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'Favorable' schedule suddenly looking tougher

Remember last week when I told you this season's schedule reminded me of the 2008 schedule that allowed that Dolphins team to win the AFC East title? Remember that stuff about the Dolphins not facing a 2011 playoff qualifier until December, thus making this coming two months a time when the Dolphins could win some games?

Remember Davone Bess saying he'd looked at the schedule and thought the Dolphins could do damage with that schedule?

Yeah, that stuff's not holding up so well right now.

The Dolphins will leave for Arizona on Friday as part of their preparations for playing the Cardinals Sunday. That game was supposed to be against a struggling club that was still searching for a quarterback and an identity.

Nevermind. That's not looking to be the case at this point.

The Cardinals are 3-0. They have posted a 10-2 record in their last 12 regular-season games. They boast the NFL's No. 1 defense in points allowed -- which is the most important statistic when judging because, you know, the score is what determines the game's outcome.

The Cards still have premier receiver Larry Fitzgerald and now Kevin Kolb has started to stabilize their quarterback play.

Suddenly this game isn't looking like a victory for Miami, much less an easy victory.

And that seems to be the narrative in other parts of the schedule as well.

The Bengals were supposed to be beatable. I suppose they still are. But they're tied for the AFC North lead and are playing solid football. Andy Dalton is the NFL's fourth-rated quarterback.

The Seahawks were supposed to be beatable. I suppose they still are. But they have the look of a solid team as well. Their defense, particularly their secondary, is outstanding. The unit was second in the NFL in points allowed per game prior to last night's game against Green Bay. And offensively, Marshawn Lynch is indeed a beast.

Yes, the Colts, Titans and Rams have major problems. But all have quarterbacks playing better than Miami starter Ryan Tannehill.

Suddenly, a stretch of games that seemed promising a week ago, is casting a different shadow now.


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Look our corner is Richard Marshall. He could cover Homes! You think he can cover Fitzgerald ? Or the other WR. Our secondary is going to get killed Sunday. I dont care if it's John beck at QB our secondary will give up 300 plus yards no doubt. I love my PHINS but no way with our offense no way we win!



If they manage this kid (Tanne) correctly....and not like they did against the jeys and Texans...

we can get to 11 wins....its their for the taking....

Seems we're always talking about next year. Sign of a loser?

Taxi for Ireland!!! Suck for luck (whoops, that was last year).

barry jackson writes dolphins brought in 3 corners for workouts, including aaron berry, who will be suspended for 3 games for Dui and simple assualt arrests in offseason. Where the hell is plaxico????

Can someone explain why I should care about the result of any game?

It will make absolutely no difference in my life.

What am I missing? Is there some importance to these games that I am unaware of? Some meaning that eludes me?

Thank you.

Dashi knows This about Ireland. He usually drafts best player available. When he doesn't we Look Horrible. When he picks a player in the Round because of Need over Talent. Merling, Vontae, Gates, Egnew, MAny others. He sucks at drafting for Need.

Posted by: Dashi (MHM I BE) | September 25, 2012 at 12:10 PM
Usually drafts best player available? I usually read misinformed/plain wrong/idiotic statements, shake my head and keep scrolling but I couldn't help myself this time.

Even with lousy WRs, Tannehill should be playing better than he is. He's been terrible.

Tannehill sucks. Ireland is the kiss of death.

Suck for Luck was last year. Now, its Barf for Barkley!

I would like to go to Finland with cocoajoe and feed almonds to midgets.


Busy day for me, so I haven't been able to respond until now. First let me say I really like Russell Wilson too. I think the 'Hawks got a steal in the third round. He's looked OK, so far....not great. If we're going to be COMPLETELY honest the jurt is still out on him, as it is on Tannehill. The signs are there and it looks like he has good intangibles but like Tannehill (and I know you've sais this before), we need to wait and see more.

I just want to make certain I'm understanding you. I want to make certain you're not saying we shouldn't have picked Tannehill in the first and we should have waited and picked Wilson in the third. We tries that before with Henne. I think everyone would agree that Tannehill was the better pro prospect. I don't think you pass on him, just to take the guy at better value in the third round. Tannehill was the right pick for this team. Are we in agreement?

The usual mantra,

The season is long....

this is a rebuilding year....

rookies will play like rookies and improve as the season goes on (Tannehill has so far)...

we will play hard, but we're going to lose a lot of games from inexperience and just because we haven't got all the pieces we need, nor are they gelling yet...

we're going somewhere, and it isn't down.
I'm very encouraged by what I've seen. We're missing key things for this year, but those are draftable and correctable for next. Take a deep breath and enjoy the season for what it is.

We do need to find a GM who can draft though.
Keep Ireland on as our UFA guru (he's really good at that), but find someone who understands how to draft, and deal properly with players. Then we're set.

