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Dolphins vs. Raiders on local television

The Dolphins announced moments ago that Sunday's 1 p.m. game against Oakland has been declared a sellout and will be televised locally in South Florida.

The sellout took some work. The club had to work it until the 5 p.m. deadline and even then had to guarantee the purchase of whatever tickets are not sold between now and game day. I am assuming the club got a sponsor or sponsors to share the cost of making that guarantee.

“As we’ve said many times, keeping the games on local television has been a priority of Steve Ross’ since he purchased the franchise,” said Dolphins Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee. “Any remaining unsold seats will be offered to Dolphins premium seat holders and season ticket members on a first come first served basis.”


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craig keep trying to spin it but griffin looked unreal for a rookie or a seasoned vet

Tim Couch....

Its staments liken that (from Madden)....witch takes AWAY from the crediblity of so called football analyst and experts....


Let's talk after he falls to earth and it will happen.


I read this on another site and thought it would be a good paste since we talk about this to death. IMO it's right on and makes sense. By the way I've already judged Ireland by the talent he has brought to the team and I say he sucks. But of course if most of these things somehow workout I will have to change my stance a bit.

"EVERYONE wants to evaluate Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland based on wins & losses. That's not the measuring stick. This is
How does the young talent he brought to the team produce?"

Are Jared Odrick, Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby enough as edge rushers, can they pressure the quarterback?

Will Reshad Jones and Chris Clemons blossom as a safety duo, or will the secondary continue to be an area of concern?

Can Sean Smith begin to play to his talent level, and is Nolan Carroll a solid No. 3 cornerback?

Will Mike Pouncey, John Jerry and Johnathan Martin stablize the Dolphins offensive line?

Can Koa Misi, who is entering his third year as a starter, blossom as a 4-3 outside linebacker?

Will Brian Hartline, Charles Clay and Anthony Armstrong make Miami's passing game respectable?

Can Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, Lamar Miller and Jovorskie Lane produce enough plays to make Miami's backfield a feared unit?

And most importantly, will Ryan Tannehill show that he's a young quarterback worth developing?


your buying the hype....smh....

keep saying that craig. guy will have a great rookie season, wouldnt shock me to see skins in playoffs

never had to buy it, saw him in college. just like i told u cam newton was the man also. for some reason u cant admit these guys are good.

luck,griffin,newton next wave of great qbs get used to it, yeah im mad also miami didnt get any of them but not gonna show bias now towards them


Cam Newton's team went 6-10 last year and were beat by the Bucs in week 1. A pretty mediocre Bucs team at that too. So what are we saying about Newton? Third best player in the league?

Just to clarify bill, I like RGIII and I think he'll be a good QB in this league. I'm saying he's nowhere NEAR the best player in the league right now and I'll take the bet that the 'Skins don't make the playoffs. What would you like to bet, bill? Name your price?


You're not EXACTLY going out on a limb naming the top picks the last two years as the 'next wave of good young QBs'. Geez....way to go WAY out there. How about you tell us 'Apple is a good stock to buy'. EARTH-SHATTERING!

I don't think anyone is arguing that RGIII won't be a good QB but to proclaim the best in the league is buying into the hype. How many championships is he going to win in Washington? How about Newton?

Yes on Koa Misi. Yes on RT. No on the WRs. Maybe, on the rest of that paste you published here. Maybe.

Nobody knows.

Bush will not be Back. It's a Buisness not a Love Affair. Bush will be 30 yrs old. And We all Know what that means. The End(With The Door's Playing)

PEOPLE GET THIS THRU UR THICK SKULLS THE FRANCHISE ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE. Jake Long will be Re-Signed!! His Cap Number Actually goes down with an Extension.

Starks is 50/50. If We Re-Sign Starks Don't Believe We Re-sign Soliai the Yr after.

We Will Sign S.Smith at the Right Price.


Odrick is a Better DT than a DE. Move him inside and Get a Prototype 4-3 DE in the Top 5. U Know A J.Peppers/M.Williams Type.

The Only thing Dashi will spend Money on a is a FA Wr. Greg Jenning will cost less than Bowe.

DE, FS, and MLB can be solved with the first 3 picks, Next Year.

Dashi didn't say solve Everything in 1 year. But An Infusion of Youth is Needed on Our D.

Get your orange protest shirts here..

All the fans will be for Oakland.
"The Miami Dolphins are on the clock."

right on kapowski. to think the owner and Gm "aren't trying to win" is childish and ignorant. Lost last year - new coach - draftet 1st round QB$$$. cmon people

Pathetic. Its actually come to this. Hoping that games actually get televised, lol.

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