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'Favorable' schedule suddenly looking tougher

Remember last week when I told you this season's schedule reminded me of the 2008 schedule that allowed that Dolphins team to win the AFC East title? Remember that stuff about the Dolphins not facing a 2011 playoff qualifier until December, thus making this coming two months a time when the Dolphins could win some games?

Remember Davone Bess saying he'd looked at the schedule and thought the Dolphins could do damage with that schedule?

Yeah, that stuff's not holding up so well right now.

The Dolphins will leave for Arizona on Friday as part of their preparations for playing the Cardinals Sunday. That game was supposed to be against a struggling club that was still searching for a quarterback and an identity.

Nevermind. That's not looking to be the case at this point.

The Cardinals are 3-0. They have posted a 10-2 record in their last 12 regular-season games. They boast the NFL's No. 1 defense in points allowed -- which is the most important statistic when judging because, you know, the score is what determines the game's outcome.

The Cards still have premier receiver Larry Fitzgerald and now Kevin Kolb has started to stabilize their quarterback play.

Suddenly this game isn't looking like a victory for Miami, much less an easy victory.

And that seems to be the narrative in other parts of the schedule as well.

The Bengals were supposed to be beatable. I suppose they still are. But they're tied for the AFC North lead and are playing solid football. Andy Dalton is the NFL's fourth-rated quarterback.

The Seahawks were supposed to be beatable. I suppose they still are. But they have the look of a solid team as well. Their defense, particularly their secondary, is outstanding. The unit was second in the NFL in points allowed per game prior to last night's game against Green Bay. And offensively, Marshawn Lynch is indeed a beast.

Yes, the Colts, Titans and Rams have major problems. But all have quarterbacks playing better than Miami starter Ryan Tannehill.

Suddenly, a stretch of games that seemed promising a week ago, is casting a different shadow now.


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I guess its possible but the chances of a new GM keeping Philbin as HC is very slim.

Dashi, people who refer to themselves in the 3rd person ar tw*ts. Wait, that's you!

You posts make you sound like you're 12 & the contents are about as useful as a snapple cap.

Grow up & come back when your sack drops. Maybe then, you'll be relevant.

Then Why Sushi Come Back to Sushi'd

2 watt U just described Chad Henne. 4 yr starter at College. Oh and add PAt White To that List!

That was Parcells Standard for a QB.

That is what makes people think Barkley is a 1st Round Pick. He is a 3rd Down Pick Right Now and Trending Way Down. He's not even a TOP 5 College QB Right Now. AND HE'S Not even 6 ft Tall and can't throw it over 30 yards.

Laser beam S.Morris might get drafted ahead of Barkley.


So that's really, really bad. We did not lose because of missed FGs. The abysmal Jets should not have been in the game. We should have won something like 24-9 or 27-9.

We were the HOME team. Any decent team (average even) wins that type of home, "must win" game against an arch enemy that is horrible "comfortably."

This shows that right now we are a very bad team. It's not too late to improve. Technically we could still go 14-2.

But the Jets game was just *terrible* on an extreme level, because the Jets are so horrible.

We *gave* them that game. They would not have scored more than 9 points absent the pick 6, fumble, and giving Tebow first down on a fake punt after what should have been 3 and out (led to 3 points).

We should have beaten the Jets 24-9 in regulation.


dashi. henne was never any good. just ask ohio st.

Kris, even contemplating if we picked the wrong guy at QB is a waste of time. He's here, he's "the guy" for the foreseeable future, he needs to be Coached up.

For those who are advocating (I'm not), let's see how that might play out:

New GM picks a new HC who wants his own QB and installs new systems with new OC/DC leading to requesting new personnel to fit the new systems. You've just set the team back ANOTHER 5 years before they're even READY to compete.

Unless you're 10, and have 50 years to wait until the Dolphins are relevant again, I suggest you stick it out with this group and see where we are in 4-5 years.

sherman = henning...

