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Inactive and live blog here

The announcement of today's inactive tells us the Raiders receiver corps will get better ... and Miami's will get worse.

The Dolphins will be without Anthony Armstrong, who was doubtful with a hamstring injury. He is inactive. Other Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Michael Egnew, Will Yeatman, Tony McDaniel, Ray Feinga, Daniel Thomas and Pat Devlin.

The Raiders, meanwhile, are getting some good news in that Denarius Moore, who was inactive in their opener with a hamstring injury, is active today. Moore averaged 18.9 yards per receptions last season.

As you may know, my column today is about how this game may determine the direction of either franchise for quite some time. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Another thing: I don't see this being a high-scoring game. Neither offense impresses me.

We will be having a live blog here today. It begins in the comments section at kickoff. Meet me there.



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I'm gonna check out this column that you keep hyping....it had better be good (shaking my fist).....

Inactive. For the Dolphins, that means the entire team,lol.

Miami WILL store more than 20 points. We can discuss post-game.

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no way miami hits 20 pts unless d or st scores.

Lets hope the Raiders go easy on us. 45-3, if we're lucky.

raiders are awful also, the palmer trade is one of the worst ever in the nfl. this is by far the worst game of the day. sure we will have 2 teenage kids announcing the game in front of 567 screaming fans

I wonder if the stadium will be as full as it was yesterday. Football has really taken a dive in this city over the last few years.

yesterday was so depressing, there was nobody there for hurricanes. more people at the high school games

I think Miami wins today. The D needs to stop the run though. That's their biggest weapon.

I am guessing a big special teams play wins this game. Might not be a marquee matchup in any traditional sense but Carpenter/Fields vs Janakowski/Lechler is about as good as it gets.

Maybe we should try that Bounty thing the Saints did. Worked for them for a while.

Janikowski kicks a game winner after a Tannehill INT. Bank on it.

Read the article Armando.....

Started of strong....loved the 1st half....but then it leveled of...and left me feeling...meh.....

Let's hope the FINS don't leave us all feeling the same way....

Kris......you just described the day I lost my virginity.......

We need a black quarterback. But this cracka ass city will probably never allow for it.

Garbage game between 2 horrible teams.

Hahahaha, i told ya'll Miami sucks.

I'm sorry it felt so uninspiring Ohio lol

Is there another early game on TV besides this garbage?

Jamaal Westerman inactive for the Cardinals. Just sayin'.

Sadly, no Mark. We're stuck with the Fish until 4pm.

By 1:10pm est we will be down 10-0 and full of frustration.

By 1:30 Tanny will have thrown at least 1 int

We finish this game with no sacks...

No td passes

McFadden will rush for 150yds and 2 tds.

There's going to be a lot of surprised posters here come 4pm. I feel like I'm in elementary school, because this will be a cakewalk.

Mark my words, if Rishard Matthews gets some playing time this guy will break into one of the top 3 receiver spots.

I am sure Anthony Armstrong not playing is a big deal. He does not know the offense nor having timing with RT.

Does anyone know a Link to the game

LOL @ Ohio @ 12:14....

FIRST ROW SEAT.com. Stream any game you want for free! I watched the ppv fight last night, I watch the local black out games. It's the real deal!

Hey Goofball, (@ 12:27 PM)

Rome is falling....and this is a FOOTBALL Blog.

As an American you get two Choices...

You can either elect a party that will WASTE your Money


You can elect a party that will STEAL your money

Those are your two Choices.
There are no others.


Hey Sad, get ready to be happy!

Pat Devlin is so bad he is inactive twice?

Thanks Ray

30,000 empty seats! The boycott is working!

Chris the 3rd qb is always inactive unless one of the 2 qbs are injured

Deport Armando is funny. gotta admit.

I was responding to DC's comments that we should win this game. I don't see it. I don't think there's a team in this league 'we should beat'. We're that bad, or that young or that inexperienced. Whatever.
I just tried to come up with reasons why we might lose. I think we're just as capable of losing this week and it could for some of the reasons I stated. I picked our team to win this week but I'm look warm on it.
Btw, I don't think Tannehill was nearly as bad as you indicated he was last week. He's a rookie and I think he played pretty much what I expected against the Texans last week. As an example, I thought Jay Cutler, an experienced vet played MUCH worse than Tannehill against a weaker GB defence. I'd give Tannehill a C on the game and take those tipped passed out of the game and it moves to a C+. Not a

I know, just wondering why Armando put him on the list twice lol


What are you on brother? I'm concerned you're going to crash like the stock market did in 2008, in about three hours time. Hope not. Hope you're right.

Armando, any sense if Marlon Moore will get some playing time today (at the expense of Legadu Naanee)?

Keep your political opinions for EITHER side off this blog. I'm the only one allowed an opinion here!!!


I'm saying your biy RGIII comes back to earth a little bit today in a Rams upset. Really like the kid but the hype is ridiculous!

Mando, years ago, Fin coaches brought out racquetball racquets to prepare for a tall Jax D-line. Have the fins done this with T-hill?

DC, originally the Dolphins hoped to increase the reps for both hartline and Armstrong. Obviously with Armstrong out, that changes things.

And I haven't seen a huge amount of increased practice snaps for Moore. I know they want to take a shot or two with him today ... but they did last week also.

If we're to woin today look for the vets like Bush, Dansby, Burnett and Starks to step up today. Fingers crossed!

Craig, game mode. Winning is a mindstate. You gotta have a short memory in this league. Even if there's 500 people there, give those people the time of their lives.


Nothing. Sad to say.

No dice, Armando. Gotta fight these wingnuts til the end.

I can report to you that the Orange Carpet is dead. hahaha!!

Ugh, that means more Legadu. Not sure when Philbin will realize he's not a WR (at least on game days).

how's the crowd looking?


I LOVE the attitude, bro. I hope it's contagious! I agree with Armando....this is a big game today. It will in fact set the tone for the next 2 months. This thing could drag on and it could get ugly if we can't build some momentum. As Kris would say 'It starts now...'

MIAMI announce inactive's.



MIAMI - 12

Good riddance to the orange carpet and celebrity announcements!!!!!!!! It was embarrassing as heck!!

Um, Obama, maybe you should quit fighting the wingnuts and fight the idiots killing diplomats. Just saying.

Got it, NY. Miami blows.

Just kidding about the politics guys. Let's get serious.

Football time...

How can we win without 3 draft picks D Thomas?

Anyone have a link???

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