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Dolphins vs. Raiders on local television

The Dolphins announced moments ago that Sunday's 1 p.m. game against Oakland has been declared a sellout and will be televised locally in South Florida.

The sellout took some work. The club had to work it until the 5 p.m. deadline and even then had to guarantee the purchase of whatever tickets are not sold between now and game day. I am assuming the club got a sponsor or sponsors to share the cost of making that guarantee.

“As we’ve said many times, keeping the games on local television has been a priority of Steve Ross’ since he purchased the franchise,” said Dolphins Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee. “Any remaining unsold seats will be offered to Dolphins premium seat holders and season ticket members on a first come first served basis.”


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DC I agree with your post at 9:04, Marshall Vontae and company wouldn't have changed Miami enough to be worth the hassle. The draft picks we got in return are a better investment for this team than the players themselves would have been. With each day that passes the more I believe Ireland is certain to be fired at season's end. Philbin is getting rid of his "talent"/"picks" because they know they aren't a fit for this team. Sherman and Philbin know more about this game than Sparano or Ireland.

Last time we saw Marshall's hands he was beating his wife. No thank you. We made an investment (2 2nd round picks) and lost on it (2 3rd round picks) it happens. At the time i applaud Ireland for being aggressive and smart but it clearly didn't work out, thus he takes the fall


I don't agree. I believe you'll see Ireland and Philbin work more as a tandem going forward than Ireland and Sparano did. I believe Ireland will draft and add players according to what Philbin wants. We've seen this already with the adding of guys like Steinbach. Ireland had a VERY limited budget to be able to do anything this offseason but you're seeing Philbin saying lets' get rid of guys like Bell, Marshall and Davis and Ireland is complying. I believe they are a tandem that could be successful together. This idea of bringing in a new GM, first of all who are we talking about and secondly what guarantee is there that they will work well together and get the job done?

Craig M,

Dashi Agrees @9:54.


He Will be Patient. Dashi will try and be Patient and not want Ireland's head. For Philbin and T-Hill's Sake.

What is Saving Jeff is that he has put the team in Prime Position To Build for a Real long Time. Next Year will be Better Than 08'.

Ireland has a Ton of Cap Space and Picks. Plus he has Experience. Shouldn't make the Same Mistakes. Plus, Philbin should have more input next season with Ireland than anybody else on Personnel Matters. Have to Look at the Positives.

But Ireland is getting 50/50 with Dashi. I will withhold my judgement until week 8.

Craig, I don't think we'll be able to fill: 2 WR, an MLB, and 2 CB next season alone. Think: a young WR or CB (best available at our draft position unless we trade up) and another in round 2. I don't think we'll find the MLB we want in this draft though we may need to use that 1st round pick on one once we cut Dansby because Philbin already knows he doesn't fit this team and isn't worth the money he makes. Our 2 CBs will be Sean Smith (to my dismay, he's underacheived as much as Vontae has, but we'll resign him for some pretty good money since it's hard to replace 2 CBs in 1 season) and either a new young guy or Jimmy Wilson or Richard Marshall again -- not good. Only way to ease that pain is to get a Safety (Eric Berry type)

I hope FA brings us a CB and a #2 WR. I'd rather get a young stud WR in the draft as our #1 (ala: AJ Green or Julio Jones esque) than rely on signing Dwayne Bowe as our alpha receiver. But if we can sure up CB, SS, and MLB in the draft than I'll accept Bowe for the time being.

Craig, that shows that Philbin is running the draft board and not Ireland (which may actually be a good thing!) but if that's the case why not get a more capable GM to do that with Philbin?

I believe that Tannehill was a consensus (ross, sherman, philbin, ireland) pick. Martin was a Philbin pick. Egnew was an Ireland and Philbin pick.

