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'Favorable' schedule suddenly looking tougher

Remember last week when I told you this season's schedule reminded me of the 2008 schedule that allowed that Dolphins team to win the AFC East title? Remember that stuff about the Dolphins not facing a 2011 playoff qualifier until December, thus making this coming two months a time when the Dolphins could win some games?

Remember Davone Bess saying he'd looked at the schedule and thought the Dolphins could do damage with that schedule?

Yeah, that stuff's not holding up so well right now.

The Dolphins will leave for Arizona on Friday as part of their preparations for playing the Cardinals Sunday. That game was supposed to be against a struggling club that was still searching for a quarterback and an identity.

Nevermind. That's not looking to be the case at this point.

The Cardinals are 3-0. They have posted a 10-2 record in their last 12 regular-season games. They boast the NFL's No. 1 defense in points allowed -- which is the most important statistic when judging because, you know, the score is what determines the game's outcome.

The Cards still have premier receiver Larry Fitzgerald and now Kevin Kolb has started to stabilize their quarterback play.

Suddenly this game isn't looking like a victory for Miami, much less an easy victory.

And that seems to be the narrative in other parts of the schedule as well.

The Bengals were supposed to be beatable. I suppose they still are. But they're tied for the AFC North lead and are playing solid football. Andy Dalton is the NFL's fourth-rated quarterback.

The Seahawks were supposed to be beatable. I suppose they still are. But they have the look of a solid team as well. Their defense, particularly their secondary, is outstanding. The unit was second in the NFL in points allowed per game prior to last night's game against Green Bay. And offensively, Marshawn Lynch is indeed a beast.

Yes, the Colts, Titans and Rams have major problems. But all have quarterbacks playing better than Miami starter Ryan Tannehill.

Suddenly, a stretch of games that seemed promising a week ago, is casting a different shadow now.


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They've reaped the harvest they have sown.

Its nice to be optimistic. Tannehill will probably be the Dolphins QB of the immediate future,how he moved up from being a 2nd round pick to a top ten pick on the strength of his combine workout puzzles me.I guess their is a history of this happening in the NFL to QBs that have become all-pros.How the Dolphins after trading Marshall for two third rounders passed on the WR position until the late rounds surprised me, especially after taking a QB with the number eight pick.The NFL is an extremely competetive business with the limited number of franchises and a limited number of impact players moving from college to the pros.I think they drafted for need in the first round and then abandoned need until they picked a WR.I think on the positive side L Miller looks like he could be the impact player that all the teams need in the era of free agency even if they are losing games, those are the players the fans come to see similar to home-run hitters in baseball.

This is why you shouldnt read too much into all that pre-season strength of schedule hype we hear every year.You could also make the argument that the Dolphins are playing much better as a team than most prognosticators had predicted.We havent been as bad as advertised other than that six minute span in the second quarter of game one.We run the ball well and we stop the run well.Continue to do that and we will win more than we lose.

Gotta wonder if Seattle's defense stepped up for the Packers and if it was a mirage or if they are that good, why haven't we heard about them before? I'm also not sold on Arizona's defense but both are playing well. Would love to see Wilson go against Tannehill and Luck vs Tannehill. Should be some fun weeks ahead.

all the optomism created from the first two games were erased in the third quarter of the jets game, i left the game thinking the jets were trying to give us a win and our inept passing game earned the loss and left fans feeling hopeless as in "if we can't beat a crappy jets team, how on earth are we going to beat a REAL team. the good news i guess, is that we are only ONE game behind in our division, it is not an impossible goal, the best thing miami can do right now is forget about that ugly game and move forward. it is now up to tannehill to remove the john beck comparison(an image his jets preformance was responsible for) from my mind.

Armando says:

Yes, the Colts, Titans and Rams have major problems. But all have quarterbacks playing better than Miami starter Ryan Tannehill.
You are correct when considering passer rating only. However Tannehill does not have the receivers to help his cause that the Colts, Titans, Rams and Cardinals have. The Dolphin's regime knew this would be a process for the athletic rookie Tannehill and so it goes.

That said if the Dolphins do not win more games than they lose; perhaps Ireland will be out of a job. The job of acquiring skill players (Receivers and CB's)with the numerous picks the Dolphins will have.

I hope Ireland finally realizes that his lack of action in getting this team a solid #1 receiver will only inhibit Tannehill's progress. Best he'll be able to do is "manage" this offense and let the running game take over. Bess and Hartline are capable, but don't scare anybody.