We still need:

1) A real GM

2) A QB (Tannehill doesnt look like the guy)

3) 2 WR's

4) LB

5) Possibly a HC (jury out on Philbin)

Who counts Dolphins wins and losses? You knew going into the season that they had a 0% chance of making the playoffs. They'll be stuck in mediocrity as long as Steve Ross owns the team.

mike, mediocrity would be a huge upgrade from where we are.

Yeah, mike. I wish we were mediocre.

If this team was meiocre they'd probably throw a parade! LOL

4th losing season in a row. Pitiful.

@ 4:51 Hey Cocoa Butter

Ur post is softer than ur Name.

Ur Post was Irrelevant! What did U talk About?

U posted Dashi's opinion and Just talked about ME. Where did U act Like The Genius and Contradicted my Opinion with Urs. U know say something Useful!


Either Dashi is wrong for his opinion. And Ireland "Does" Know How to Draft For Need. (Must be ur Opinion)


U can Add to it and SAY "IRELAND CAN'T DRAFT PERIOD". Still doesn't make my Statement Wrong Low-Life! That Would make it more General.

Dashi is Just Being Specific. U know like Ireland can't Draft DB's. And Then Someone saying, Not only can Ireland not Draft DB's He can't Draft Defense!

What grade are u In Son? Dashi has an Excuse! Dashi is an Autistic Quadriplegic. What is Urs? A Down-Syndrome Twit with Multiple Personality Disorder.

(We all know ur not man enough to answer with the same name. So go right ahead. Don't try to act bad now that Dashi Called U out again.)

Hey, Imbecile Learn to Comprehend before u Insult someone.

Just Extreme Ignorant Hate!

The Moniker Fits

Dashi "MHMIBE"

Just keep feeding the beast. Thanks in advance!

Craig M,

Tannehill was the right pick like Henne was the right pick.

kris im pretty sure theres only a couple teams in the entire afc that can get to 11 wins. houston,baltimore, and maybe pats. 100 percent sure miami cant

I Said it yesterday, Keep the turn-overs 0 and the Fins can beat most teams. IMHO.

bill, Kris meant 11 wins over the next 3 years combined.

Geez, why didnt we draft Matt Ryan?

Whatever happened to the old Denver Gold and the Birmingham Stallions?


Are you for real with the Jeff Ireland comment? Dude, I cant take your ignorance anymore. Please back your stuff up with examples so you sound credible.I'll give you MAYBE Lamar Miller. Got any other examples where he drafted BPA? If so I'd love to hear it...if not then please stop proving your supidity.

This season didnt end just now. It ended 4 months ago when the team traded Marshall without getting ANY established players in return, and waived the white flag. They also got no players back for Vontae Davis. The talent level was terrible BEFORE they dumped Marshall and Davis. This season was over 4 months ago. And cheap Ross pockets both those players salaries plus the Hard Knocks money rather then use it to improve the team.


I hear ya man. However, even with their release I don;t think we had much cap money left over...which is EVEN WORSE when you think about it. Remember that article where we were like third from the bottom in available salary cap space? So he trades our best guys away without even having the money to pay for a replacement..even if one was available.

Ok..I'm over it..just had to vent a little.

Who would we replace as GM if Ireland fires himself this year? Heck I bet Ross could have the fans vote American Idol style on draft day and we'd come out the same or better...Heck even if he just let the fans do the second round picks.

From my understanding there was plenty of cap room without Marshall and Davis. We could've signed or traded for a WR if they werent throwing in the towel on this season. Why should the fans care about this season when the FO isnt even trying?


Dashi is ignorant. Asking him to not be is asking him to not be himself.

Let him talk about himself to the 3 people that can actually stand to read through his drivel.

Anyone who talks about himself the way he does is a failure in life. He comes here hoping someone will pay attention to him & make him feel relevant.

He's as annoying as home & odin.









Buckeye u must be related cocoa butter

So ur a L.Miller fan. Let me see Thomas was a Need, and Miller was a value pick!

Same with the Cb's, vontae was the need smith was the value that year.

Merling and langford. Need and value

P.turner and Hartline. Same thing

Clemons and r.Jones.

The list goes on and on.

Egnew a Need, Clay a Value pick

Gates =Need

P.White= need. Remember a need for the wildcat.

Now u can say Ireland just sucks at drafting or "Jeff can't draft for need".

Now Dashi has never said Ireland straight sucks at drafting. Cause he doesn't. But Dashi can say he doesn't know how to draft for need.

U see how Dashi explains his arguments not just talk out his as+.

Again buckeye u just repeated what the other cumraggg said, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

U can scream and yell all u want but u sire are acting like a Dashi extremist, U ignorant fool. I hate Dashi! wah! Wah!


What's ur position on the topic?

Can Ireland draft for need yes or no? Pretty simple.

If Ireland can't draft at all! Then that means no. Pretty easy right?

And remember when I said this exact same thing when it was still preseason. I said I only saw a few games that were guaranteed wins. One was not the Raiders though. I surely thought we'd lose that one.