After Philbin pretty much forced Ireland to cut every free agent he brought in here I am getting the feeling that he doesn't have as much control anymore. I can see him becoming Philbin's puppet as long as their is constant improvement. Philbin has these guys buying in more than we have seen anybody do in years. Ireland isn't going anywhere unless the wheels fall off, and I'm talking about the locker room not Win Loss record at the end of the year. If they fall off though, they will both be gone. Joe not Jeff calls the shots from now on.

The facts are that so far Tannehill looks like chyt. So if that continues do they waste another 4 years with him like they did with Henne or do they try and get Matt Barkley?

A ton of complaining about past moves. So if we kept marshall, would we be winning a super bowl. Not! This team is building and has a solid foundation with a QB(not sold on him, but I will buy into it for now), running game, O Line and Defense. Next year we have a ton of picks in the draft. This is not a one year rebuild. But the foundation is finally set in place with young players.

In 3 weeks Henne becomes the Jags' starter, after which he will post numerous 350 yard games, just as he did for us.

The team is not rebuilding yet. Ireland doesnt seem like he's done destroying.

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long +-
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jj +-
misi +-
wake +-
+ can start 4 any other team.
+- will make the roster of most teams.
the rest of the roster r car washers.
ireland suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuux...

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Dont know why everyone doesnt just ignore Dashi and his mindless pyscho blabber and book length posts...

Monte, 5'10" Barkley is a 3rd rounder.

vix sux huh.?

LOL @ DC....and i'm not 10....so were in the same boat....lol....

I know I shoudn't be awestruck by another team's rookie QB....

But like I have said many times....If a guy can play...THE GUY CAN PLAY....and Wilson can play...

Thats why I wanted Tanne to start as soon as we picked him....I got my wish....he isn't blowing my socks off...be he seems servicable....just not a natural....

Monte, 5'10" Barkley is a 3rd rounder.

Posted by: Jung Li | September 25, 2012 at 12:33 PM

Zero credibility for you.

Barkley is a 3rd Rounder at best.

5'10" 3 rd QB's Have to Have a Special Arm.

And Barkley is not.


a 6th Rd Pick! At Best!

Barkley is better than Clemsons Or FSU's QB?

OR VT's? OR K-State? OR WVU?

Barkley is not even in the TOP 5 of PRO Eligible QB's for Next Year.

Anybody else feel like we took the wrong QB.....

Kris | September 25, 2012 at 11:54 AM


You really going to make a case for Russell Wilson?? Yeah he seems like a kid with upside but is every bit the work in progress that Tannehill is at this point. Look at the pieces Wilson works with an elite T.E. (Z.Miller) a good #2 T.E. Moore a top 10 WR in Sidney Rice when healthy like he is now, a pretty good #2 WR in Tate (the Pass interfering cheater) and lets not forget Lynch.

The game last night was one that Wilson nearly gives away after the effort his D gave him. The Seahawks had the ball for a grand total of 6 plays in the 2nd half compared to G.B.'s 37 when with 6 minutes to go the refs gave them their 1st conversion of a 1st down in the 2nd half on a cheap personal foul called on X-Dolphin Erick Walden (not good enough for Spo/JI) with Wilson running out of the pocket with no slide making him a legit runner by the rules and at that point I believe they had a little over 1:00 minute of time of possession in the 2nd half.

The D P.I. which was actually an Offensive pass interference called on G.B. were S.Rice mugs the DB Shields on a 1st and 38!! The P.I. on Shields again in the endzone before the Int. which was called a game winning T.D. without mentioning the 2 INT's the refs took from the Packers on penalties which would have tilted the hell out of Wilson's numbers which I believe were 5/11 at that point with about 4:00 minutes left making him the goat of last night.

I can't remember a game were a team had 3 possessions which were down and distance of more than 30 yards yet Wilson had them were on one occasion he gave up a sack were he lost over 20 yards. If Tannehill had that luck would you really have a good taste about it in your mouth today or how about if we simply had a WR who would given the awful officiating at least get aggressive with the DB's like the Hawk WR did last night for Wilson???