Presumably the Dolphins aren't going to make the playoffs, in which case I want them to lose as much as possible. Simply to oust Ireland. Miami will never be great while they have him making decisions. The best they can hope for is a shade of mediocrity.

All crying and complaining - What a joke

Carpenter missed two field goals ether of which would have have given us a huge win.

I'll take that because I dont think we will ever see it again and second no one thought the Dolphins were good enough to be in that position

This is an ok team with a lot of promising parts right now. If Ireland can hit on a few more pices in the off season we will be very good next season.

For this year I think looking at how well the team is playing we will win a lot of these games and the nice pieces we have will really be able to improve.

Also dont bank on Carpenter missing anymore field goals.

I'm not too sure to WHOM ANY stretch of games this year seemed promising to (besides Kris). As most realistic watchers of this team figured they had a good 4-5 wins in them, it was obvious we were going to lose most of our games this year. Just need Tannehill to improve, especially his accuracy. However, I see everyone's reporting he has the worst QB rating in the league, and to me that should be said with an asterisk, and after just put the names of his receivers, and then everything clears up pretty easily.

Like I mentioned last night after the game:

Phin fans can't feel as bad as packer fans do this week.

With that said, Carpenter is on his home field, he has no excuse missing twice from under 50. The guy can hit a 63 yarder and I'll give him 1 miss, it happens, but how do you miss both of those....oh the sting. If we lost to any other team it wouldn't be that bad but the Jests...ugggg!

MD20, I have to say, I'm actually on Belichick's side too. These refs are the worst, they need to be grabbed and berated. Belichick might get fined or worse, but really, he deserves a medal. The Owners are ruining the game for the 2nd year in a row (first they lockout the players, now the refs). And it's over a measley (to them) $3 mil. They probably have toilets in their homes worth more. It's a freakin' joke.


Give it a Break! Always the Constant HATE!!

OK, this week will be another Great Test for T-Hill and his Progression!

Also, a Great Test for Our O-Line. Yes, T-Hill Barely even got hit the Last Game and we ran for 180+ (According to all the Haters in 3 QTR's). Let's See how we do against a REAL D-LINE!! This will be a Great MatchUp for Our line.


Our Pass Defense? Will our LB's Cover Someone this Week? Can our CB's handle their WR's? Can we get some Sacks?

WE GAVE UP 300+yds TO MARK SANCHEZ. The 2nd Time in Dolphin History a JETS Qb throws for Over 300yds and "Wins" a Game. The only other time Penny like 10 years ago.

This Defense is WAY BETTER CONDITIONED than Anything Spo and Nolan Put together!!! We won't get gassed at the end of Games!

The Problem is we have SLOW LB's and Clemons at Safety(Dashi is Done with him). Also our CB's are Really #2's.

Coyle is Working but the Defense is going thru a bigger Scheme Change than the Offense!

We only Really need Wr's on Offense, We need a WHOLE NEW BACK 7!

we should have unloaded sean smith instead of vontae. sean was beaten badly for potential TD's but sanchez misfired. backup wr schliens left sean chasing more than once. vontae is a "cover corner".

LOL greg, if by "cover corner" you mean covered the air, then yes, I agree. Truth is, Vontae has no heart. His brother didn't either, but Mike Singletary made him see the error of his ways. But Vontae seems to even denser than that. Look in his eyes when he was told he was traded. There's nothing in between those ears. The guy has natural talent and ability, that's all. He'll never be a great player in the NFL. We had a crappy secondary when Vontae was here, and we have a crappy secondary without him. We need new players, just DIFFERENT ones that have better potential than wasted talent.

For the first time in over ten years I have an optimistic outlook about this team. THill is only going to improve as the season unfolds. They surely lack talent at the WR and DB positions but that can change week to week as the young guys get more experience. THills rating does not suprise or disappoint at this juncture of the season. For the most part he has played damn well. Much more than I expected from a rookie QB that had not much experince running a pro team. I told myself at the beginning of the season that I would be happy with an 8-8 season. But the way the NFL has went so far I am not so sure the playoffs are so far fetched that it is not only attainable but can be a reality.

Man, they better bring back the regular Refs. I really wouldn't want to go thru what GB is going Today.

no !

On another note Carpenter should not shoulder the blame for the loss. Yes he missed the FG tries but they had plenty of other opportunities to win the damn game before that situation arose. Blame game is worthless when they had lots of time to never be in that situation in the first place.

no talent.