I kind of wish we would have traded Sean Smith for a similar deal like Davis. Resigning him, Reggie Bush, Starks, and Jake Long is going to strap us down. We'll need to cut excess salary somewhere to be able to add FA talent -- which is why I believe Dansby and Burrnett are gone after the season if we can't trade them. Thankfully rookie's salaries are cheaper now.

Craig M....

I see your on your high horse today...and thats fine....

but really....

Are you gonna do this after EVERY Chicago game....

what if next week Marshall has 3 TDs and 150 yards recieving....will you write 10 post admitting thay you and Ireland might be wrong....I woudn't expect you too...but would you???

My point.....

Lets let the SEASON play out before we CRWON ourselves about any decsion that was made reagrding Marshall....

How does that sound???


I'm looking at all the picks we have in April and the fact we'll have $40 million to spend in FA. You're right, it's a lot to fill in one offseason. But we'll have our own first (a likely top 5 pick) and two seconds (a likely top 5 and a likely top 10), not to mention two thirds and other picks. I also believe Ireland may not be finished unloading vets. I think if we're sitting at 1-5 or 1-6, you might see him unload a Dansby or Bush for a 4th or 5th. We'll see.

I believe Ireland will add WR in the first or second round next year. I know people don't believe that to be the Parcells model but I think Ireland will see the need for a top WR. Far better to go this route than hand $40-50 million to a guy like Bowe, which I don't believe Ireland would ever do. You're right, MLB, safety and TE are all positions that need to be looked at. I keep hoping we'll see something from Clay or Egnew and this need would be as large.

I am a Marshall Fan....

I still think this team would be better WITH him than without him....

but that is neither here nor there any more....

When Marshall is catching or dropping TDs in the playoffs...then we re-visit this....


An elite CB in Tramon Williams shut down B Marsh last night he wasnt open all night, and when he finally was open after the DB fell he dropped the TD pass, we've seen this over and over in Miami. Do you honestly thinks he's worth 50 million?


I've said all along, a rookie QB will extend contracts of a lot of other folks (HC, GM, etc.). No one likes what Craig is saying, but it's a very distinct possibility. I think the Owner will see a new team forming. He'll see they are in their infant stages. He'll see the rookie QB, and he might think brighter days are on the horizon, so why change GMs now.

If you asked me to predict what Ross will do end of Season today (of course, it depends on the record), I think he sticks with Ireland and sees what happens with Philbin being a major part of the draft strategy.


craig nfl network already reported ireland has to have a winning season to keep job. also loved the report where garbage tebow said he would demand a trade if he isnt the starter by end of year


By your own admission...an ELITE QB shut him down....it happens....sometime the big dog meets the Alpha dog....

Marshall will have 14-16 More games to play this year....lets see if he is worth 50 million come January....

and no not a bit early. some of this years draft picks have already been cut. most others werent even active. and most anyone knows a te from missouris system will never do a thing in the nfl cause they never can block. ireland is horrible and im glad hes gone come january

I'll sit tight with our TEs Clay and Egnew and unless we get a sure-fire stud TE in the 2nd or 3rd round i wouldn't dare waste a pick on one. We have too many other holes right now, that would be a pure luxury pick. I'd rather Bush stay. He's a leader, mentor, and a workhorse and Thomas and Miller can learn A LOT from him. I'd really like to keep Starks so we can maintain our top-notch run defense and focus on our secondary which needs all the help they can get. I don't know who is going to be an FA at the end of the season but we need Vets to go in the secondary and we need young guys as our LBs and WRs. Vets at those 2 positions will cost an arm and a leg that we can't really waste money towards right now. As for Jake Long...I'll have to make a full fledged opinion on him at season's end. I want him because he's a leader and is the only guy we can put on an island as well as the fact he sures up our LOL, but he's going to hit our cap hard with a Joe Thomas type contract.

Brandon Marshall is a top 5 WR. Its unfair to judge him with the Dolphins garbage QB's. He is a perrenial pro bowler and MVP pro bowler with any decent QB.


