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'Favorable' schedule suddenly looking tougher

Remember last week when I told you this season's schedule reminded me of the 2008 schedule that allowed that Dolphins team to win the AFC East title? Remember that stuff about the Dolphins not facing a 2011 playoff qualifier until December, thus making this coming two months a time when the Dolphins could win some games?

Remember Davone Bess saying he'd looked at the schedule and thought the Dolphins could do damage with that schedule?

Yeah, that stuff's not holding up so well right now.

The Dolphins will leave for Arizona on Friday as part of their preparations for playing the Cardinals Sunday. That game was supposed to be against a struggling club that was still searching for a quarterback and an identity.

Nevermind. That's not looking to be the case at this point.

The Cardinals are 3-0. They have posted a 10-2 record in their last 12 regular-season games. They boast the NFL's No. 1 defense in points allowed -- which is the most important statistic when judging because, you know, the score is what determines the game's outcome.

The Cards still have premier receiver Larry Fitzgerald and now Kevin Kolb has started to stabilize their quarterback play.

Suddenly this game isn't looking like a victory for Miami, much less an easy victory.

And that seems to be the narrative in other parts of the schedule as well.

The Bengals were supposed to be beatable. I suppose they still are. But they're tied for the AFC North lead and are playing solid football. Andy Dalton is the NFL's fourth-rated quarterback.

The Seahawks were supposed to be beatable. I suppose they still are. But they have the look of a solid team as well. Their defense, particularly their secondary, is outstanding. The unit was second in the NFL in points allowed per game prior to last night's game against Green Bay. And offensively, Marshawn Lynch is indeed a beast.

Yes, the Colts, Titans and Rams have major problems. But all have quarterbacks playing better than Miami starter Ryan Tannehill.

Suddenly, a stretch of games that seemed promising a week ago, is casting a different shadow now.


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Manski, Keep the FAITH.


U know dashi Respects ur Opinion. (Dashi agrees with U that Ireland wasn't the Problem and Could be Part of the Solution. But Dashi is Still 50/50 on Him.)

But Ireland has Drafted for Need over Value Often. Even This Year.

Yes, he hit on his NEEDS More This Year than any other year with the Dolphins(Could be Philbin has a Better Prototype of what he wants in a player and Ireland is Still doing a good of Job Scouting for the Profile). But the first 4 picks T-Hill, J.Martin, OV and Egnew. Were Needs. 2 out of 4, With OV earning Consideration right Now. Could be 3 out of 4.

Last Year which was his 1st year RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING(In Ur Book). He Drafted Need Also. Pouncey, Thomas, and Gates. Out of the 3 Only Pouncey is Legit.

The Parcell Years were Worst. He picked off the Wrong Prototype. Big, Slow, and Dumb.

Philbin has him Looking for Fast, Smart, Hard Working Football Players. A Better Prototype.


Again, Those 10000 Word Post Dashi Put Up today. Did Dashi Use the Word "Troll" ONCE?

Buddy goes on a Personal Attack. Because there was No Logic Behind his Tirade. Other than I hate Dashi because he uses the 3rd person. Cause He didn't even Debate MY Question. Just hate Dashi.

Really Cornball!


But Don't ever think Dashi is Mad or Angry. Why? What Reason? (Again, U can't become the Dashi if U still are a HATEFULL Person. U need to be Happy[Positive] at all times.)


WHO TAKES THESE AS*CLOWNZ SERIOUS? If Fluffy Doesn't why Should Dashi? U know who fluffy is The Clown Smilling at the Top, Who says Trolls don't Exist.

We all Know U want to Speak to Odin and Home.

"Never Post at the Same Time?" What we can't say ur a Troll because U do Post at the Same Time and Under a 1001 Names.

From Original Post Dashi said U will Do this.

And What have U done?

No wonder Odin Comes on here and Mutt's U out!

Now trust Dashi can Take it there and Further. DASHI WILL END U FOR THE FUN OF IT!

But Dashi has calmed it down. For the sake of the Other Posters and To keep THE STANDARD DASHI HAS from MY other Post.

Else everyone would think my 10000 Word Soliloquies are about People Not Football!!!

Specially Miami Dolphin Football!!!

I could never regain faith in Ireland. Making bad picks is one thing but the way he treats people is inexcusable in my book.

Manski, Your right, You can never forgive Ireland, But dont loose faith in the phins, Hopefully he'll be gone soon, but you gotta root for this tesm, even ESPN said they'd be lucky to win 4 games this year, That alone makes me root for these guys, I saw the pain sunday losing that game in the players while they left the field.., There a good core of players and want to win. KEEP THE FAITH.

A GM cursing at their paying customers is insanely stupid, primitive and childish. Ireland is a total embarrassment to our once proud franchise.

I can't imagine there's anyone here dense enough not to recognize that 'Dashi' and 'Odin/Coalition' are the same person. It couldn't be any more obvious with both having the same, dreary and witless writing style, the same delusions of importance, and even the same obsessions with homoerotic imagery.

'Dashi' is as much a fabrication as the "hotties," the pathetic attempts at concocting a Hunter Thompsonesque "past" and the rest of his stale act that nobody with an I.Q. above 'zucchini' could believe.

The alcoholic old fool has taken yet another step down the ladder from relevance with nothing to show for it but empty beer cans and vomit stains in his rusty trailer.