Evaluate T-Hill's Progress throughout the Year!!! What Happened to his Chronic Tipped ball issue? Or him giving away the Snap Count? CAN WE ADMIT JJ WATT IS A TOP DE AND THE REASONS THE TEXANS WEREN'T GIVING $100 Mil to Mario. This Year will be a Good Test AZ has some Tall DE's.

Also, what better way to rate a QB than with NO WR'S(A Little Sarcasm). At least No Diva Wr's. We will get better WR's. That's on Ireland!!!!!!!!! He did Screw that Up this Year. But if T-hill can Show that he can win even with this Group! We are on to Something.

2 REAL Good things Dashi saw from T-Hill this week. He didn't have a Meltdown after the Pick 6 and his Poise. For a guy who only had 2 Pro Starts and Not Alot of College Experience, T-Hill has Enough Poise to almost bring this team back Twice in 1 Game.

Yes, Dashi hates the guy and thinks the guys Garbage but T-Hill's Poise is Brady Like. The Moment doesn't Overcome him like Sanchez or Henne.

Yes, T-Hill is a Rookie so he will be Inconsistent, SPECIALLY with THESE WR's and TE's. But for a Rookie to already go up to the Line and be allowed to make audibles. Is Good to see.

He knows the OFfense, That's a Big Advantage for a Rookie QB!! Add that with he plays in a Division against 2 really Good Defensive Coaches. His understanding of the NFL Game will be pretty Good by the end of year 1. Also, add the No Wr's thing. T-Hill hit's the Wr's in their HANDS. That's not a ACCURACY ISSUE. That's a Hands Issue. Why Does it always looks like a Great Catch with Bess? Cause he has hands!

Even in Overtime if Flatline would've had real Speed or Catches it!! (The ball did hit his hands!) That would've been a TD GAME OVER! He still went back the next play and hits hartline, but Again a Real WR SMokes the CB for a TD!

Why surprised? LV said it BEFORE the Season started, 7-9.

I love my dolphins. But it's a rough road ahead. The PHINS could be 1-5. At the bye week! JI has failed the DOLFAN again by not going for a good WR in the draft in free agency, the start a young QB but no weapons and expect QB to perform, at least if the PHINS continue to lose my dreams will come true, that puts JI closer to getting fire and seeing JI ride off into the sunset!! ROSS THE ATTENDANCE AT THE STADIUM WILL GET WORST THIS YEAR

Not to worry. Our opponents may have some great players but we are stocked with acorns.

afc least, all cream puffs.
just pathetic...

Long suffering Year, what it is.

Tannehill has been just fine. If his receivers actually catch the ball then his rating would have been fine and we wouldn't have lost the last game. Anthony Armstrong dropped a perfect slant pass on 3rd and 10 for no apparent reason and Fasano could be blamed for that pick 6 because he is suppose to be angling back to the QB to keep himself between the DB and the QB. THill put his team in position to tie and then to win the game with clutch 3rd down passing and unfortunately we missed the field goal. Let it go. If they beat Arizona this week, we will hear excuses of how Arizona blew it or just gave it away. We just need the receivers to step up since the running game is humming along on all cylinders.

season after season the same old shi+...

pix six...

jets lose...

Armando, regardless of the strength of schedule, this team wasn't gonna win more than 3-5 games.

Anybody can beat anybody on any given week. But, you saw a fine example this week. Even when they outplayed the opponent, they find ways to lose.

Is Miami that much better or are the Jets just that awful that we looked decent?

Just because the schedule was soft, what would lead anyone to believe this team is better than the other weak teams in the NFL?

We aren't. 4-12

jets = awful.

What receivers, son MD?

ya'll remember the panthers s/cup run when the fans threw all of those plastic rats on the ice...???
everybody bring f'n acorns 2 the next game at the joe and pelt that deuche bag ireland after every f up on the field..

the 1's who keep getting cut from other teams oscar.

If you think Fasano is going to beat a safety on an out route, then you have been reading the wrong page here.

Oakland beat the steelers. Any team can beat any team on Sunday! The PHINS unfortunate don't have play makers on offense and it shows, I feel bad for Tannehill.
I really do, that's why JI has to go, no play makers on this offense except Bush. And he is hurt, everyone says next year JI will bring in the talent. I don't trust ha judgement on picking players!!! Let Philbin pick the players fire JI. And let Philbin bring a GM he is comfortable with. IMO!