How many ELITE CB are there in the league any way??


Well said. I think I took you to task after Demarco Murray had his big game last week, so turnaround is fair play.

My problem is we;ve had to listen to people on hear go on about what an idiot Ireland was for trading Marshall for 2 thirds and the reality is I think he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. The guy's going to put up good numbers in Chicago this year, no question. But what is that contribtuting to Chicago at the end of the day. How are they a better team for it? How are they better in the won/loss column? I have Chicago as a team going to the playoffs this year but it's games like last night that confirm in my mind that Marsall isn't worth the $50 mil and headaches that come with him. He's not a guy we ever ould have won with here. I believe Ireland saw that and realized it was smart to get something for him while he still could.

I'm in agreement, let's talk about Marshall when he either is or isn't making plays for the Bears in the playoffs.

craig the cap space doesnt help when nobody wants to sign here. we will have first pick in draft and our new gm will deal that for a ton of other picks to rebuild.

Phins 31
Raiders 10

And all of you will shut Joe mouves!

Dashi heard Ireland will be fired today

this will be great news.

great TD drop by baby marshall last night. what a pizzy he is

most anyone knows a te from missouris system will never do a thing in the nfl cause they never can block. ireland is horrible and im glad hes gone come january
Posted by: bill connors | September 14, 2012 at 10:39 AM

Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, and Jimmy G can't block for s**t, but they're known as the best TEs in the league. WCO demands a quick release before the pass rush can get to the QB. Bush is a good pass protector, Thomas is ok, if our RB can notice the rush and slide to pick it up than we don't need Egnew or Clay to block. Save it for the RBs and LANE

Oakland 24 Dolphins 6

marshall nowhere near a top 5 wr, get real. miamid jessica alba and roseanne barr both cant block either but im guessing u 100 percent know who u would choose between the 2. and reggie bush is long gone, hope they get a long look at thomas this year


With all due respect, I don't believe HALF the crap that's spewed on the NFL Network or any of ther network for that matter. Until I hear it from Ross, I have every reason to believe that Ireland will be here next year. He may not be popular with the fans but this could be a COMPLETELY diffirent team next year with the right pieces on it. A monkey could pick a guy like Blackmon if he was in position to pick him and I believe that's the kind of guy we could add to this team next year. Put 3-4 impactful guys on this team next year and it's a completely different team. Watch the Rams this year and how they compete every week. Very young team and it's going to take time but they are going to be adding top tier talent and they will become good.

Incidentally, all the RGIII lovers, I'm taking the Rams to beat wonderboy RGIII this week in a close one.

The only reason we're talking about Marshall and smiling at that TD drop is because that one play confirmed why we traded him. The off-the-field drama hasn't even started for Marshall yet and he's already continuing his dropped TD habit. Signs are pointing towards that trade being a good move.

Will he have a pro bowl kind of year? Of course! He's a talented receiver, but where we are as a team and for all the trouble he's worth we were better to get rid of him now before the Brandon Marshall experience got worse.

Marshall can put up 1500 yards and 10 TDs and I'll still be happy with that trade.

craig u wont hear it from ross,lol that would look awful. just sit back and wait till january, hes long gone. rg3 is the man, but we all knew that before he was even drafted

Kris, Marshall is a talent, no doubt. The problem is, if he caught that very catchable TD, it would have changed the whole trajectory of the game. It would have been a huge confidence boost in Chicago's offense. It was a huge play.

And that's what I want (in every skill position by the way). Elite is when it comes to the BIG game, the BIG moment, do you succeed, or fail? That's why I have respect for Eli. When it counts, he gets the job done. Those are the type of players we need.

Craig M....

It wasn't me with Murray....


If Brady goes down....and Mallett lights up the score board...i RESERVE the right to come and rant and rave for one week :)

I understand were your comming from....I just think its way to early to make a judgement one way or the other....If in the end....Marshall has 1,000 yards....but only 5-6 TDs...the I will gladly concede....but if he is in the 10+ TD area...then it will be you who will have to do some writing...