I like the kid and he has great poise but it remains to be seen what he will become in the future, heck I remember a very similar QB in Tampa (Shaun King) who took the Bucs to an NFC Champ game before tanking hard in his career, at least our QB is more conventional and looks the part.

collin klein.
the phins next qb.

Who cares what the schedule is? Ther are only about 5 teams in the league that Miami should beat, and 5 or so others that they could beat. Playoffs were never a realistic possibility, so who cares who we play? Just improve week to week and try to contend next season or the year after that.

No doubt Tannehii is NOT a 1st rd QB. Pretty dissaponting....

or after that. or after that,or after that, or after that or after that.

he suxxx.
i don't kno,
he just does.

Fin 4 Life,

Shaun King is a Great example of what russell Wilson is.

Let the Season play out. T-hill has been almost over 200 yds in every game. That's one consistent thing U have to like. If only he can get that Up to 250 by the end of the year.

With these Wr's a 300 yd 3 TD Game will be hard to come By. What Dashi considers a Good Game.

The PHINS WERE NEVER going to matter this year ANYWAY. The REAL surprise isn't that OTHER TEAMS are doing better, it's that the phins are actually competing for 3 qtrs of a game. They STILL CAN't get out of their own way though.
As LONG AS IRELAND AND ROSS are in control this team will be cursed by incompetence.
The beat down in zona this weekend will brutal. They will be OUTCOACHED and OUTPLAYED thoroughly. Game will be over by the 2nd QTR.

Tannehill was a huge reach in the 1st rd by a desperate Dolphin team trying to sell some tickets.

is coconut Soliai?


Dashi Man !!!!!!!

what's up buddy?..You seem a little agitated today talking to your blog buddy's, he he, you need to calm down a bit.

for what is worth I agree with most of what you've been posting except on Ireland (of course) but you're right, we need more on defense than we do on offense.

we need WR and TE (offense), and I think there will be some really good wide receiver's available on free agency next year which will allow us to concentrate the draft on our defense, we just need to add more speed on that side of the ball.

DE, LB , CB AND ONE MORE SAFETY., we have I think ten picks plus we will have about 60 mil in cap space available.

you can't build a team in just two years (I'm sure the clue-less here will say Ireland has been in charge for five years), the other thing is this year is really about Tannehill and his development, he is taking his lumps now but is great experience for him, he will be so much better next year.


I agree with that assessment Dashi. Barkley is a 3rd rd pick at best. He might sneak into the 1st or 2nd if NY Jets pick him

Russel Wilson > Hennehill

Long and Wake would start on any other team as well. Wake has been held the entire game every game. It's pathetic. Blame it on replacement refs.

tannehills 15 minutes are up.
this is a bad football team.lol

wake only has 1 move. end around rush. the league figured him out.but he does play his axx off.

ur just hating cuz he doesn't have the sack # you'd expect. Wake is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL. o Coordinators game plan against him.

I was waiting until people started saying "wish we had Russel Wilson" after that game, it was only a matter of time

Not sure what his stats are for that game but he had less than 20 passes I believe. Completed 'maybe' 50% of them and was a bad call away from having a 1/2 TD/INT ratio. His team put up 14 points, 7 if that call stood. He had one nice throw on a double move down the middle of the field for a TD, frankly, we haven't seen Tannehill attempt that throw yet since the play has yet to be called (against Texas and NYJ you don't call that play you'll get burned)

fins4life said it nicely: he has a nice receiver in Sidney Rice who helps out and Zach Miller is their TE I believe, doesn't hurt. Seattle still isn't too good of a team but they did enough to win that game. Wilson looked good because of that call but really didn't play well. Had some nice runs too but let's see how durable he is when he flushes out like that.