2watt, that would actually be funny (acorns). LOL! I wouldn't mind seeing that.

It's obvious that the Dolphins are better than most prognosticators thought. However not good enough to make Tannehill get a respectable QB rating or win against elite teams. The bottom line here is that the Parcells' regime (include Ireland) did a horrible job in acquiring skill position players. The Dolphins need to go after every decent free agent conerback and receiver. Moreover draft receivers, cornerbacks and the safety position. That said the Dolphins may be good enough to start winning with better decisions in the 4th quarter.

Dashi has them going 9-7, but wouldn't mind 4-12. As Long as the Games are Close.

4-12 might get Ireland Fired. And More Than Likely a TOP 5 Pick Next Year. Meaning BEST WR or Defensive Player Available!! Better than a Mid Round Pick. But dont' expect Dashi to root for 4-12. At least til after Thanksgiving.

But we don't need to be good right now. THIS IS AN EVALUATION SEASON. We just need to see progress.

Funny part is our Pass Offense is better than Our Pass Defense.


Whats the matter bunkie, Tannehill not looking so good? If the Dolphins had done what I wanted they would have taken two rush linebackers(one plays for Seahawks)and let Moore QB this yr, but NO the idiots in the front office had to take Tannehill whos not playing very well cause we have one, count'em, one (1) WR who catches the ball with any regularity. The defense cant buy a sack and wheres Cameron been lately. He hasnt smelled a sack.

The truth is 95% of the team is garbage scrubs that wouldnt start for any other team in the NFL. It will take 3 years AFTER Ireland is fired for this team to acquire enough talent to just be competitive. A truly sad state of affairs for Fin fans.

If Moore starts at QB theres a good chance we’re 3-0 or at least 2-1. We fired Sparano who had NO head coach experience when he was brought in & hired another with NO head coach experience. I hope this isn’t an ugly start to an ugly season. Didn’t we just wait 3 yrs for Sparano & Henne to develop? and now this!!

There is NO WAY any LB can cover Santonio Holmes 1 on 1. The LB drops weren't the best either and the middle of the field was exposed.(probably because of trying to put pressure on the Passer).

DC, i still say vontae is much better in coverage than sean smith. yes,he is immature etc and he looked confused when cut. to me, there was no vet that took him to mentor and he really needed coaches to pull in the reins. he has all the ability in the world. sean cannot cover a sleeping baby;gets beat time after time.

It is obvious that Rex took Sherman to the cleaners.

Tannehill = Another Ireland bust = worst QB in the league

the db's need ! help over the top, they have zero...

Still need a QB.

it's like playin' with 9 on d guys. no shi+...

who has a list of qb rankings btw, after week 3?

Cam came close but had a lot of People on him. So, #1 priority on our D, another very good edge rusher. #1#1#1. Otherwise, Brady is going to kill us in both our Games with the Pats.


That's a GREAT 5%!!


1. WR
2. MLB
3. FS
4. CB
5. OLB

(If we have a TOP 5 Pick. Then maybe the fins should consider a Franchise Pass Rush DE.)

We need 5 more players, Not 45!! AS*CLOWN!!!!!

We are 1 more Good Offseason away. And With 10+ Picks and 5 in the top 2 Rounds 7 in the Top 3. We Should be able to fix at least 4 of these problems.

It's funny that people still want to draft defense with the 1st round pick when CLEARLY the biggest weakness on the team is WR & DB.

Throw in the fact that we have a rookie QB struggling PRIMARILY because he has no who can consistently get open & give him an option.

But yea, let's draft an edge rusher in the top 10 picks!

Brady is going to kill us because we have NO LB'S THAT CAN COVER!!!

Tannehill is the lowest ranked rookie quarterback in the league.


This is a good example of how a Team is supposed to work. No natural pass rush, you blitz, usually with LBs or Safeties. You blitz and it doesn't work, the QB has time to throw and everybody back there will have a hard time covering receivers. Then we look like shi-. As simple as that.

If Carpenter had made even one of the two makebale field goals would the analysis be the same??? I mean if they were 2 - 1 heading to AZ, would everyone think that all is well?? Tannehill looks like he is going to be good and this year is all about him growing into the job, if they are competitive great if not then we still need to see if Tannehill can get better each week.

Before they have any chance Dolphin fans will have to wait for:

Brady to retire

Bellichick to retire

Ireland to be fired

A real HC to be hired

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