You dont make the pro bowl like Marshall has every year without being great. The Dolphins wont win 6 games without him.

kris either way he didnt fit in our future plans, what was he gonna do for us for 2 more seasons? nothing, we would still suck and he would still be a cancer


I know we are saying the same thing. For all Marshall supposedly brought this team, our record wasn't ONE bit better. This isn't fantasy football, it's about winning football games. Marshall did nothing to help our won/loss record. Before we got him people said 'he'll take us over the hump'. Guess what? Didn't work. It's the same stuff they are saying in Chicago this year. Great chance to bury the Packers and have them start the season 0-2 and they/he couldn't do it. It's more of the same...

Bill, I'm not comparing Egnew to Gronk or Jimmy G. They're elite. The book is still out on Egnew. What Ireland and Philbin were going for was a TE that can catch and own the middle/lower part of the field. They didn't want a blocking TE whatsoever which is why they overlooked that aspect when selecting him.

We also can't discount the fact that they have 2 of the best QBs of this era throwing to them. If Henne, Moore, or Tannehill were throwing to Gronk or Jimmy G do you think they would have the same type of season? Or would they look just as good as Fasano or a Pitta or a Celek?

fin 77 they wouldnt win 6 games with him,lol. this is a 3 win team max, 4 win max with marshall. pointless


You get no argument from me @ 10:49.....

Kris This Team will be Better with Marsha

But Will T-Hill be better for it?


We have about $40+ Mil and 10+ Picks. With Only Really about 5 Major Questions. WR, FS, LB(Outside and Inside), DE

We can Draft 3 out of the 5 Problems, and sign a Blue Chip FA on 1. We are Building and From what Philbin has Stated he's not into building thru FA. He wants to Build thru the Draft.

Picking a Wr is a Big Risk to take in the 1st, bigger than Qb's(WR's have the highest% of 1st rd bust than any position). Unless there is a Real Top of the Line Wideout(Lee from USC and he better run a Low 4.4).

If it's a Top 5 Pick. Dashi says Franchise DE.

Top 10 Pick, Franchise LB, AllPro Safety, or Top of the WR.

If it's a Top 15 Pick. Best of the Above

Again we can fix 3 out of 4 positions With our Top 3 Picks. With the 1st Pick Being a Impact Player.

We can do 2 things with Dansby.Move him outside if we get another MLB. Or Hopefully trade him for a 3rd or Better. Dashi will take 2-3's for Dansby.

Misi has been a Pleasant Surprise. Misi Might get 150 Tackles this Season. LOL, Take that Dansby.

But for Real a 100 Tackles from Misi will be nice to See. He Has a Shot

Kris, not many elite CB's but B Marsh ran his mouth and was shut down, plus with him having BPA youll never really know what Marshall will show up if he goes more than 1 game with only 2 catches.

look wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than fatso, hes awful. pitta and celek are decent at best. graham,gronk are freaks look good anywhere. how we missed on graham in our own backyard is pathetic

Craig M @ 10:51

I agree completely. Marshall is an elite talent, but he didn't fit our team because we weren't going anywhere to begin with. With or without him we weren't a playoff team. His salary, ego, and problems weren't worth it for us. If he were on the Giants or Patriots then they would get 10x more out of Marshall than we ever would have even though he's the exact same player/talent. It didn't mesh with us.

Brandon Marshall was on his way to the HOF until he met Chad Henne.


Your point is well made at 10:49am. It was the SAME thing with Davis. He couldn't do it when it mattered. Yeah he made plays and yes he was talented but he couldn't do it when it really counted. Those are the guys I want on this team too. Davis and Marshall aren't those guys....they've shown that. FAntasy numbers are for the birds. Does BB care about what players have big fantasy numbers? No. It's about getting the job done when needed.

