake long term.

Btw, AWFULLY early to be calling the picking of Egnew a 'wasted pick'. He's what 23 years old? Bit early for that, no?


The only time Marsha uses his hand is to hit women.

WOW, So JAY CUTLER IS ALOT WORST THAN T-HILL. According to the Troll's Way of thinking. U know rate each game like the most important EVER. Give it at least half-a-Season people.

Where is Mando he was on the Marsha Train. Marsha=Nanee with a DIVA COMPLEX.

(Dashi still doesn't like Saying this)

Brian Hartline makes that Catch!

With Hartline and Bess at WR we can Consistently get Over 120+ yds a game between the 2, Without Many Drops.

I too was diasapponted in Ireland traing B Marsh but he obviously is a guy that will drop a lot of passess for whatever reason and for a WR making 50 million dollars its not worth it. I still dont believe Ireland can draft players, also he still should be fired.

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