Anthony Armstrong has more drops in 3 games than Marshall had all year. And our corners suck. Now we have to go play a big bad Red monster in the desert with no receivers or corners. Because of Ireland, we could easily be 1 and 4.

I wouldn't go read this article if I were a Dolphin homer who doesn't care about the team and only cares about sucking the sack of Ireland.


Jack, How many Pro-bowls have Dansby made?
Just a question.

Posted by: Just Saying. | September 25, 2012 at 08:22 PM


About as many as your dumb arse.

One TD in 12 quarters for Ryan?

Not good folks. Not good at all.

Tannehill's had excellent protection from his OL and he still stinks. The accuracy is terrible.

Accuracy has been a problem for young Tannehill. And unfortunately, accuracy is not a 'teachable' trait. I'm afraid we've swung & missed with this one. Strong arm, mobile, intelligent, can't hit the broad side of a barn. Oh well, whats another 5 years of just below mediocrity? He's not lookin' like any kind of answer. No top tier WR's or not, overthrows, under, behind...thats not the WR's. Drops ARE & Fasano, Armstrong have'nt helped. But Ryan is not & has not historically been (in college experience) a particularly accurate passer. The secondary flat out STINKS, but thats another topic. Having a LB covering a spread WR the other day is not smart football. Our DC & OC have left MUCH TO BE DESIRED.

listen guys the team has shown us they are better than a lot of people first thought. thye have been coached better than previous years. It shows because even though there are positions without playmakers we are still very good in run defence run offence and our special teams so far have done well. T-hill has definately progressed in the 3 games he's played IMO. yes he missed a few throws and made a couple of adjustmet errors, but he showed he is learning by moving out of the pocket extending the play and throwing it away if no1 is open BEFORE he gets sacked. = progress. needs are obvious as dashi pointed out. they key for me is seeing the team develop and the young players improving week by week(of course there will be weeks they take a step backwards but it's if they learn from thoses errors i am more concerned with watching) Another thing we will need to do is be mindful of the players in contract years, as we don't want to have to chuck ALL the spare money having to pay them and not be able to invest in the new/better talent at the positions we need.

Keep the faith guys and don't be too quick to critisize every single decision that doesn't go our way.

Optimism can be good but reality is it! This is NOT a well built solid team. Way too much lack of talent in such a huge competitive league. This team has won 1 of only 3 or 4 games it will win this season. Jeff Ireland will depart and leave us with years of disappointment ahead. Ross needs to sell and get involved in some other form of business investing. Who cares? For those fans like me that are in a saddened state constantly after watching game after game of non-exciting, boring performances, drink plenty of caffeine. It is a great mood enhancer!.

All we need is two wide receivers and a tight end that are 8 ft 9" tall and Tannehill's passes will hit home;easy.

Here's hoping that good selection in future drafts will get the Dolphins better personnel. Meanwhile, let's hope Tannehill doesn't get injured.
As for this year, we all know it's just another bad year for a team that hasn't been good for a long time.

A fish stinks from the head down. Using that analogy with the current Dolphin team (I know dolphins are a mammal), should we not point the fickled finger of fate to Ryan Tanehill? If Garrard was scheduled to start prior to twisting his knee, shouldn't we be considering bringing him back for another look see? Remember Tanehill was originally thought to be a three year process but because of Garrards injury, he was given the job. I know that our receiving corp is non existent but would a more experience QB be able to make more of what we do have? Our running game is coming along nicely which is indicative of the type of work our offensive line is doing. Our biggest problem is not, not stopping the other guy's offense but to score MORE points than the other guy. Just saying...

Tannehill will be fine. It is just a matter of time, experience, and getting better players around him. Sad we traded Marshall but water under the bridge.

This is a rebuilding year. Basically this year the team learns the new offense and defense and the coaches learn who the keepers are and who to trade or cut. Coaches should play all the young players this year and figure out who the keepers are and who they can cut - so as to direct the next draft accordingly.

OL may be adequate now - still worried about RG and LG, mainly RG.
WR and TE are looking like where we spend our first two draft picks - maybe both on WR.
It is clear there is a huge gap (drop off) from Bush to Miller and Thomas. Play Miller and Thomas more and figure out if either grows to greater competence.

Our defensive personnel are basically adequate. Probably need to strengthen with a high round pick at CB - probably one of the third rounders.

What a sad little person Salguero must be. I guess he knows where the bodies are buried because for some obscure reason he has a job working on the Dolphins beat for the only newspaper with sports coverage in Miami. Some would consider this a job to take seriously, but Salguero looks at it as an opportunity to tear down the players, the coaches and the management at the slightest provocation. Does he think this is fearless thought provoking journalism? Its not. His nonsense comes across as the snivelling jeering of the one who sits in the corner and tears the wings off flies.
Salguero! Do you really want to be remembered as the rabble rouser for malcontents and Jet fans. You take Miami's shilling, why not support our team? Grow up and be a man - ah.....yes.....I see. Well you did have your picture taken on a boat. That was nice.
Ben Volin - whenever you're ready

Marshall wasn't that much of a stud WR here!!! He had plenty of drops!!!

Yeah, we can stop the run.
Ouch, we have no pass-rush.
Ouch, we don't blitz effectively.
Ouch, #24 Sean Smith is our premier CB.

Any pass-oriented offense will post record numbers against this roster.

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