Btw, and I'll get criticized for this, the guy Egnew reminds me of the most is Aaron Hernandez in NE. The guys who are criticizing this team for not picking a TE who can make a difference and passing on guys like Hernandez are also criticizing the pick of Egnew. The difference is that Hernandez has an all-time QB making the throws, while Egenew has a rookie. Hernandez also has an all-pro TE in Gronk taking all the coverage away from him and opening the field. And the players are MUCH more familiar with BB's system than the Dolphins are with Philbin. I'm saying give Egnew a chance and he can grow into that kind of player. He's not close right now but he does have skills for the passing game.

Bill, the point is Gronk and Jimmy G wouldn't post even half the stats they did last season if they were on Miami. Our system and QB play doesn't fit their playing style (with Philbin and the WCO here it certainly does). They would have posted Pitta and Celek type numbers. Obviously they're better players because Pitta and Celek on the Saints and Patriots wouldn't have done nearly as well, but to expect them to be equally as elite on Miami (up to this point) is a stretch.

Dashi, with 40-45 million how do you expect to:

Resign: Bush, Starks, Long, Sean Smith
Sign: top-notch FA at WR or LB or CB

In one season it's impossible to fill all our needs and still remain under the cap.

If we let Bush or Starks or Long or Smith walk we save some money but we also open up more holes for us at those positions which will then require draft picks or FAs to replace

Ryan Leaf = Tim Couch = Andrew Luck

Madden said RGIII is the best player in the league right now. Not for a rookie. Best player in the league. Right now.

Everyone thats not on the Dolphins stinks!!

Andrew Luck = Jeff George

Tim Couch: after 1 week, yes. If you had a choice to start a brand new team with ANY player on any team who would you pick?

Personally, I'll take Rodgers. And then I'd probably take Andrew Luck. But would you choose RGIII for your brand new team right now?

Hey dummies, you know how Bellicheat is always one step ahead? As I told you last year, it's no longer a finesse "passing" league.

This year the Pats are going smashmouth running game, throw in Brady the TEs and the pats are going 19-0 this year. Bank on it.

I told you so.

Everyone who is now copycatting to the WCO (like us) are the losers who are always 5 years behind the times.

Same with San Fran. It's San Fran and the Pats in the superbowl.

The way to win football games is to control the ball and the clock and field position. Running and defense.

Same as it ever was. That's why the pats have not won the SB in a few years despite Brady's greatness. The last few years they had a 160 pound white HB.

Now they have a running game again.

Here are the good teams: San Fran, NE, Baltimore. These are teams that can run the ball.

We have weapons to do it too, with BUsh and Thomas, but we have an outdated Cam Cameron v2.0 for a coach who's going to call 50 passes and only 18 rushes a game with our rookie QB and no WRs.

and no turnovers. the winning teams control the ball and don't have turnovers

Guys need to go back and look at the RGIII game from Sunday. A lot of short passes and swing passes that the receivers took for long gains. I think one of them was about 70-80 yards. Listen, I like the kid but that was a lousy defence he was playing against and a team that is in a bit of disarray right now. I'm picking NO to beat Carolina this weekend but I could totally see an upset and NO to be sitting at 0-2. I like RGIII and I think he's going to be a good QB in this league but a lot of guys are getting way ahead of themselves with this 'best player' talk.



i AGREE...

The way to win football games is to control the ball and the clock and field position. Running and defense.
Posted by: Tim Couch | September 14, 2012 at 11:12 AM

How'd that work for Sparano? Look at the Miami vs Colts game when Miami held the ball for over 40 minutes and lost.

I used to be a big John Madden fan but the game passed him by a long time ago. He's starting to sound like a senile old fool. 'Pay attention to me'. He's become a bit of an embarrassment frankly, the same was Don Cherry's become an embarrassment too.

true on rg3, and there were idiots in here saying he wasnt worth trading up for.

I am beginning to get that Friday excitement that I must fight off.

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