I don't know now.

I'm thinking 6-10 maybe 7-9. That should be enough to fire Ireland.

PS...Tanne is not impressive at all. Not franchise material. More like Sanchise material if you ask me.

Maybe one of these days Mando will be straight with his homer base.

PS II...Bush is a superstar. So says me and Mike Sherman. With him we win games, without him we lose games. Dolphins without Bush is like the Heat without Wade, James and Bosh.

Anyone that posts in a third person(Dashi) Is usually considered..., Well.... Strange.

There is NO WAY any LB can cover Santonio Holmes 1 on 1.

Posted by: oscar canosa | September 25, 2012 at 09:55 AM


True about the LB. Maybe if we still had Vontae it would shorten the field a little bit.

Then Karlos could just drop back in zone protect over the middle. As it stands now, Karlos pretty much has to cover 50% of the middle to deep stuff.


Ur analysis of people is the same as ur analysis of the team. Amateurish. U sound like a little school girl.

Grow up dude. This is a blog that talks football. What does Dashi do? TALK FOOTBALL!

Not People and How I feel about them. LIKE U AND UR Trolls

Even if it's a 10000 word essay. Dashi will not spend 1% of said post talking about other people.

Just breaking down what Dashi sees with his team. What he sees game day. What our weakness are.

Not, umm did u see that guys print! Or Dashi how big is it? U sick Cumraggg!

Been fun but u trolls aren't talking football.

Just Dashi

I will concede that moving Karlos to MLB was a pretty good move. Best move this team made in some time.

Dude is getting his named called quite often by the commentators. He doesn't miss many tackles either at that spot.

Jack, How many Pro-bowls have Dansby made?
Just a question.

Funny how "DASHI" And Odin are always calling people "TROLLS" When they disagree with them..HUMMMMM.


I'm going to let you in on a little secret, Ireland always drafts the best player available, remember all those picks you attributed to him?..they where actually Parcells picks.

That's the main reason he didn't draft a wide receiver until the sixth round of the draft, when it was time to pick he didn't feel they were any good wide receivers available , he doesn't over react or over draft's which is always the best approach.

What grade are u In Son? Dashi has an Excuse! Dashi is an Autistic Quadriplegic. What is Urs? A Down-Syndrome Twit with Multiple Personality Disorder.

Posted by: Dashi (MHM I BE) | September 25, 2012 at 06:45 PM

Proof Positive that Dashi is Odin.LOL

Irescum is clearly lost in space without Parcells pulling his pupprt strings. The team gets worse every year since Parcells left.

Dashi, odindouche, coalition, and Home = all the same person. Notice they never post at the same time.

Dashi, A little advice, you dont like someones post, move on, dont bait the "TROLLS", your only looking stupid.(Odin is known for this) Do yourself a favor, Just dissagree and move on, do NOT INSULT.
Thanks for your posts(There very informative)

Dashi, odindouche, coalition, and Home = all the same person. Notice they never post at the same time.

All double spaced with lots of caps abd 3rd person references. LOL

Phinmanski, I dont know about that, I think the jet loss really P/Oed some of these players, Like JPB said in a post If the fins dont turn the ball over they are a pretty good team.Playoff team?No but they can cause some trouble for teams late in the season looking TO get into the play-offs.

Solai and Dansby have played very well. But its meaningless with this pathetic offense. And the OL has played very well too but Tannehill has really stunk.

From my understanding there was plenty of cap room without Marshall and Davis. We could've signed or traded for a WR if they werent throwing in the towel on this season. Why should the fans care about this season when the FO isnt even trying?
Posted by: FED UP | September 25, 2012 at 07:42 PM


Where do you get your information from? Do you just make crap up to try and make your points? Care to tell us how much cap room they had and where you're getting your information from? Dolphins were bottom 5 in cap room. That's a reality. They weren't going to win this year with a rookie QB. That's a reality. They didn't win with either Davis and Marshall. That's a reality. They took plays and games off. That's a reality. How do you think it was going to be with a rookie QB and a new coaching staff this year?

A dose of reality for you is what the doctor ordered.

Just Saying, if you dont know about that just look at the record. Its obvious.

Oh Yeah Dashi, Cocoajoes been posting here for years, Calling him a troll is just making you look........ Well, STUPID.

Manski, There 1 and 2, Along with the Steelers,Pats,Packers..
Have Faith.
LOL, If they dont commit Turnovers they can win some games.
Again have some faith Brother.

Manski, Your a "Half Empty" guy arnt ypu? Not a "Half filled"Guy.

You have to be a sado masochist to be a fan of this trash franchise....ya gotta love dissapointment!

I think I'm objective neither half filled or half empty. But theres nothing half filled about 4 consecutive losing seasons and an incompetent GM.

Nat, I'am Married with 4 kids, and my wife is a brut....
Yes I;Am a SM..LOL


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