I'm not crowning Wilson anything....but he looked great to my very limited and unqualified eyes....Wilson is running around making plays inspiring a very mediocre Seattle team IMO (they were 7-9 last year)...to new heights...

and lets be honest Fin4Life....

What Rookie QB is suppose to beat out a 25 MILLION DOLLAR FA who was brought in to WIN the starters job...

All in all...very impressive in such a short amount of time...

Very dissapointing to look at the QB rankings and see Tanny is dead last in the league.


No doubt Russel Wilson has been a VERY pleasant surprise for the Seahawks.

How come when our QB stinks up the joint...we blame it on the OL...the coach..and the GM...

when another QB looks good....we say...

Its his WR....TE....anything but the kid actually throwing the ball....

I'll make this REAL SIMPLE....

When Wilson had his shot...he completed his 60 yard bomb...and put it in a place that the reciever (who cares who) could catch the ball and keep running....

When Tanne had his shot....he put it in a spot were the reciever had to make a circus catch...and the rest of the shots were 4 yards out of bounds....

I'm not crowning...or burying anybody yet...i'm just typing the truth....

rookie mistakes

No schedule is good with these replacement refs!
Check this out: http://deadspin.com/5946112/
Could this be true! Fired from the Lingerie League for making bad calls?!? What has the NFL come to? We push for quality players and these clowns place the players in danger by letting obviously bad calls continue! NFL, you are A JOKE! How much of your money goes towards paying officials? Very little in the overall scheme of things but you are TOO CHEAP to insure the integrity of the game!


The jealousy of Russel Wilson is to be expected. I mean Tannehill has what, 1 TD in 3 games?



Kris BPOTD @ 1:13 !!!!!!!!!!

Blame everyone but the qb.lmao

Steve Young should be banned for football for a year for crying on national TV like a hysterical girl.

The replacement refs are doing a heckuva job.

Hysterical girls, the "real" refs make the same bad calls, every single game.

Kris, I actually liked Wilson too by the way.

On that last post, only the first part was directed at you. That second part was towards the people here who are advocating firing Philbin.

What I will say, is the Seahawks lucked out in they got him in the 3rd rd, and thus were able to get other quality players (at least the possibility) in the earlier rounds. But I agree with fin4life ultimately. It's so hard to compare right now since Tannehill has little help. I mean, we can compare accuracy. But I bet with better WR/TE talent, many of those missed throws would be catches.

Rare is the NFL or college football game that lacks a terrible call or two by the refs, even when the "real" refs are there. Pay attention.

The Dolphins hadn't had a qb since '99 actually '98 Marino suked his final season and the fans in Miami have no idea what an NFL qb is suppose to look like so they grasp at what ever ghosts that just float on by.

Kris, you have earned my total respect for your continued honesty and objectivity. I will always read your posts from now on and there arent many bloggers I always read. Ultimate respect for telling it like it is.

DC, I acknowledge it will never happen--no chance of it--but I actually believe, although I can't prove it, that the best thing the Fins could do is fire Philbin RIGHT NOW, as disasterous and embarrassing (and hurtful to him) as that would be, before it's too late.

I think Philbin is an utter *disaster* similar to Cameron who is in way over his head. Nice guy; not a head football coach. His son died tragically. That totally sucks, and I feel sorry for him, but I don't think Philbin is able to do the 80 hour weeks that are required of winning NFL head ball coaches.

Again, it will never actually happen, but literally the team would be better off to terminate his contract under whatever provisions allow that and just perhaps let Sherman (also terrible) take over as HC/OC the rest of this year and try again next year to get someone else.

Yeah, this makes the organization such that nobody will want to come work for us. We won't get an old hat like Fisher, but we'd need to find a young, hungry, former linebacker type who can inspire the players.

Again, it'll never happen, but I predict Philbin and his wannabe WCO is a total disaster and we are in for a LOT of pain. I'm talking 3-13 this year AND next year even after he supposedly gets more of his system and guys in place.

I hope I'm wrong.


Bring in Jack Delrio!!

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